The Event
The 2013 CLA Game Fair

The Place
Ragley Hall, Alcester, Warks

The Date
18th - 21st of July 2013

The Cast
The Dearest One – as herself (sort of)
Him – The Weird one
Anouk – Another fabulous Frenchy (but not as fabulous as me) yet!!
Subaru – A car
Tent – A camping thing
Annette – Odd small one
Ebene – Another fabulous Frenchy thing (my Mom actually) Vive le France
Others – With Fabulous French things
Wendy – CEO of The Barbet Club of Great Britain
Julian – Not the CEO of anything really (but drove a cool V dub thing that melted the petrol)!!!
Melanie – Played the nice person in the movie
Graham – Tent development and construction expert
Lorraine – Potentially Business woman of the year
David – Drove the jolly big camper van thing – Winnie’s Tabago…sounds like a bar in Jamaica

Special Guest Appearances
The early morning Peacock – Grrrrr……….

The odd couple that live next door to us – HIM!!! The mole catcher!! And his trusty sick one – no sorry that should read side kick……..oops

Toilets – supplied by Groan moan dump & smells of Cesspoolshire
Showers – by maybe & maybe not Ltd (water)

Special Thanks To
Wendy for the organisation
Annette for putting up with us after the show at her emporium down south somewhere
Graham for the Tent Construction
Julian for providing advice on petrol melting in V Dubs
Everybody else who took time out to help on the stand, help show the breed to the wider world and of course to make the whole event such a success

We salute you all

A cast of tens of thousands of bipeds

“Quiet on set”……….”Thank you”………..


Bonjours Peeps

ME again, CB

I have just been to the CLA Game Fair and spent 4 days there including 3 days being presented to tens of thousands of my adoring fans. It was like a 1960s Woodstock festival but with no rock bands, no music in fact, no ***, no drugs and definitely no rock and roll. What is rock and roll anyway?

Do dogs do rock and roll?

Anyway it could have been a Glastonbury festival? But it most certainly wasn’t?

You see this Game Fair had no rain, no mud, no stuck humans or cars and none of the above either!! So what was the point?

Well peeps I will tell you……..

The Game Fair is all about the celebration of your fair land and its countryside pursuits and historical handi-crafts, it’s also all about fishing, shooting and guns and clothes and stuff, there are 4 X 4 cars, food stands and so much more.

And there are millions of us lot (Canines)

There are gun dog scurries of all shapes and sizes, training techniques and achievements (or not) there are all sorts of doggy stands and show rings and main ring and and and!!!!

There’s hundreds of trade stands on just about everything countryside, I even saw some straw bales, and fences and a horse….so it’s definitely countryside

Then there was the Sporting Dogs Pavilion – and that’s where Anouk and I were for the 3 days. And when we weren’t we were being shown off in one of the arenas so that we could introduce ourselves to the big wide world. I loved it

Millions surrounded the arena just to see me

And about 30+ other breeds!!

Oh well……

None of them were as French and Gorgeous as me (well OK then, some were French but certainly not gorgeous)

Anouk, just being the puppy was not alone as there was another puppy there as well. But we did well considering the weather (very hot) and all the noise and the people.

But ALL us Barbets were just typically brilliant

In the Sporting Pavilion we had our very own Barbet Club of Great Britain stand and we took turns at being shown off there.

We had many visitors and nearly all of them had never heard of us!!!

For God’s sake what’s my Manager doing??? We’re supposed to be promoted and famous and star struck……

But here we were, promoting the breed and introducing us all to an audience that will hopefully remember us and buy our CDs and records and see us in our films and DVDs – or not

We had a really good time though and it was nice to say Bonjours to so many people. To be honest with you, my paws ached at the end of the day from signing so many autographs, and the photo’s they took of me – good grief peeps they must have taken at least 11…….

And so to the start of it all………set up camp!!! (Thanks Graham, I didn’t fancy sleeping ‘au naturel’ outside)

Early morning breakfast was supplied by Annette and cooked by the weird one and attracted an admirer, not of him but the bacon sandwich with eggs and sausage……my mum Ebene got there first then a queue started….

By the way, that bloody Peacock was somewhere in the wood behind us and if I could have got my paws on it I would have looked like a show girl afterwards with all those feathers!!!!!

Anyway, here is the classic modern shot of the CEO of the BCGB in Glastonbury mode and of course the V dub petrol melter circa 19th Century (an antiques road show special)!!!

And of course more of our wonderful breed – Vive Le France

Then of course I had to have this taken of myself and Anouk along with Ebene (my mom) and ruining the photo altogether is my trainer, coach, Manager and feed us specialist The Dearest One along with her trusty sidekick, Odd small one…..AKA Annette

In the background was one of the many tin top parks where bipeds by the thousand filled them up from around 6am and left around 8pm every day for the 3 days the show was on…..WOW

Oh God I am simply gorgeous…..I even fancy myself!!

And now that I’ve given you a general idea of life on the campsite, let’s go down into the show itself and have a look at what we were there for………this was a real laugh…..I loved this

We all took our turns at being the show presenters from our BCGB stand in the Sporting Dogs Pavilion. This was so we could all get the chance over the three days to go on walkabout and have a look around at all the other stands and events that were happening at the show. And there was so much of it to see, if any of you missed this year’s Game Fair then why not come next year and see us.

Next year’s CLA Game Fair is at Blenheim Palace………the birthplace of Winston Churchill who was as I understand it, quite famous!!

But a really beautiful setting and around the same dates as this Game Fair. Book early to avoid any disappoint of not being able to see me!!

Julian, Graham and Melanie entertain mass crowds who flocked to see us Barbets……….Note that Julian is holding one of us so we can whisper sweet nothings in French to the audience

Sometimes of course things got serious and here we see Julian explaining the meaning of life the universe and everything to someone who was actually interested!!

I think he may have also been explaining the virtues of how wonderful we Barbets are and our fantastic history and that there are only around 53 of us registered in the UK and only 1500 ish in the world……..we are more precious than a precious thing that’s rare

I broke wind and pooped when I heard we’re entitled to be on the endangered species list!!

Not to worry peeps…..I will just have to breed more

Where’s the girls……………..!!!!!

Sorry I digressed slightly………..pssst, but where are the girls?

The Dearest One takes to the stage and entertains a man with a growth around his face and two sets of glasses, one he can see through and one his hat can see through – how odd

Then it was the turn of the strange small odd one……

Looks like a Glastonbury left over…….dude

Then suddenly realising she was being filmed there was a moment of sheer exuberance and excitement

Or not………

Then The weird one got involved and this little exercise he did with Anouk proved very popular because everyone loves the puppy dog and Anouk being French, Gorgeous (but not as gorgeous as me) and cute got many fans adoring her and giving her loads of fuss.

But I reckon he had another agenda!!!!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all………
No it’s not the idiot in the blue stripes. He’s about as fashionable as a drain cover

Here he is again, can’t believe they let him on the Stand!!!

What did we hear this time from his entertaining rhetoric!!!

“Barbets…….buy one get one free” or

“Perhaps Madame would like French with her fries” or even

“Madame……it’s French, it’s a water dog, it doesn’t lose its hair, it doesn’t smell all doggy it’s rarer than a Giant Panda, comes in Noir, Au shocalate, brown and white (ME) but we don’t have any metallic colours – yet”
“And because of its coat, it can potentially reduce allergies because it does not malt” – ‘so there’

Then there was this………..

There wasn’t room to write “And small odd thing STILL sat in the corner…..dude”

Have you noticed she is still clinging on to that cup?? I wonder what was in it!!!! It went everywhere with her………how odd!!!!

After a while it got to some of our members, the crowds, the pen time, the talking and walking and one of them (It was Julian)!! Had to use his dog as a ‘watch out’ whilst he hid away to get some time on his own. But I was there to capture the moment and I hope it doesn’t get him into any trouble, and even if it does, I don’t care. I’m a rare endangered species and can’t be touched!! HA!!!

“Monsieur Julian, I see bandits at 2 O’clock” “stay down until they pass”

What was he thinking? Oh Sacre Bleu

And then peeps it was SHOW TIME in the sporting dogs arena where to a packed capacity audience we were to be paraded around so we could all strut our stuff……..sadly we had our owners with us and they let us down a bit, because they can’t strut, are not gorgeous and certainly not French…….oh well, ce la vie!!

‘Walking the dog’…………..great Roger Daltrey song by the way!!

“It’s a French thing”!!!

The commentator is in the green shirt in the middle and is explaining to the packed capacity audience all about us lot and how amazing and wonderful we are

Just look at this……..

A pack of Barbets and some others!!!

Just look at the style – WE are style icons

The others are just Emoticons by comparison

Then disaster!!!

It’s all too much for Julian as he twists his back and a nerve goes in his right arm, small odd one looks over to laugh, sorry, give some sympathy, The BCGB CEO on Julian’s left couldn’t care less and Graham in the blue striped shirt is thinking about quantum physics – how odd

Julian quickly recovers but still has a nerve issue with his fingers, Annette is clearly pleased with Julian’s progress whilst The Dearest One looks like she is about to tell the paparazzi to go away!!! Lorraine is in the red shirt with the Banditos hat and pink shoes, clearly a fashion icon as all these business women tend to be (note the red lead as well) very je ne se quoi!!!

And later on it was time for the group photo……..

‘The Campers’

From left to right:
Lorraine (Business Woman of the Year contender and fashion icon)
Julian (now out in the open from behind the bales and not so twisted)
Graham (Tent Development Engineer and all round good guy)
Wendy (CEO of the BCGB and a good egg)
Annette (Small strange thing, but a good laugh)
The Dearest One (my boss and another good egg, it says here – in bold capitals)!!

Not in the Group photo:
David (Winnies Tabago driver)
Melanie (nice, quiet and sensible – it also says here)
The Weird One (Fresh from a desert trip in the middle of nowhere and still got sand in his brain cell – and still weird)

And of course all us Barbets……..this would have been nothing without us!!
Claude, Eton, Rugby, Duplo, Obi, Ebene, Martha, Hallie, Hope, Anouk, Esme & Demi

Well peeps, that’s it from me at this year’s CLA Game Fair, Anouk and I had a really great time and it was terrific meeting and greeting all our fans.

We hope to be back next year at Blenheim Palace for the 2014 CLA Game Fair and all being well we will be there to see you all again. If you couldn’t make it this time then start planning for next year, WHY?

Because we’ll be back – BIGGER AND BETTER and with more to show off about……….

This is Claude Barbet for BCGB News signing off………

Au revoir peeps and see you next year……….

“Wow – this is like a Lord of The Rings trilogy” “I can’t wait for the next installment”

‘And CUT’ ‘Thanks everyone, that’s a wrap’


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