Bonjours peeps

It’s been a while since I last updated you on my adventures, so I’ve got lots to bring you up to date on……….

A couple of weeks ago I got an envelope given to me in a very subversive manner – whatever that means!! But it was all hush hush stuff.

The envelope was marked ‘Top Secret’………

I crept away into a quiet corner and opened it.

It contained a photo of one of the Spins. Now I know that they have an area on the beach where they secretly test things that they will use later, in annoying us Barbets, us being Anouk and myself. Now that she’s joined me it is clear that it’s worried the Spins that there are now two of us. And being two of us we clearly represent a threat to their domination of the household.

Another thing as well, they know I’m training Anouk!!

So back to the photo……………..

I reckon it’s a device that makes them float silently over the ground so they can sneak up on us. I’m sure it’s because Anouk is black and they can’t see her of a night!!! But then again, no one can!!!

With my skillful and expertise Anti Spin training we have clearly worried the Italians. But this latest Spin device being tested in their Area 51 is a major step forward for them. I have to be honest that if this works then it will be a real problem for us back up at the house.

And now for the first time ever, I can reveal the Spins floating device being tested in their Area 51 – an area of the beach that they have taken over

It’s obvious from the above that they have advanced considerably with the testing for this device, although I’ve noticed it does at the moment look to have a couple of teething problems??

1. Turning left and right looks to be a problem
2. The mouth held device looks vulnerable
3. The signal receiver worn around the neck also looks vulnerable

But it’s clever and if they really do get that thing sorted out we could have a problem!!


We – Le Barbets will of course fight back the best way we can………we too have stealth and especially at night with my new recruit Anouk. They will never see her coming………

You may have seen the above pictures previously on ‘My’ website where I am training Anouk to sneak up and take the hat, I whisper the instructions to her then she goes down on all fours to creep up and take the hat.

Of course in reality we’re after one of two things really, either the mouth held floating device or that receiver that Freya is wearing around her neck. Either of those items will render the thing useless and of course by implication will render them useless, or more useless than they already are!!!

Now this really is an adventure, the challenge gets greater and the excitement mounts as my adventures continue to develop.

But what about my training I hear you say??

Well The Dearest One has not forgotten about that either and I am continuing with my classes every week. I am learning now to be away from The Dearest One and on the whistle ‘sit’. Now this could be at a distance from her and is essential when we are for real in the field.
I have the basics well sorted now and although I have my moments, I am only a dog after all. But a treat or two later and full service is resumed!!

I have lots of water work to do as well and that is next on the training agenda. Get the basics right on dry land and the water training should be easy!!

Except the whistle to sit!!!! Not so keen on that one whilst out swimming to retrieve…….

I’m told although not yet confirmed, that I will be going home to my mother land later this year where I will be shown tested and approved by those very nice French Barbet people. I’m looking forward to that and Anouk will be with me as well. So double trouble for the French!! No sorry that last bit was just a joke……..we have to put on a good show for them and The Dearest One.
Vive Le France I say. I’m really pleased to be going, should be some fun!!

And at least it gets me and Anouk away from the Italians for a few days. So for us then a win, win and I’m confident it will be the same for The Dearest One as well.

Meanwhile back here in the UK I will be shortly seen in public for the first time at the up and coming Game Fair at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire.

The Barbet Club of Great Britain has a stand there and both Anouk and myself will be there to sign autographs and have our pictures taken with our adoring fans!!!!

You will have to be patient with Anouk signing autographs though?? She’s still very young and can’t join the letters together yet……so you might consider a paw print?

We will be there for the full 3 days and we’ll be going in the gundog ring on walkabout and I will be coming round afterwards with a hat to collect loose change from the massed crowds that will go towards the Barbets Against Italian Spinone Dominance Movement. A worthy cause I’m sure you’ll agree!!!

Or – or if you wish, you may want to donate treats and bones and meaty morsels that I can take back to our stand to share amongst my buddies there.

Actually, and thinking about it? Forget the loose change as we can’t eat that so just make sure you have tasty treats for the collection. Par Excellence non…………

Anyway, I have forgotten where I was now……

Oh yes and continuing with the Training theme, us Barbets have come up with a cunning plan to deceive those pesky Spins?

I call this the Possum Barbet trick………

Look at the Spins……..not a clue, have they? Idiots………..

Anouk is pretending to be a Possum, it plays dead when threatened. So it represents no threat to them and eventually they get bored and go away. However, in reality Anouk is looking for weak spots in their defense, an area we can exploit later on. And as they’re Spins, that won’t be too difficult either!!!

As an adventure of course it could be a thrill a minute. But not for the Spins as we intend to make their lives as frustrating as possible until one day we become the dominant ones in the house. And if you look at the competition we face then it’s not that much of a threat is it, I mean let’s look at their weaknesses:

Freya – just a show off really and can’t do anything without her make-up and perfect hair do

Mia – too selfish and never lets anyone have anything she has. She is the il Duce of the Spin pack – we will use that to our advantage

Savanna – leader of the investigation unit. A minor worry but not a threat

Unica – represents a clear and present danger to us. Sharp, alert and a superb tracking nose

Duncan – on another planet altogether, the oddball. Not a threat at all

JJ – if you throw it, he’ll retrieve it. You can’t throw grass cuttings without that idiot bringing them all back – about as useful as a snow ball in the Arctic – again we can use that to our advantage as well

Kallie – too nice, sweet and cuddly to be of any use or harm to anyone

So all in all peeps that is the sum level of their capabilities and hence the adventures we will have in getting into that pack and frustrating them on a daily basis. As we are doing now of course, but the competition is hotting up as we take the lead (no pun intended) on one thing then they counter it. Good fun though

Anyway, my next Adventures will be after the Game Fair and of course I will keep you all updated on the events in and around the house as they happen. Until then………

Take care out there, and see you at The Game Fair – don’t be shy!! Come and say Hi……..

Au Revoir peeps


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