Something weird happened the other day??

The Postman delivered a package to us??

“Well that’s not weird” I hear you say, “Postman deliver to people’s houses every day”

Yes, that’s quite true. Except when you’re as dysfunctional as we are then the local postman prefers to deliver to the cottage next door because they never know what to except delivering to us – they’re fine with the dogs – it’s just us!!

(And yes, that’s THE Cottage) you know, the odd couple next door with that lunatic mole hunter…..Maurice the moles nemesis

One of these days I’m going to stop that postman and tell him that they’re delivering the post to a certified looney………on second thoughts that’s not a good idea as we’d never get any post at all and we would then have to collect it

Anyway, where was I?? Ah yes, the package

Ironically it wasn’t addressed to us? It was for Freya……..

We handed it over to Freya and she quickly tore it open and shredded it. Oops

No she didn’t, I just made that up!! Silly Banker

As it turned out we opened it instead and discovered to our surprise that it was from her Brother who left us as a pup and went to join a rather splendid family environment somewhere in the deepest darkest depths of a remote jungle region in the South East of England.

I remember this time well?

We made the new owners collect their new puppy because we were terrified of going into such a remote region without back up…..and the hell is going to back us up. We’re more likely to endanger our back up team than the ‘Locals’

Now at this point another really weird thing happened? (Oh no)

When they arrived they were just like us, I mean they were ordinary

OK OK stop laughing………I know what you’re thinking? We’re not ordinary and it was them who took the enormous responsibility and risk in coming to us. But they did!!!

They spoke our language, and much to the disgust of The Dearest One they took up 2 of HER Tea Bags. I was disgusted when they also took biscuits from us. For God’s sake they were guests and who the hell did they think they were drinking HER tea and eating OUR biscuits. I can tell you that this did not go down well.

They had driven hundreds of miles then simply walked in and abused our hospitality. Good grief I’m still shocked even now. Haven’t these people heard the phrase “Oh, No Thank you” “We’ve spent 6 hours driving and neither of us are tired and gasping for a drink of any kind, and no, certainly not we wouldn’t dream of eating those lovely biscuits”


They chose said puppy and after The Dearest One’s 4 hour lecture on the Do’s and Don’ts of bringing up the puppy and feeding, vets, exercise and don’t shout at them and blah blah blah, it took me a minute to wake them up.

And so fully refreshed said pup was off to the jungle………, that’s not right is it?

And so fully refreshed the pups new owners, now fully refreshed, set forth on their short drive back into the jungle.

And the Pups name??


Alfie is Freya’s Brother and he is today a very loved, cuddled and all munched up member of their family (It says here)!!!

He lives with them in the house (it’s a mud hut with a straw roof really – it’s a jungle thing, you wouldn’t understand) he is very well known around the jungle villages where they live and everyone knows exactly who Alfie is.

Alfie’s owners have their own business (and no, I’m not advertising) where Alfie also works now he’s all grown up.

He cleans and polishes, he makes tea, he is a guard dog (unlike ours who at the first sign of trouble hide under the table or push the Dearest One out into the face of danger)

At weekends he hoovers the house (mud hut) cleans the car and polishes the family silver.

But Alfie is also a well disciplined and nicely trained companion for his owner who actually works Alfie for exactly what he was intended for.

Alfie is a gun dog………GASP……..shock horror

During the season he’s out in his tweed jacket, plus fours, a homemade wool cap and of course the ubiquitous hip flask.

Together with his owner, Alfie is now an indispensible working partner. He has built up a good reputation for being a solid and dependable working dog. And, he loves it.

Back home he has his own couch in the living room (now where have I seen that before) and he’s a real favourite when he’s in the owners business with their customers, after gathering serious fuss and more cuddles and love hugs he has been trained to serve them, relieve them of their money and of course wrap their purchases, if that’s not all he then runs round and opens the door for them with a courteous “Thank you, call again soon now you ‘all” (In a hillbilly kind of way)!!

And this is exactly what that package is all about (No no, not the hillbilly thing – by then of course he was outside playing dueling banjo’s) – on his own!!

It was a letter to Freya about how he’s doing, what he’s doing and just to let her know that he is loving life, the universe and everything.

He had seen Freya in the press and on our website and felt it only right that whilst she was out winning shows he had also found his own winning formula.

And after all that I am delighted to be allowed (Thanks Freya) to let you all into the life and times of Alfie…… his words and of course from his letter and photo’s to Freya

This is Alfie’s own story in my words………!!!!! (Oh God)

But we thought it would be nice to let you see how one of our pups (A proper dog now of course) is getting on and in contrast to Freya’s life on the hill.

Over to you Alfie…..

Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow Spins and anyone in the slightest bit interested

My name is Alfie Barrington Smythe Spinone (My Eccentric Kennel name)

But I respond best to liver cake, digestive biscuits and the contents of my hip flask.
Or, Alfie!!

I’m proud of my sisters success and she looks fit and well and from what I’ve seen is having a really good time out in the wilds of Wales…..I noted with interest her success in the show ring and when I sat back enjoying a cigar and glass of decent brandy one evening after I’d been out working with the gun, I got talking to my owners and they suggested I wrote to her and let her know how I was doing. And so here it is……..

Dear Freya

I’m not doing so bad myself, got a good job, salaries pretty decent and provides well for me. I can save a bit as well which is good for a rainy day. Or lots of very rainy days!!!

And of course I can pay my way with my rent and bills…..especially the mobile phone. And that reminds me, must pay that bill on the way to work tomorrow (texting is a bit slow though because of the claws)

You’d be amazed but I can get a good signal here even from a mud hut in the middle of… where ever we are!!!

Anyway, here’s a little insight into my life in and around the jungle!!!

I’m constantly in between the couch and in front of the fire when I’m at home and always alert to the slightest of things………

‘Oh I really can’t be bothered with the a lert thing today, and anyway, who needs lerts’?

But to be fair it is nice and cosy and I have to say all very homely even when the humans are about. Like all good Spins – and I’m a good Spin (it also says here) I know who the boss is and indeed let him know that although he’s the boss I can usually wrap him round my little pad at any time. He’s a good boy too………he’s good, but when we’re out on the hunt – I’m gooder!!

Speaking of being outside, if I’m in the garden having a quiet private moment I like to watch the birds on the feeders and I like the way they fly off or come to the ground to pick up the pieces from the feeders. But I don’t go near them or scare them off?? Just not my thing…….

I listen to the jungle gossip from the other dogs in the area and have to have my say at times. Not really a gun dog thing but you know at times I have my points I want to raise……especially if it makes them jealous!!

And you wanna know something odd?? (Oh yes Alfie please enlighten us)!!

I like the wind blowing the leaves around, I could chase them all day………(He should be in the cottage with those other loonies|)

Meanwhile, back inside the hut…sorry, house, here we are enjoying the idiot box together and this is an excellent photo of his lord and master – ME – being given the coochy coo treatment by the not so lord and master – I think he’s called Baldrick!!! Although I’m not sure actually if that’s right but that’s what it translates to in Italian……honest

‘Oh come here then my handsome young man’ mmmmmm kissy kissy………’

Sickening I know, but it keeps him fed and watered!!

I lead 3 lives to be honest

1. At home
2. At work in our business (note: it’s our business now)
3. Out on the hunt (my favourite)

I’ve covered a little bit about my home life above but I want to mention someone very very special to me. My bosses better half??

‘She who must be obeyed’

Freya mentioned that she also has one of these in her house and I note she is also special, and why is this you might ask?

Because she feeds me…….say no more

Anyway, I go out and about a lot in the woods and across fields, not just for the serious stuff but also to have a play and a run around.

I really enjoy these little outings as there is always something going on and you never know what you might end up doing or finding.

‘Hang on a minute, finders keepers’ ‘Smine I tell you, s’all mine’

Quick munchy moment……………

During the week as I have noted for you at the start of this I am also a full time shareholder in the family business!!

Some of the work is good with all the customers who simply adore me – of course they do.

Those gorgeous eyes and an expression of ‘you can stroke me if you like and make a massive fuss of me’ works every time – they’re so weak and always fall for it – big sigh.

But I’ll tell you this, all that fussing and being treated like the celebrity I am, it is very tiring. It wears you down during the day having to strike a pose each time and be nice to all those lovely customers. But someone has to do it and they sure ain’t going to make as much fuss of the boss are they??

But there’s work to be done and it’s not easy you know. I’m not a fan of stock taking because it’s tiring on the brain. And it’s not easy on the feet either especially the claws as I keep pressing the wrong numbers on the calculator. According to my calculations we’ve either got 32 million of something or just the one!!!!!!
Who cares……….it’s only money!!

‘Count this Alfie, count that Alfie……’ ‘Well I’m fed up now, count it yourself’ ‘and anyway, I can’t reach the stuff on the top shelves’

‘A dog of my caliber laboring like this is ridiculous……..I should be out front meeting my fans’

Meanwhile – and out front……………….

‘Oh yea, very funny’ ‘And just how the hell am I supposed to hang them on there’?
‘So embarrassing if someone comes in now and sees me like this’

Contingency thinking required ‘Oh this, I’m just getting ready for the Spinoni 8th Rifles Division reunion’ (as you do)

Anyway, back to the tale………..or tail!! Your choice………

I have, as you might have guessed created a bit of a fan club in the shop and I’m on ‘Barker’ which is a sort of twitter for dogs and I’m also on ‘dogbook’ – a face book for us canines. And you can also contact me on my own website at love me fuss

Two have signed up already!! And one of them is Freya………don’t mock……from little acorns do big trees grow!! (Wow, an intellectual moment)

My time is also taken up with hunting. That’s what my breed is specialised in and it’s something that I love doing.

I have a natural switch for this element of my life that tells me when to stop and stay behind the gun and when to go and do my thing. And go I do as well……….in fact I note with interest that you lot only having two legs is a bit of a burden, and me with four leg drive can go anywhere and not get stuck.

But this is serious stuff and all my natural instincts along with patient training has seen me progress into a fine companion. I point, but prefer to scent out and let my body language do the talking, and I rarely get it wrong.

I am well rewarded for my work as well and this helps with the motivation levels. For me it is the most natural thing in the world to do and I feel I contribute with my part in it all. I know it’s not for everyone and that’s understandable, but we’re a proud breed and proud of our heritage also.

And then it snowed……….

Now this was fun and I’m so special that they even dragged a photographer to capture these superb shots of a superb looking me!!!!!

Well that’s about it really and hope this little insight into my life has broadened your horizons as to how some of us Spins spend our time. Some of us are pets and companions most of all, others like me work, rest and play, some, like my sister do the shows.

Whatever you do and what you’re owner has for you… what I do. Enjoy

Well Freya, that’s it for now

Brother lee love….AKA Alfie

I know I know?? Quite stunning………Dog World - Page 3 beckons, then who knows!!

I might be offered a film part?

But for now, it’s Carry on Alfie!!


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