Bonjour Peeps

And I hope all my fans are fantastique……..I am of course as you would expect

Your very own lump of gorgeousness continues to develop and mature in a childish kind of way.

And for these adventures we have two bits of fun to tell you about?? Well, to be honest one of them was fun for ME and not so much for ‘him’ who got told off for me getting clogged up with mud.

I couldn’t see the problem because you lot have mud baths and yet when I did I got told off, but not as much as ‘he’ did!!

My owners have spent ages talking (YAWN) about this thing called Fair Game Show which is an event somewhere else and we have to go in the Subaru to get there. Brilliant, I love travelling out as it means fun, fun, fun.

Now this event or whatever it is, is held at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire (it says here) and from the piccies I’ve seen it looks to be a bit of fun for a sweety pie like me.

I am after all, the frogs’ legs!!!

So let us start with this Fair Game thing……..

The Dearest One is whispering in my ear – hang on a minute………….

“Oh OK then so it’s not Fair Game peeps, sorry about the confusion – it is apparently called “

The CLA Game Fair
It’s at Ragley Hall Warwickshire
And is on from the 19th of July through to the 21st of July
(CLA – Country Land & Business Association)

Sacre Bleu peeps – can you believe the level of intelligence in one so young!! Yea ok so I copied that from The Dearest One…but now I know what I’m talking about I can tell all you peeps out there that Claude Barbet will be there for all 3 days!!!

Oh yes peeps you can come and meet me

Your Claude Barbet has a stand there in the show itself…….alright alright it’s not exactly my stand. But I will be there……..

Just imagine it peeps you will be allowed!!! To come and fuss me, give me treats and love and hug me. I will be signing autographs and you can have your photograph taken with me!!

How good is that peeps!!

“Oh come on Claude who’s stand are you on”??

Claude Barbet – THE Claude Barbet will be on (Drum roll)

The Barbet Club of Great Britain Stand

So peeps – now you have no excuse. Find me and hug and leave me a treat

And if you’re a Female French Barbet I will be especially nice to you….ooh la la………Brad Pitt – eat your heart out. You’ll stand no chance against the French Love machine!!

Right then – after that enormous EGO display we can move on to this……..

In the Garden

A couple of weeks ago The Dearest One’s other half had decided to dig a hole in the garden.

Now this was a big hole and I’ve no idea what he was doing so I just hung around – as you do, to see if there was any fun to be had.

There wasn’t and although he threatened me a few times and said things like

“If you don’t move you’ll be wearing this spade”

I just ignored him spades are just not fashionable are they?

And how do you wear a spade? Pathetic

“Oh come on, what can I do” “and anyway that’s not doing much is it”
“put your back into it”

Shortly after this I was threatened again!!

The hole opened up, filled with water and he found a newt or two in it the following morning.

Now this was fun because he couldn’t catch one of them and I thought to myself that this was a French newt. Devious, crafty, smart and underwater!!!

He moved the other one to the pond

And then somehow he emptied the hole and found the elusive newt and that too also went into the pond. Stupid newt – he would never have caught me if I was a newt

“Don’t go in there or I’ll turn you into newt” “you idiot”

And so I jumped in and got a little muddy getting out!!!

After he did some messing about in the hole with me removed he started to fill it back in again.


All that work to dig a hole to fill it again. The British, I never understand them

“I’ll just stamp this bit down for you”

“Newt alert” I’m sure that’s a newt” “are they black and have eight legs”

“Oh poo, it’s crawled onto my nose”

“Oi – human, do newts crawl onto your nose”?

“That’s that then” “So they don’t, and the creepy black thing has gone and so will I”

“Do you like my boots – they’re just like yours”!!!

He was at it for hours and by the time I got back to him he was still at it………Idiot

I’ve no idea what this was all about so I decided to give him some motivation to get him to finish and throw the ball or do something that I was interested in.

“Come on come on” “put some effort into it” “you’re nearly there”

It then got a little bit silly as I was threatened again!!!

It all started with the fact I was “Getting under his legs” and words to that effect!!

Then it went to – “if you don’t move I will bury you in that hole”

Typical isn’t it, I try to help and the idiot can’t even see that I’m still behind him. And that spade of dirt?

It just missed me peeps and I was far from impressed!!

You can see the smug look on my face – er…… face is on the right hand side by the way!!

Do you like my boots?? The Dearest One didn’t and I was showered when I went in!! And it was ALL his fault…………Grrrrrr

I will NOT under any circumstances be at The Game Fair wearing a spade nor my new boots!!

Take care out there peeps

Au revoir


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