Just my luck?

Damn and blast……..

I got home to soon and what was there to greet me –apart from you know who?

Poopys – hundreds of them, or to be exact seven of them but believe me it felt like hundreds. When I got to them they were 4 weeks old and growing, and moving around – quickly, and being so small these mini Spins were damned quick. Grrrrrrrr………..

“More newspooper”

“No even more than that”

“They’ve just been fed and it’s that time when what goes in…….ooh ooh ooh……get that one up before he treads in it”

“You idiot, can’t you do anything right”?

“Now wash his feet”

“OH God”

And so for the next few days I was (eventually) promoted to CPO? (Chief Pooper Officer)

A brief job description is as follows:
a) Fetch newspoopers from the cupboard

b) Place newspoopers next to poopy pen

c) Climb into poopy pen

d) Collect up all old used and abused newspoopers

e) Continually pick up poopy’s and relocate them behind you in order you can pick up the old newpooper

f) Then pick them up again and repeat

g) Lose patience and throw old newspooper all over the place

h) Pick up and relocate poopy’s all over again
i) Repeat


When you have collected all the old newspooper you should then start to
lay down the fresh newspooper.

k) Repeat annoying process from (e) above and instead of moving poopy and picking up, move poopy and put down

l) This one was my favourite? Put down fresh newspooper and watch the little !@#$%^&*S P & P all over it again

m) This one was NOT my favourite – repeat from (e) above

“And when you go back out into the kitchen come back in with a cup of tea for me, this is thirsty work”!!!!

At this point I went “AAARRRGGGHHH” all over again……….

During the course of the next few days and with a whole heap of relief the CBO (Chief Breeding Officer) decided the weather was perfect to let them outside onto our patio and play away.

It got all sensible?

“It will be good for them to explore, they have the grass surface, the stone surface and all those smells and things that little poopy’s do………”

But the pen was clear for me to continue and I set too with refreshing the newspooper. Oh what a blessing.

I got religious for a moment

On about day 4 I was given clear instructions as follows:

“Go to the kitchen, press the button on the kettle, boil water and place a tea bag into a mug, a little milk, no sugar and place boiling water into said mug”.

“When the mix has turned into a mug of tea colour, bring it out to me on the patio……”


And off I marched to carry out the command

Meanwhile out on the patio the CBO was “oh bless” oh how sweet” and things like “ha ha ha, oh their so sweet at this age”
I was sick – more newspooper required

I took the CBO’s mug of tea out onto the patio and declared my presence and reason for being there “SIR, MUG, TEA OF” “For the use of, SIR”


The CBO was babbling away to the oddball wife of the even nuttier mole molester.

I put the mug on the ground and walked off to prepare the poopy pen for when they came in.

It wasn’t sensible anymore!!!

It got worse………….!!!!!!!!!

I was in a world of poopy?

She turned around!!!!!!

You can guess the rest

Some of the little dears were quite content to happily guard with their lives, small but real marrow bones which they developed a considerable liking for

This was of course no help to me because I was then instructed to get them all into the house again and put them into the poopy pen.

Well this should be easy then, at last, an easy job and one where I would not be caught out nor would it involve a mug of tea. Or rather, a non mug of tea………

“You might be the CBO but I am telling you that I definitely made a mug of tea and left it where you told me too” “”SIR”

“Those poopy’s did it”

“You expect me to believe that these sweet little dears drank my tea”

“You are so ridiculous at times it beggars belief”

I was out there ages trying to get the little bu!@#$S back into the house

I can’t believe JJ, Duncan, Freya and co were all like this. I wrote about the litter we had two years ago giving us Freya, but was it really like this??

Let me clarify the above?

When I said WE had a litter, I meant when Kallie had her litter and we were not involved. The ‘litter’ that followed we were heavily involved. Anyway, that’s all in the Bankers Notes from way back when. Puppies in a wheelbarrow ring a bell!!!!!!

It was like being a National Geographic reporter trying to get them back into the house and when they went up into the raised area with undergrowth then the chase was really on – and me in my slippers!!!

Once back inside it was chaos, I had put them in the pen and left the gate open – DURRRRR

I admitted it and I knew immediately I would have to do 10 push-ups and a detention for this major misdemeanor (I peel the spuds anyway)

Some poopy’s stalked the old iron kettle in the fireplace!!

It patiently waited for the right time to strike

That kettle stood no chance and it pleased me to see the spirit and instinct come out in one so young.

It worried me though that out in the field on a shoot that same poopy would stalk tea flasks and cartridge case boxes – anything but its prey

Better make that one a pet then

Meanwhile back on JJs bed (GASP) there was one idiot poopy that decided that what was his remained his.

This bed was not for sleeping on of course, that would be a waste!!

This bed was for defending against marauding poopy’s trying to muscle in on his patch. And how do you defend your patch??


Or rather paws………..

Better make this one a guard dog then!! (my derriere)!!

Bit of a contradiction really – Italian Spinone = Guard Dog

Forget it. Pet with attitude problem

And finally??

There’s this one

Now I know this photo is out and about on FB etal, but I challenge you to think about this??

Look very carefully

Is that a toy dog from a well known toy shop??

Did the toy shop model its stuffed toys on this one??

Now and again you get that one photo. My favourite remains the one of Freya on the beach looking up at the camera when she was a maturing pup and with sand on her nose and face and with an amazing expression that looked so philosophical – have a look in the gallery if you can’t remember it……….

I have favourites of them all – but this one comes a close a first to my first!!

Superb – and YES it’s a real poopy

But look closely……..it really looks like a toy dog positioned for that shot

Better make this one a model then – Dog World Page 3!!!

Penthouse poopy of the month!!

That’s it. I’m off to complete two more tasks…..tea maker and newspooper scooper

Take care and watch out for the cute and cuddly one

(The poopy – not the CBO)!!


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