The Place, not the Mood!!!!!!

Bonjour peeps

Me again, and back to my winning ways!!

We went to some show or other in Angers that’s apparently in France. France is famous you know for being the home of the French Barbet of which I belong to this wonderful and illustrious breed of canine. In fact peeps I am THE French Barbet to be seen with!!!

Now as you know I am not one for bragging and boasting and showing off as to just how amazingly fantastic I am but I can’t help it this time. Now I know I shy away from the press and the cameras and autograph hunters preferring instead to maintain my privacy, the paparazzi are kept at a distance and to be fair they know how much I avoid publicity.

But (here it comes) I have excelled this time and I have to say that in Angers I was simply the best of the best of the best. Now I already knew that of course, and when you have a quiet, shy and retiring personality like mine then it’s nice to see that the humans recognize my wonderfulness, my gorgeousness and of course my general fabulousness.

You see at this show – I won Best Dog and of course Best in Breed…… I good or am I gooder than that??

Back home on the hill, I got the boss (well she likes to think she is) or rather I kindly allowed the boss to take this rather splendid picture of me with my embarrassing rosette (The Spins had a field day when they saw I won that) and a nice little plaque. You can’t read it so I will translate it for you!!

“Claude Barbet, the best of the best of the best French Barbet at the Angers show 2014”

And the small print says “Claude is the epitome of the French Barbet, one day all Barbets will be like him” (Except the females, because they are different and he’s not female)!!!

And peeps it’s all true - I have not made up any of that!!!!!!!! Honest ish, well maybe a little bit of it

Anyway, how did all this come about I hear you ask me in your quaint Eeenglish accents. Well, peeps I will tell you.
But first a warning to those of you of a nervous disposition – there are references to human stupidity in the following adventures – you have been warned!!

Once upon a time…… sorry forget that bit

Anyway, early start from the hill and down to my bosses friends house to meet and greet and collect her as a companion, I had Anouk with me so it was only fair I allowed the boss to also have a friend to travel with.

So far no problems!!

Onwards we travelled down to the Euro tunnel and as we arrived just in time, we had a short (read non existant) tea break which for the coffee drinker and the tea bag herself was utterly devastating.

Enter stage left – human travel companion?

So at the Euro tunnel passport control point the travel companion (who will remain nameless, although she has in the past been called the vertically challenged one!) took out said passport and opened it for presentation to discover she had her husband’s face looking up at her!!!

There was a loud inhuman noise followed by a rapid trip to Le toilette!!

Horror of horrors………..oh no, here we go, and it was obvious we were in slight trouble here.

Now I’m not one for stating the obvious but you would think to check the passports first, BEFORE setting out on a foreign trip, it’s not that difficult is it Annette Of Southampton!!!

The Euro tunnel official who had amazingly brought his brain with him to work for this particular day (unlike someone else we know) said with one of those ‘we know what you are’ type of looks said “oh no problem, just get your husband to scan a copy of your passport to you and that’s enough to get you back into the UK”

Personally I would have said “oh just get your husband to scan half the passport so you can’t come back into the UK”!!!

I laughed at that thought if I’d have known what laughing was

Now that’s embarrassing enough isn’t it peeps. But during the interim period we missed the train!! Oh such joy

And we’re still in the UK

Now the Euro tunnel official (the one with the brain he brought to work) came (yet again) to our rescue and put us on the next available train. So now we really did have much joy!!

Sometime later in France………………

The car humming along nicely as Subaru’s do of course (Subaru if your reading this then you should sponsor me) mainly because it’s a great car and secondly because I also have four pad drive!! Win win…..non!!

Now enter stage right another Barbet owner friend - and one with good communication skills who had told us that when we got to Rouen we were to be aware that the ring road wasn’t and it was closed and so follow the signs to Le Mans!!

We get to Rouen – millions of traffic going slower than a slow thing through the town center. No problem of course as we are Eenglish and used to queues and waiting and going slow – but, there were NO signs to Le Mans!!
Oh no, here we go again………….

Trying to stay calm cool and collected in this strange foreign environment was difficult and is not for the feint hearted – although lay out in the back of the car Anouk and I couldn’t careless!!!

We were only disturbed when we heard the SatNav…….Avec vous right at the next junction………

And Voila!! On the road to Le Mans and just a week before the 24 heurs Le Mans race (another Audi 1st and 2nd) anyway we hit the Mulsanne Straight where the class 1 race cars will be doing well over 200mph, and what were we doing!!!


And so to the hotel, which was easily found by the way, for the evening and where room service delivered Pizza and salad and the kettle was abused mercilessly. Anouk and I had munchies as well but we get room service anyway whether we’re at home or away!! It’s a tough life but we cope………

Now my boss (well she likes to think she is) and being typically English then almost nearly but not quite could have moaned about the very hot weather on show day – but just when she was about to complain, didn’t – wonders will never cease

And so to the show………….I was of course fantastique and never put a foot wrong. It won’t surprise you to know that my handler (new title for the owner) was not quite as good as me and this played to my advantage as I really showed to my very best. Easy when you’re as good as I am!!!

And for your viewing pleasure I have some pictures to show you of ‘Claude the fabulous’………..

I won my class here and my handler was reasonably pleased!!!!

Now I’m waiting to go in for the challenge - Best of Breed

Challenge for Best of Breed, I’m fine!! But ‘she’ was tense and nervous

I’m just chilling out in the shade with the Engleesh contingent. Conversation looks lively doesn’t it???
Cue the song? “Coz I’m happy” etc

“Coz I’m happy” well ‘she’ is? This is me going for the Challenge Group 8, but got nowhere? Ce le vie.
Barbet of Barbets? Who’s the man……Who’s the man?

And finally………….

Happy smiley people…..In the middle is the Judge, M. BRUN Laurent, terrific guy and I loved him!!! Human 5477 is my handler, owner and food supply source and on the left is Wendy and a rather splendid example of a female Barbet………Hallie, who won Best Bitch. A great day for the British Barbets

And so for the journey back…………….

Great until we got to passport control where we had to pull over to one side after trying to explain to the ‘officials’ the minor error with Annette’s passport. It took a little time to sort out but it all ended happily ever after with smiles and grimaces – but eventually they finally let the illegal alien back in to the UK.

And finally almost at the end, is this?

My win here at The Championnat de France 2014, Angers pending approval and confirmation from the French will hopefully make me up to a French Champion.

That’s it peeps and more of me on the Barbet news page.

Au revoir peeps until next time


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