I moved to Wales many years ago from Bedfordshire and to be honest I can’t imagine living anywhere else now. I have a 10 minute walk to the beach which the gang absolutely love and we are only a 5 minute drive to Pembrey Park.

Before moving to Wales I used to work as a Senior Manager for a Global Company operating out of Dubai, then back in the UK was adopted as a PA to a highly respected Professor at one of the world’s top Business Schools and then onto Managing a busy Post Office. There was a break in there though?? During a sabbatical I went and worked in a dog grooming parlour and kennels, I already had two dogs a Springer called Max and a Vizsla called Rico, who sadly are no longer with me.

Today, I work from home in my own grooming parlour and prepare my Spins and Barbets for the shows as well as looking after my clients dogs. An ambition fulfilled as I always wanted to run my own business.

I was first introduced to the Spinone in 2005 when I decided to go to Crufts on gun dog day. I was walking through the show area where the dogs were all benched, turned a corner and before me was what looked like a lumpy shag pile carpet laid out all over the floor. Yes, you’ve guessed it, Spinone – and lots of them.

Upon enquiring about this breed I had never heard of before, I was assured they were alert ‘go all day’ hunt, point and retrieve gun dogs. Some person then went on to tell me they had incredible human like qualities!!! (What humans look like that I thought) but from where I was stood looking out over the ‘carpet’, it looked like the only thing these dogs did was remain horizontally challenged. Oh how wrong could I have been? By now I had fallen in love with them and I knew the next addition to my family would be a Spinone and she was called Mia and today there are 6 of the little darlings.

In 2012 a friend contacted me to tell me about a litter of French Barbet puppies that she had bred and there was one special brown and white boy that she was looking for just the right home for, after lots of research and questions (mainly what was a French Barbet) it was inevitable that this gorgeous boy was coming to live with me and that is how Claude ended up living in Wales and not long after Anouk arrived. Double trouble springs to mind!!!!

And so to the website........I hope you find it a bit different but informative in a unique kind of way. You’ll learn so much more about me in the Banker’s Notes, Freya’s Diary is all about her first 12 months of life with me. Duncan’s Story is a tear jerker but I don’t regret my decision. Although I have not shown the Spinone for a few years now, I plan on getting back in the ring in 2015, so you will be able to keep up with how we get on in the News sections. The Barbet have their own link and is definitely worth looking round if you want to learn more about them and what it is like living with them. The newest venture is a blog, which I have never attempted before and not being very technical it should be interesting and of course there is the Gallery with lots of photos of the Gang at home and out and about.









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