Bonjour peeps ‘ello ‘ello ‘ello

I’m Claude THE French Barbet new to the Awelymor crowd of delinquents…………..and then- there’s The Spins and The Springers and The Viz.

I officially joined them all on the 13th of May 2012 after a rather nice ride in the Au Landee from my birthplace in the South of Eengland. Of course as you can imagine my Eengleesh is a little rusty at the moment, but as time goes by I am confident it will improve…if I want it to!!!

Anyway, I had a few Au revoirs to say as I left the sanctity of my birthplace and the insanity of my brothers and sisters, you would think they would be sorry to see me go, but oh no not them, instead my brother got me on the floor and tickled me almost to oblivion.


I thought I would miss them when we left but as I settled into the Landy I felt this was a good move. The French thing might be a problem in Wales though, after all I can’t even Bark in French properly let alone English, so Barking in Welsh………well I thought about two kinds of hope – Bob and none!!!

Here’s little sweet, handsome me about to settle down in Chez Landy for a few hours……

But the Landy was nice and the run back home was fun, at the services we made a stop for the Dearest One’s tea and my chicken wing lunch when some not so bright and not so subtle idiot asked The Dearest One if I was a Labradoodle puppy!! Sacra bleu……..!!!!!!


From my still maturing instinct I recognised De ja vue from the Dearest One who was bordering on being polite. I was impressed…….but the drive out of the service area was terrible and very bumpy, and I thought how much the shape of their car had changed after the Landy had climbed up over it and away back onto the Motorway. If I hadn’t fallen asleep, I would have had a good laugh. But that was to come!!

And for the rest of the journey to my new home it was all rather uneventful…..

By the time I woke up from my nap I felt the Landy stopping and recognised the dulcid tones of some dogs barking, it was obvious from the noise there was a variety of dogs and in a very short time I would be introduced to them. Nerves started to set in and I got a little apprehensive as we drove on through the gate and up around to the house. Quite natural of course, but the problem was that I couldn’t see a thing being small. But of course being small would not last for long!!

And so here we are gite sweet gite!! And oh my God – “Où sont les toilettes” (where’s the toilet)?

The back door of the Landy opened and………Wow

This was going to be one hell of a playground by the looks of it and it will take me a long time to investigate this lot. I noted lots of smells and scents I recognised. It’s a doggy thing you know, you wouldn’t understand………..after all, you lot spend a fortune on scents and perfumes and after shave, and still don’t smell like we do!! Or do you??

I was helped out of the Landy and left to do my own thing, you know what I mean, 10 minutes of privacy for P and P…….that’s like R and R but with a bye product. Anyway, once I had been on sniff-about it was only right and proper that after the barking I had heard as we drove up into the yard I was officially introduced to the ‘gang’………

First I met Max, The English Springer and this was a sort of the old with the new………But he’s a lovely old boy and I suspect he’s been there and done it and is now thoroughly enjoying his retirement. He was worn out after 23 seconds with me and chose to sit it out and so I went over and just stood quietly by him before chaos rolled through the gate – or should I say a lot of chaosessess…….is that a word?


This was now going to be very interesting indeed?

My Eengleesh not so good and my Italian not at all…….and here they come – The Spins

Oh God and they’re so big……Eeeek

I felt like I was to be their next meal!!

And so it went on and on and on……….I met The Viz, another old boy with a track record. He was nice and not too big either!! But having said that neither were the Springers. I then met Max the Springer which is a ridiculous situation? Two Springers both called Max!! This one was as mad as a hatter………young and utterly crazy. Damned good fun though……..

Then I met Freya – now she’s going to be a laugh and her buddy Unica……instinct tells me that Unica could teach me a thing or two about tracking. Well that’s how it sounded to me anyway

And then when I thought it was safe and everyone had been introduced to me, Unica came back to double check on the world’s first four legged snail…..the idiot

Unica is of course Italian – whilst I am of course French, communication was therefore a little tricky to say the least.


A bit later on I noticed Freya on the other side of the gate and as I noticed earlier she was going to be a laugh. She had been in the pond and I couldn’t help but notice that she was wet around the feet, I felt an affinity with water but had no idea why, I looked at the gate and realised there was no way over it, I certainly couldn’t open it!! So by my amazing powers of deduction I thought going underneath it would get me to the other side and my new mate would no doubt lead me into trouble………..

And so with a little ‘encouragement’ I was under and out……and straight into trouble??

The Dearest One was there!!!!! oh oh………



And that was it for the first day………I had had a look around, met most of the Spins but the one who was always lurking in the shadows and there as my guardian?? JJ – good man, and an even better dog guard…….he looks after me and JJ is an easy name to remember. Pity about his nationality though!!!!!

Well that’s it for Claude’s first BIG adventure and boy it really was as well………some munchies and another outside moment for P and P and for me that was it??

Can’t remember a thing until the next morning…………



And for this week and from a very tired Claude its Au revoir peeps and see you all soon……….

BUT – Claude will return with his own adventures…..bit like Tin Tin and Snowy – but this is The Dearest One and Claude!!!!
He will have his own adventure series on a regular basis – so keep an eye out on the website for the next one……..

You’ve seen the Pink Panther, The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Green Hornet, Spiderman, Batman, The Penguin, The Joker, and Ladies and Gentlemen……………..The world now has a new Super Hero or……….. Villain!!!


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