Bonjours peeps

Oh come on peeps it’s all rather obvious isn’t it? What have I been telling you for ages and ages? I am French, Gorgeous and simply the best!!!! And to prove it…….

Well to me it was obvious anyway, I am Claude Barbet and when it comes round to giving out awards and serious awards at that, it was obvious I would sweep the board with them.

God I’m good…

And here they all are:
Nearest me – Best Script Writer and Screenplay
To the left is - Best Barbet
And at the front - Best Actor and Dream Dog to be with

Anouk – My little co super star, and also a winner picked up:
Best Supporting Actress and
Best White Bit on a Black Dog

The Spins get silly flowery things and a bit of paper, WE get Oscars and a bit of paper!!!!!

We now have 7 green Spins……Dream on boys and girls – The French have arrived in style!!!

So peeps, all in all we had a great couple of days at the Oscars.

Now I’ve been a busy boy since my last set of adventures. Done loads of stuff and spent most of my time with further training and getting sorted for this show which was held in Douai in Northern France.

Vive le France…………….

Yes peeps it was a homecoming for me and Anouk. The motherland for us Barbets and somehow I felt right at home and it was easy to recognise the smells and sights and sounds of our wonderful country.

Douai is a small town that was hosting the 2013 Nationale & Internationale show for all sorts of canines like us. The best of the best of the best……and they would have to be as well?

I was there!!!

Now come on peeps……….you know the words??

You know want to sing along with me……….don’t be shy….


OK…….everybody come on…….join in

The Beginning

But like all my adventures you have to start somewhere and so it is with these adventures as well that we start back at the house on the hill…………..

A week or so before we were due to leave for France there was a small issue of making both Anouk and myself look like superstars.

For me it was easy………I look a natural superstar anyway so doubt I would need any make-up artist, any bathing or grooming. Oh how wrong I was!!!!!!

For Anouk – the female of the species it was to be the full works?
Bathed, groomed, make up, nails, eyes, ears in fact you name it, she had it. Typical female!!

The Dearest One though went completely over the top on me. You would think by now she had got used to living with a superstar………but no

I was shampooed, showered, groomed, clipped, nail pedicure and generally pampered to death.

So afterwards I went outside and jumped in the pond!!!!

This was not a good idea

In fact it was utterly stupid

Here we go again……….Shampooed, showered and then banned from the pond!!!!!!

Anouk came out looking like, Er…………Anouk!!!!!

The Dearest One had a cunning plan?

This involved collecting Annette from where ever she lives and then onwards towards the Euro tunnel. Once at said tunnel we were to meet up with Wendy, Julian and Nicky – remember them??

Well we were with them at the Game Fair and you might recall this……and if you can’t then damned well read my adventures about it. Because Julian was the one with the nervous twitch and odd behavioral patterns!!

Wendy was just sensible……………Yawn!!!!!!

Meanwhile back at the house, she of the Subaru had packed it out with teabags leaving just enough room for Anouk and myself to lie down. Also in the car was dog food………that would be useful!!

And my favourite silliness was that Anouk and I had Passports. Like there are millions of Barbets and a Passport was going to separate us from the madding hoards of Barbets trying to get out of the country – or back in. Pet Passports – oh good grief. Just as well we didn’t carry fleas??
Each flea would have to have a passport!!!!

And so off we went leaving the house late in the evening to collect Annette and then onwards to meet murky, lurky and friend – sorry – Wendy, Julian and Nicky at the Euro tunnel.

At Annette’s, the car had to be re-configured so that Annette could drive it and share the burden. But being vertically challenged with legs stopping just short of a normal humans knee’s this meant a complete redesign of the Subaru’s driving geometry……….Anouk and I just slept through it all

The Euro tunnel was excellent, organised and quick, and its takes half the time the ferry does crossing the pond – and about a tenth of the time it took Annette to get comfortable driving the Subaru!!!!

Meanwhile, on the journey through the tunnel Julian of the nervous twitch had come to chat with us and we all agreed we would follow his car from Calais all the way to Douai………

What could possibly go wrong!!!!

1. Some idiot forgot to plot the SatNav with the fact we were now France – DURRRRRR!
2. Within 10 minutes we were in a small French village with no Julian and no Douai
3. We were lost………

Enter stage left – the mobile phone and with the idiot attached to it and with many calls and many more directions we somehow managed (read mismanaged) to find the twitching one and Wendy. For Anouk and myself it was a religious moment!!

We all booked into the hotel and all was well……NOT – we got in cost effectively and the hotel worried about Julian’s twitching decided to charge them a lot more. Apparently it was a booking error and eventually all was calm and cost effective again.

And then after settling down in our rooms we were unsettled for a flying visit into Douai itself where hundreds of my fans packed the streets to see me……

Or as it turned out………they didn’t!!!

The place had Er…………buildings

Er……..and other buildings

Then there was this thing??

It made us nervous as to what we were heading into!!!

The Dearest One and Co went to eat out at a restaurant who welcomed in the dogs, but not Anouk and myself as we stayed in the car resting after the autograph hunters and paparazzi who were not in Douai either!!

Are we in the right place I wondered to myself – Claude Barbet returns home to be welcomed by no one really!! Must be that SatNav.

The girls took a trip to the local Carrefour Supermarket and we went back to the Hotel where Anouk and I tried to make friends with the Hotel cat. I blamed the language and the cultural difference to be honest. The cat didn’t understand a word of Engleesh and our French wasn’t that good so the cat decided to leave and go and chase birds or mice or whatever cats do.

I know from experience that the cats we have around the house just simply terrify us all. Although they are useful to annoy The Spins with…….that’s always a good laugh.

Later that night we noticed Annette had got 6 bottles of water that we opened and enjoyed only to discover that she had stolen them from Wendy!!! Am I supposed to say that?

But all’s well that ended well?

That evening was spent with Anouk and I watching the human contingent consume volumes of wine – the next morning was going to be interesting!!

BUT Peeps – it never got to the morning??

The humans substituting water for wine took us out for our evening constitutional moments on a lovely grassy area next to the hotel car park. Of course it was a secure car park. Secured and locked down at 10pm. We got locked in the car park and locked out of the hotel. OH WONDERFUL

Julian – or Porthos as he is now known went into One Musketeer mode!!! He stealthily leapt over the fence, dashed fearlessly across the open spaces to the hotel lobby to get help to let us all back in!! Vive Le Julian……….

And so bed………….

Me and Anouk on MY bunk bed…..bliss……..ZZZzzzzzzzzzzz – sort of………Ooops!

The vertically challenged one on the bunk bed……..and you really don’t want to know what I am saying to her either. I was simply unimpressed!!!

The next day Peeps it was SHOW TIME……..oh yea……..bring it on

We all met up with Anne and Wouter from Holland who had bought with them their Barbets – Alba and Lotus…..I rather liked Alba.

I went all French in a romantic kind of way and practiced my romancing on Lotus – but she wasn’t that impressed to be honest. This came as a complete surprise to me?? Probably doesn’t know who I am……

What the hell did I do to upset her!!!!

Just trying to be friendly…………honest!!!!

This was the French Nationale Show – this is serious stuff. This was Le Crufts in a French kind of way. Anouk and I had never seen or experienced anything like this before but I just knew peeps this was my time. You know the feeling, you know when you just have to do the right thing. And so I did………….and so did Anouk.

So this was what all the showering, grooming, nail clipping and jumping in the pond was all about……the re-showering, the re-grooming. This was my day to perform and strut my gorgeous stuff……….and so I did

I got ‘Best Dog’ winning CACS along the way and Graded Excellent.

As if there would be any other result!!

Anouk next…..and she got ‘Best puppy’ bless her, and Graded ‘Very Promising’ which is the highest award that you can get for a puppy.

Lotus (still not happy with me) got Best Junior and Alba gained Best of Breed, both Awarded Excellent. Just another Barbet winning performance…..what more can I say. Except I really liked Alba………!!!

And so that was it for day one in the show ring………

Or rather it wasn’t?



Anne rushed over to The Dearest One and told her that Anouk had to go to the Main Ring for Best Puppy of the day. It was like being at Crufts for Supreme Champion in a non recognised in the UK kind of way!!!!!!

And what the hell is this Crufts thing anyway……….

And so with the crowd anticipating seeing the Best Puppy, Anouk was announced, pause, then under a spotlight, out she ran with her ever faithful owner!!

As I expected, it was a walk in the park for Anouk who simply and literally took it all in her stride, she really showed off and didn’t put a foot wrong.

A Star is born…….

And so it came to pass that after day one of showing we were off to enjoy a traditional French meal – McDonalds!!! Then back to the hotel to wash it all down with yet more wine.

What is it with you lot and wine?

Rise and shine peeps………it’s day 2 of the showing off ..sorry.. of showing and this one was THE Big One…..THE INTERNATIONALE SHOW

Apparently my owner or rather all our owners had missed the confirmation the previous morning. The whole point of this trip was to achieve just that. After some human administration frustrations all UK dogs present were confirmed – which I have to say was a bit of a relief!!

And what a day it was as well………

Ce Manifique non?

It did not surprise me that I got Best Dog again and then went one better? I got Best of Breed!!

So there!!

Anouk? Oh yes peeps she got Best Puppy again!!

So serious…..anybody would think it was important!!

Apart from my CACS I also got my Internationale CACIB………

And non………..I have no idea either but apparently it’s important

Lotus went on to get Best Junior Bitch and Hallie went on to achieve Best Bitch and both were Awarded Excellent.

Anouk went back into the main ring to compete for Best Puppy and I am delighted to say she got shortlisted down to the last 10.

As for me I also went under the spotlights of the main ring and of course showed perfectly and never put a foot wrong.

And so for day 2 that was it…….oh no not again

Now what………

We all had to go into the main ring one last time with all the different breeds from the special classes. And this was real fun…….

Each individual breed was announced and led into the main ring with music blasting away in the background, by men dressed in highly coloured shirts and trousers and wearing big black wigs!!

Great fun, good laugh and a nice ending for the Finale

And so after all that it was time for Au revoirs………..

That’s me on the left!!! Notice how the vertically challenged one is only slightly taller than me. Worrying isn’t it…………

Taking centre stage is Jean Paul Gautier – you can tell by the colour co-ordinated clothing

We should at this point just stop for a moment and say a BIG MERCI - THANK YOU to Anne and Wouter who also had the onerous task of showing our owners the ropes for our first Internationale show. Merci - Thank you

And so it was to get ready for goodbyes and then the long trip back to the house on the hill……..

When we got to the Pet Passport Office in Calais to check the dogs in I noted him telling the Dearest One that he loved our names – Claude and Anouk. And had she named us after some famous French film stars……..oh how we laughed!! NOT

I had to remind him that it was more likely they were named after two famous show dogs!!!!

And that’s it really……..on the way home our owner got very tired and sensibly stopped to rest and joined us in the back of the Subaru for a few hours sleep. Unconventional but sensible.

And so peeps………you now know that all I have been telling you for such a long time is True?

It is now confirmed by the French that I am Claude Barbet, Gorgeous, French and I now have the Oscars to prove it and a piece of paper!!

Couldn’t get a T-shirt to fit me……..

And for you further delectation a few of the shots that got away………..

A combination of lost plot, wine and a motorized scooter

Well that’s it for now Peeps……hope you enjoyed our little trip overseas

Au revoir and remember? You are now in the presence of a Confirmed Super Star!!

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