It seems ages ago that I updated these notes, but I have been reasonably busy!!! Honestly….!!

I have been travelling a lot and in between times have been at home and then off again. But as I’m sure you would agree that amazingly we are already one third through 2014 and time is simply melting away before us. I seemed to have gone through Winter, Christmas and the New Year in a haze similar to time travel, so let’s start back at the festive season and move on from there.

By the time I settled back to enjoy the festive season and enter into 2014 I discovered a cunning plan to increase the breed ratio of breeds at the house?? Then into the New Year one of our Awelymor ‘pups’ took a bronze at Crufts this year!! Lord Dawson of Essex, take a bow………….

And in no particular order, here goes:

Following his popular win as the Best Dressed Pensioner at a Championship show for the Spins!! Colin’s career blossomed yet again and he was offered a job as chief washer up and drier in a nearby kitchen. In the picture below we see a happy Colin clearly proud of the opportunities that his new career has given him. As some of you may recall, Colin was probably the world’s most ineffective mole catcher. After a spell in a special institution for retired ineffective mole catchers Colin went on to wash his car (and the Subaru) and slowly but surely worked his way back into society where today - we all avoid him!!

In the next episode – Colin cuts the grass using a powered lawn mower, prepares his own porridge for breakfast, watches back to back episodes of Emmerdale Farm and takes instructions from his wife (She who must be obeyed) about his drinking habit……….!!

Meanwhile on the other side of the kitchen I had decided to cut up chunks of cooked meat. I am not quite sure why I did this to be honest as Colin was available at the time and he is used and abused for nearly all the household chores. But it was at the time a dog free zone!!!!

The one alarming thing about both of these pictures is that ‘the women’ are not around and they were probably in the dining room sipping Sweet Sherry and gossiping about the state of global affairs…….or whether to rearrange the flowers in the vase!!

As can be seen above, here we see another of Colin’s fine attributes as chief table layer for a Christmas supper. Yes OK its April I know that but we did not want to ruin Colin’s moment. It would have hit him hard as it took all of about 20 minutes to do this and he is a fragile old soul and any negative comments and he would have been reduced to tears……….especially if the wine bottles were empty!!

I suppose equally it would have hit him even harder if he had missed Emmerdale Farm!!!!!

Anyway, sometime later I thought I would take the Spins for a run on the beach and take a dummy with me (no no no not the Dearest One)

I decided to walk and walk despite the weather!!!!!

It got a little rough and although I was having fun it seemed to me that walking miles on a beach in the unfriendly weather was perhaps a little on the stupid side…….However, although I felt like I was having a Colin moment of madness I did note that the Spins couldn’t careless, for them it was just another day in the life of a Spin on the beach and having fun.

I was cold, wet and wondering why I had decided to undertake this act of stupidity.

Stupid Banker!!!

Believe it or not this is a beach in the winter!!! This is me with the Spins and suitably dressed for the occasion, with double layers of just about everything (except the boots)

As the afternoon wore on I noted that I was losing the light and with a long trek back to the Subaru I was starting to get worried…….

And what did the Spins want to do? Yes you’ve guessed it – PLAY

Now look carefully at this photo??

This is a typical cartoon moment as Duncan goes off after the dummy………..The dummy is above him!!!

Angle of trajectory indicates the dummy will land on Duncan’s head at his current speed and direction?

Duncan continues on his merry way……….the dummy just about misses him? Duncan continues on his merry way.

And Duncan continues on his merry way!!!!! But Mia on full dummy alert sees the dummy and goes into spot the dummy mode. But Duncan is now nearly in the next town!!!! So she has instead opted to point at the real dummy

And to the victor…………the spoils. Mia and dummy ?

Meanwhile somewhere in the next town Duncan is looking for the beach with his fellow Spins on it and their owner!!! He’s given up looking for the dummy.

Don’t worry he will be back……… will just take his brain a little time to reboot and realise he’s lost the plot again…..and the dummy……and the Beach……..and the Spins……..and me!!!!

Meanwhile, Kallie has that smug look about her as she retrieves that damn dummy that I am now fed up with throwing all over the place and throw it all over the place I did.

I then made a minor error in where I threw it!!!!!!

Oh dear……….

Will one of you fetch that for me please because I appear to have let my fedupness get the better of me and thrown it into someone’s private property!!

It fascinated me that someone had their land that covered a load of rocks and a cliff. How weird is that? Or is it me that’s weird??

Anyway, duty calls and I sent the most trusted Spin to dare to go where no Spin has been before? Mia. On someone else’s land!! Gosh I’m so daring

SAS we were not, but we were in another sense as you can see by the stealth mode on retrieval…
(Spins Are Stealth) I couldn’t think of anything else to be honest

As noted earlier time was moving on and it was getting and darker and scarier!!

I think I watch too many movies and with the weather as it was I started to head for the exit and back to the car. This would take some explaining getting home late and in the dark and at the moment with Duncan on the missing Dogs List. But I knew he would be back – He’s a Spin and they know where the food is!!!!

And it’s Duncan anyway and he’s probably had a gentle meander around town before heading back to us. I doubted he had gone out of sight from us and noted he was down wind and could sniff us out anyway.

Ok ok ok – so I’m trying to boost Duncan’s image as a bright Spin with all his senses on high alert and knowing exactly what he’s doing, if you only knew!!!!!!

Duncan is senseless and is about as alert as Colin!!

But he is a fantastic dog and great fun to be with………….no I’m being serious, he’s outstanding in his own field!!! Literally, some days

Oooooh – scary

It’s getting late, dark and I’m fed up, cold and hungry……’s time to go home

And yes – Duncan wasn’t far away and by the time I got back to the path from the beach leading to the car he was with us – physically with us, not sure mentally?

And now for this?

Lord Dawson of Essex

Your Highness Sir……….

Dawson’s awards from Crufts 2014 at the NEC continues the successes of our own two Spins at this highly prestigious event. We’re very proud of you |Dawson – nice one mate!!

And here he is himself – proud and elegant and posing so nicely for this photo

And and and……..I note he is also CLEAN!!! So this is going to be a rare picture knowing the Spins as I do, who can usually find the best places to ensure maximum coat coverage of not so clean stuff.

For Dawson’s owners I take my hat off to you and say what a splendid job someone did in preparing him and somehow keeping him clean for the show……extraordinary!

I’ve never been able to do that since we’ve had them!!

Must be me then

So this is the moment then, the moment Dawson’s stardom went from anonymous to superstar in one point of the judge’s finger………and in third position

Here we see a “can’t see what all the fuss was about” Dawson with our show ring specialist and smiling pure relief? No pressure there then!!!!!

I’m not sure who’s so pleased or proudest as Samuel holds up the winners spoils, I’m sure it was Dawson in the ring though!!

And so here they all are together – Dawson and family

Now they know how the superstars feel being under the spotlight:

The Paparazzi
The Fame
The Crowds
The Autograph Hunters

And Dawson with the “YEAH” “Where’s my treat then”?? Isn’t it funny how they look like that all the time!!

Thank you to Fiona, Neil, Samuel and Dawson for the photo’s

That’s it then and see you all soon with another life in the day of The Banker

Take care out there and be safe – your Spin needs you for walkies!!!!


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