Bonjour Peeps

This is just pathetic!

This is so ridiculous it borders on the stupid!

Oh well here goes!

The all fabulous and wonderful me, Claude Barbet – yes peeps it’s me again THE Claude Barbet is now having to write an adventures WITHOUT ME IN IT!!!!!!!


Yes peeps I know exactly what you’re thinking? “How can one so fabulous NOT star in his own page” ??

Non, and I couldn’t believe it either

My world rocked, my ego dented (non, that’s rubbish, a meteorite hitting me couldn’t dent my ego so forget that)

But these adventures are all about Breea – Daughter of the fabulous one – ME

By the way, I may have mentioned this before but so you never forget, I’m a confirmed French Champion now. I know you’re not surprised but here is the extract from that Gala moment:

I remember that moment so well “And the Oscar for Best French Barbet Dog goes to………..
Claude Barbet for his performance in “The Show Ring” – Huge applause and cheering……..

Over to the commentator – ‘well there we have it confirmed that despite his ego and eccentricity Claude has won the Oscar for Best Dog and is now confirmed as a French Champion’. ‘Well deserved as he will no doubt tell us’!!!

You see peeps, this started when I was bragging, sorry, telling Breea all about my wonderfulness in the show ring and how I went on to become a French Champion. I went on to tell her that being so wonderful was not easy and that I had to actually work for it, well that’s how I made it sound to her, you know the thing peeps, got to encourage the youngsters!!!

And encouraged she was as well

My Show Manager (you know who) had entered Breea into a show in Holland, The Netherlands The Dutch!! France is France isn’t it? So why can’t Holland be Holland or The Netherlands and why are the people called ‘Dutch’?, very confusing for Claude. France and French – that’s it. Anyway, at least it’s not Italians!!

Now I’ve forgotten where I was!

Oh yes, Breea, Holland and show

And so peeps, Anouk and myself did the hug thing before Breea got into the Subaru to leave for Holland and an overnight stay at our friend’s house (sensible Barbet owner) before the trip through France and Belgium into Holland. Or rather Friesland…….now I’m confused

Of course at the first stop for the night Breea had much checking out to do and went to chat with the oversized ducks!!

In the meantime the evening meal was being prepared by the ‘just a bit bigger than a Barbet – Annette!!

Apologies here because as you will notice those Italians are everywhere and just have to get into the shot don’t they with about as much finesse as a Bull in a China shop.


Notice how the Italian at the forefront is creeping around Breea, obviously jealous of her stunning looks – takes after her Dad you know……..

The journey was going well until they hit Antwerp – not literally hit it you understand as that would be silly, and we’re Barbets and we don’t do silly!!

But a massive traffic jam meant an hour and a half in a queue – oh great!! All they could look at was hundreds of Harley Davidson’s* riding past them on their way to a bike meeting.

*Harley Davidson, like a proper bike only slower and odd looking!!!

Editor’s note: I am a Biker of the Very Fast Variety. If you own a Harley and are reading this, then no apologies!! I just couldn’t…….. ?

Once the journey was completed into Holland they arrived at a beachy sandy area type of thing (it’s a Dutch thing) and finally got to stretch their legs, dogs and humans and from the pictures it’s fairly obvious this is not a typical Welsh beach scene!!!

No cliffs, no rock pools and no sea!! There probably is somewhere but Breea never mentioned it, although, there must have been a sea because being water dogs we found some and went and stood in it – as we do!!


Water = Barbet = Wet Coat = Trouble!!


And after a good charge around with Alba, Lotus and Martha it was off to the hotel for the evening and some well earned rest – and munchies hopefully!!


I’m envious now!!

At the Hotel Breea took the bed of course, I did this when I was showing because I had to ensure a good night’s sleep so I would have a restful night and be ready for winning the next day!!

Here is a picture of a toilet!! Apparently you humans gave up going in the garden and filling in the hole you had dug after you finished and this looks much neater as well. But I still think you’re odd and don’t understand why you can’t share the garden with us – we don’t mind

The human tea bag (you know who) then discovered the room they were in had no kettle, and this was after she took with her tea bags, sugar and milk. And guess what? The hotel did not provide kettles!! Oh no – DISASTER
Enter stage left Anne the hero of the hour who brought a kettle from home and peace across Holland reigned once more – although I think the human tea bag will now double check all future hotels for a kettle in the room – “you haven’t, oh, then I’m not booking with you then”

That night in the restaurant (looks nice and modern and fresh doesn’t it) the humans had the table booked for 6 with a couple of Barbets sneaked in under the table!!



Lovely meal, great company, good laugh and nice chatter – what more could you ask for?

And so to the Show ring……….


Two more sensible(ish) Barbet owners on the trip were Wendy and Julian. Wendy was taking things seriously and took to wearing her glasses while checking out the competition in the catalogue.



Julian and Martha, however were not taking things to seriously and got caught napping in the corner!!

Here is Selina showing Malou, Malou is Breea’s sister and by implication (I worked this out on my own by the way) I am her Dad!!


Malou went on to win the Junior Class – now what does that tell you about her Dad!! Huh, Huh, Huh……yeah you know don’t you!

And here is our own little Junior Superstar taking Bronze in the Junior Class – refer to the above reference as for whose The Daddy!!


And up next will Anne please bring forward Tux and Lotus who won the Brace class – a brace is two of by the way!! In case you didn’t know


Now young Tux went on to get second in the Dog Junior Class and peeps, guess who his Daddy is?

I am getting emotional now (ignore that, I’m not, I’m just being a drama queen for effect)

And next in the Claude Hall of Fame is Gys and Breea – now Gys was not entered into the show but is yet another of my flock…..I would be in tears now if I knew how to cry, and anyway showing emotion is a weakness and that’s for the Italians!!


And finally here we have Malou and Breea as a sort of partial family reunion for this shot. Ideal really as winners are grinners – are they grinning? Difficult to tell isn’t it


And so it came to pass that the show ended happily ever after and Breea has started her career and has a tough act to follow. What do you mean who? Me of course…….oh come on peeps, keep up!

Off to Calais for the train journey back to good old Wales via somewhere else. But before all of that the bad news?
Once in Calais the human contingent had arranged to meet an Italian Contact to bring into the UK, two Italian Spinone.
Their names are Urio and Oscar………that’s just ridiculous?

I won an Oscar for my show performance to become a French champion (have I told you about that)?

What have they won? OK, ok so they are only puppies. They were not impressed at being in the back of the car either. They either wanted to drive or sit on Annette’s lap – wimps.
And I know Breea was hardly impressed!!

You know how the Italians get under your skin and in your hair don’t you?
Well here is proof as Oscar gets in Annette’s hair – pathetic!


OK peeps that’s it for these non adventures I didn’t have!!

But I will update you on Breea’s, Anouk’s and of course my progress. With mine peeps – trust me, you will be the first to know.

Au revoir peeps

And take care out there?

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