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These are the stories of the rest of them??


Well, the story so far has been about Freya, Kallie and the pups, JJ has written his own pieces, Duncan had his own tale to tell, but apart from Savanna there is little else known about our other Spins.

So with a little help from ‘the rest of them’ we felt it only right that they too should share a little of the limelight and perhaps somewhere in this it might raise a smile or two as you recognise those traits that only The Spin seems to produce


It has taken us several months of patience and perseverance along with a lot of food treats (The Dearest One burnt out the motor in the liquidizer cooking up hundreds of kilos of Liver cake)
To get the Spins to sit down and complete a questionnaire along with an interview that was then turned in to what you are about to read……effectively we would take them one at a time and sit them on the couch (where else) where they would sit for about 11 seconds before falling asleep. Hence the motivational Liver cake to keep them alert whilst they completed the forms and writing up their own pieces for this spectacular set of notes!!! We included living with us humans, the other Spins and the other dogs, where they live and then of course the runnies out and about, well, you get the picture


So without further ado our Italian bred Girl!!!

I want to say at the beginning of this that Uni is easily one of my favourites apart from JJ. Unica is a fabulous Spin and one of the sweetest and loveliest dogs I have ever known. She’s a real Sweetie…………However, if I had more time, Uni is the one I would train for field work (Freya would be brilliant for the gun) It is exceptionally rare to have such a phenomenal instinct that is so natural in a gundog. Yes OK so all gun dogs have this instinct?? Er……..no they don’t. It’s whether they want to use it or not and some don’t like water or thick brush and of course even the crack of the gun going off. And last but not least – the dog has to want to do it, and in my experience not all of them want it enough to go on and take up the training.

But Uni is quite simply phenomenal……..

And so, without further babbling from me…….over to you Uni

Hello everyone I’m Unica – born and bred in Italy to a family of gun dogs that are primarily used for purpose.

The Dearest One came to us in Italy during a show where I was living with the family and she had come down with some friends in the Landy to take a look around the place and go to our local show. I was of course a pup at that time and after being introduced to the Landy and after a little drive across Southern France, I spent some time in Toulouse at a nice ladies house under what you call quarantine. When my time was up I was then taken to join the Spin family in Wales with the Dearest One where I quickly settled and became part of the family.

It’s a great place for someone like me because they have lots of land for me to run around in. They also have lots of food and toys and we have a real laugh sometimes playing and generally causing havoc.

But I have a couple of issues?

I struggle with the English Language and I appear to ignore instructions!!! I have to be sweet because I sense an element of minor frustration with those humanoids because like all us Spins I tend to have selective hearing, especially if I’m on the scent of something…….

I get so focused on track and trace I tend to forget what it was I was supposed to do and continue to track and trace – but also tend to drift away from the others. We’re all lucky I suppose that we have our woodland to run around in and that has some great places for me to track down the local game.

However, the local game are not so keen on the idea and tend to play hide and seek. They hide and I seek.

I also have excellent 20:20 vision and I love to look for the birds in the hedges, but the ground is always leaving evidence of rabbit or fox and with all this scent and sight going on it is hard for me to come back when called. Don’t get me wrong, I do come back……………but when I want to and the English doesn’t help!!! OK, so that’s utter llubtish. I just love the tracking and the thrill of the chase and it seems the natural thing for me to do…….so I do!!

The good news though is that when I do decide to go back I always get a treat and I think they know I won’t go too far away from the treats that I know she carries with her. But a scent is a scent and a treat can wait!!!!!

The other Spins are great fun and I love the chase when one of them has a toy and I also want it, Duncan is good fun with that and we make a real game of it. I’m not really a retrieve specialist and unlike JJ for example, who is, I can’t see the point. It’s easier and more fun just to beat up Duncan and get the toy off him, only for him to do the same back.

Mia is the Grand Mother of our pack and moans and groans her way through the day, I ignore her mostly, but respect the elder…………sort of!!!!!!!

Freya is my best mate along with Savvy, we get taken into the woods on our own and that’s great fun, especially this time of year when everything is growing and the game is getting out and about. We’re back to hide and seek……..and if one of us has a scent then we all do. How odd!!

I’m fed well and have my own bed which I share when I’m in the mood…..or I just share someone else’s. It’s odd really because even though I have my own place – and so do the others, no one ever keeps to it. I don’t think we were ever designed to be organised!! Disorganised yes.

The runnies we go out for in the Landy are brilliant, beach normally which is really good for a run out and I’m normally exhausted by the time we get back. The Dearest One only takes maybe me and a couple of the others out, but over the week we’ve all been at some point. The birds, the climbing and the sea make for a great time. We’re in the rock pools and a river nearby is a real hoot to mess about in……..all in all I have to say it’s really good living with this lot.


The one that started it all

I’m laid back, been there and nothing to prove!!

As the elder Stateswoman of this little lot I see my role nowadays as keeping them all in line and conforming. I of course fail on a daily basis and no matter how much I moan and groan they just ignore me…….so I give in and let them do their own thing. But if they do get out of hand then I step in – and they still ignore me!!

If I want a toy then I want the toy and once I’ve got it, its game over. Now this really annoys them but whilst the others try to take it off me I simply ignore them and once they get bored they get another toy and I want that one as well. And so it goes on……but we do get to go into the woods and I like that, so many distractions and we have free reign to go and do what we like – within reason.

Freya and Uni are inseparable and they just do their own thing and most the time I’ve no idea where they are, I do, but I just don’t let them know!!

The Dearest One is nice and I respect her because she has a lot to put up with, I of course am fine and very good!! But the others?

I am proud of myself because I started off this Spinone thing at Awelymor and I guess that makes me unique. I’m not so sure the humans see it that way but we do. I say we because when its quiet and we sit round chatting (as you do) we all agree this place is a haven of fun and food, but not necessarily in that order. I tried the show thing early on but it’s not my thing and I’m proud that a couple of the others have done so well and they’re good with it because they don’t brag about it. But in the end we’re all winners.

I like going out in the Landy because we all know it’s going to be a few hours of fun – although we also know it could be show time………..or the vet – which we are not so keen on.

The boys don’t mess with me anymore mainly because I am so well respected and considered the leader of the gang. Or the eldest and therefore respected.
Or it’s simply because I don’t tolerate them and they need to be intact!!

I have my place on the couch in the living room, and if I don’t then I simply throw one of the others off and take over anyway – Because I can……

But to be honest there are times when I stay in the conservatory with the others for a gossiping session, it’s a woman thing – only half of you reading this would understand!!

How do I spend my days?

Oh well that’s easy, mornings is taken up with a light breakfast, then its outside for our morning constitutional, sniff around and mess about for a while then back inside for a rest. Zzzzzzzzzzzz
If the weathers good we’ll stay out in the garden or the ménage and come and go as we please. Some of us you see can be trusted not to clear off for hours on end…….although to be fair those that choose to abuse the privilege are only in the woods anyway. I’ve gone past all that stuff of course, which is complete rubbish because I do have my moments you know, and when called upon can put in my fair share of speed and stamina – especially on the beach. I Love that place.


Certainly different from the others!

Well we’re all different aren’t we? You lot most certainly are and we’re the same in our way.

I took over the show thing when Kallie went all motherly and had the pups. Fine, no issues from me and of course the shows were better than I expected food, fuss and a whole lot more. Now it never bothered me that Kallie was a success in the show ring and I guess that sums up how I am. A bit of loner and yet a team player, I play around with the others but like to do my own thing. Freya’s a mate, but then she’s popular anyway and strangely enough isn’t too dissimilar to me because she likes to roam around and go on the scent of anything that resembles food!!

When we are in the Ménage together I hang around with Uni because we like to patrol the perimeter of that area and keep an eye out for any of the locals coming up the lane to us. We act as an early warning system to all the others, or so we like to think. But in reality they ignore us preferring instead to do their own thing, usually involving the toys we have down there. If one of the humans is with us, which is a lot of the time then I do on occasions like to play, although it’s not my main area of expertise. I explore and enjoy the woods and beach which I guess we’re lucky with.

I like food!! And I do not share it, regardless of those who finish theirs before me and come on the scrounge for more – which is of course fine. But it’s not going to be from my bowl!!

I’m not a couch slouch and never have been and it doesn’t bother me when some of the others go and watch TV with the Dearest One, I’ve got my own special place which I love and day to day none of the others really bother me.

I’ve not had much to do with the Springers and the Viz, it’s not that we don’t get on it’s just that we’re Spins and they’re not, so we respect each other’s privacy.

I have my own personality and keep myself to myself most the time. The show ring has given me an opportunity and most of the time it’s good I’m led to believe I’ve not done too badly either. To an extent I like the shows because it gets me out, I don’t have to work too hard and I always look good and of course get the treats. Win or lose it matters not. I just strut my stuff and take it all in my stride…….well, you have to don’t you? And The Dearest One’s happy with me, so I do my best for her.

Things I don’t like? Now that’s a tricky question because there isn’t much I dislike…….she changes our food sometimes and we either get more or less or I don’t like something and won’t eat it, but at times like that none of us do.

She gets the message and next day it’s changed for the better. Love the liver cake though and can never get enough of that. If only we could make it!! But the ingredients wouldn’t make it into the bowl and that would ruin the point of the exercise wouldn’t it?

Am I disciplined? No – next question

OK OK, so that’s a bit harsh…..yes I am to a degree. If you discount the show ring then I can honestly say I have my moments. I’m an HPR after all, and once on the scent then I’m afraid that’s it really, a Spins got to do what a Spins got to do.

In my defense though I don’t reckon I’m any better or any worse than the others. Yea so I ignore the first couple of recalls….then I ignore another couple and then when it gets serious? I still ignore it. Not good I admit, but not bad for me either!!

I do eventually come back, but what she doesn’t realise is that I have not gone far. And yes I know? That’s beside the point…..

So there you have it from me. I know this is different from what the others have put but its honest and to be fair, I don’t want to be like the others, otherwise we would all be the same!!

Work that out if you can!!


Show winner and Mum (But not both at the same time)

It’s difficult to say much about myself really because I’m known from my showing days and of course Mother to Freya and the other’s that you may have seen in Freya’s diary – the last Week 52 entry where they all are.

I love it here, although nowadays I’ve mentally gone into retirement of sorts. I am quite the opposite to the others in many ways?

I am not as active as they are and tend to loiter around the house and the garden. I stay out of the ‘beat the Spin to the toy’ syndrome and generally just do my own thing – quietly and slowly.

Although I have all the typical traits of the others, the scenting and the chase thing I tend to ignore it and prefer the company of the couch, the kitchen and my bed. I like my food, so I guess in that respect I’m no different to the others, but having said that I even take that slowly, the others don’t!!

The Landy trips I’ve always enjoyed and the shows were a great place and until I had my pups I really enjoyed them. I am led to believe I was quite successful although it’s lovely to see one of my daughters take over and go on to do so well.

I have been regularly updated on my other babies as well and there again it is great to see they have lovely owners and great homes. I am especially proud of one of my boys, who is doing exactly what we are all about and is turning into a well respected gun dog.

Have I officially retired? Well no not really, I have been back in the show ring since but I’ve got a little more work to do to get my figure back!! Won’t take long but will require a little more activity from myself!! The Dearest One’s patient enough and it remains work in slow progress. But watch out? I might surprise you one day…………

Do I get on with the others? Oh yes, always have done and that won’t change, the boys can be a nuisance sometimes, but boys will be boys and from time to time they have hormonal troubles, but who am I to talk………….

The Springers and the Viz I don’t bother with much and they don’t bother me either so I can’t comment on them. I have noticed recently a new addition to the pack but not taken too much notice to be honest. Odd looking thing he is as well – be interesting to see how he grows up, Freya likes him though, so he can’t be that bad can he? But he is a really smart little pup and I can see already potential for him to lead the others into bad ways…..like we need that much encouragement!!
But I know from what I’ve heard that he will be attending regular gun dog training classes so I guess he’s going to be disciplined and used as such. Good for him as well………maybe some of that will rub off on us. No, forget that, it ain’t gonna happen!!

Life’s been good to me so far (Cue for a song) and don’t have much more to add really. I’m tired now and going to rest. My brain has been active for far too long……..but I’ll have a piece of liver cake first before I settle down!!!!!

Footnote from the Banker

We’re all individuals……..

When you’ve got one dog the usual quote is that it follows its owners personalities and traits, some say the dog even looks like them!! When you’ve got more than one dog then you notice their traits as they grow up and develop their own personalities. Now where have you heard this before??

It’s been interesting to look at our Spins as individuals rather than as a group. When you look at them and see them as we do then you realise that each of them is an individual. They have developed their own idiosyncrasies, their own ways and means. You only have to go through the above to see that, and that is what makes them unique, not unique as a dog or as a companion but unique in the way they have developed either skills as they were meant to be or as a friend and companion that will reliably and loyally stay by your side, as a buddy or as a guard dog. It matters not, whether they work with you as they were bred for and you take the satisfaction and the thrill of seeing them work or purely as a big bundle of fun curled up on your couch, who cares? They are after all, man’s best friend………..

Either way, they will always be there, always with you and most of all make you realise that this breed is quite extraordinarily – a human dog……………

And on that rather poignant note – that’s it for these notes………see you all soon and take care


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