Bonjours peeps, here we are again

Rain Rain Rain Rain and then it rained some more

Then what did the weather forecast say? RAIN……….

But did it stop the Dearest One and my training – YES, of course it did. Even I was fed up with it, it just never stops.

But it didn’t stop the training full time, we had to carefully tread between the rain drops so as not to upset the sun when it came out or stopped raining at some point in the day. But oh what a mess there is with it being so wet.

You know what’s worse?

ME…….Claudy poo’s

I get bored and end up climbing the walls waiting to go outside and train. Now don’t get me wrong, because I’m far from perfect but I do need to keep myself busy and my mind occupied.

But once it had stopped raining:

SIT… I sit
STAY……..and I do, mostly
HEAL….and I do, nearly almost

I get sent out to retrieve the dummy and on the way back in I have to stop and sit. Now this has taken some getting used to and I’m not always perfect and don’t always stop at the point I’m supposed to, but I am getting better and betterer at it. As I heard the boss say the other day “he’s getting the hang of it – slowly”

What does slowly mean?

I know there’s a reason for it all and I know the basics have to be second nature, but at the moment I have other things on my mind. BITCHES ON HEAT!!!

Now whilst I know I should be doing something, I don’t know what it is yet. My body appears to have a mind of its own and my brain says training, my young body says strengthen those hips and rear legs, my brain says fetch the dummy.

I’ve got another problem??

My brain and body are in a state of massive confusion?

What is wrong with me, I’ve got half my head trying to get the girls and the other half fetching the dummy.

Come on boys, help me out here……..what’s wrong with this picture?

The girls are on heat, well a couple of them anyway, but my body is springing into action at the birds in the garden, the wheelbarrow, the cat (I’ve only tried that once)!!! The mole hunter next door, The Dearest One (I’ve only tried that once as well)!!! And of course my mate (metaphorically) JJ

Now JJ has been very good about it to be honest?

He’s a BIG dog and therefore my body has struggled to say the least. But I’m learning and JJ is teaching me? The hard way (if you know what I mean)!!

When I leave him alone he then thinks I’m on heat and tries the same thing on me!!!!!!

So I think I’ve got it now??

Me thinks it is the females that my body is after and not after all that effort – JJ…………or Rico or the Springer if I could catch him. He’s a coward or sensible not sure which.

So training in the ways of life as well as fetching that dummy

So here’s some advice to all the young Barbet dogs out there:

1. Don’t try it on the farm cat

2. Don’t try it on your owner

3. Don’t try it on another dog – even if it’s a Poodle after a serious grooming and got perfume on

4. Don’t try it on the mole hunter next door, he’s a nutter and you’re hormonally challenged

5. Never try it on with a dog that’s twice your size – JJ is a real burden when he’s on your back

6. Do not try it on a Springer, they are very fast and by the time I had caught up with him I was too tired and had forgot what I wanted him for anyway

So let’s summarise:

Apparently it’s for the females only – now where’s that dummy?

I’ve learned something else as well??


If I’m not out and about I’m hyper active and therefore need to be stimulated – no no non – not like the above but mentally with the thinking gundog brain in place.

I love being outside but the weather has really caused issues. However, when I do go out I then tend to burn off all that excess energy and enjoy the moments. Then I sleep ZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

For example I am now being taught not to assume the dummy is going to be thrown to the front of the Dearest One. She is getting good at this training thing and now I am learning to find the dummy when she throws it behind her, or to the side, right and left. Now this is for the thinking Barbet…..ME.

I have to watch carefully where she throws the thing and best of all she throws it ‘sometimes’ into the pond for me to find and retrieve. Now that bit I really enjoy and I have to admit that sometimes I leap into the pond even when she’s not thrown it in there!!! oh what fun…….
The Dearest One doesn’t think so of course but I love it

When I first started School there was a few of us and my one worrying competitor was that Springer – remember him?

Well I’ve not seen him for ages and ages and now I’m told he’s quit school. Not sure why or what for but unfortunately he’s not there anymore.

The other are, especially the chocolate retriever, not bad that one and like me is young and at times foolish. But nevertheless we are learning

Our School has been shut for a couple of weeks because where we go the river has flooded and the fields around it are now just a big pond. A very big pond!!!

But the garden is good and so is the ménage and has managed to stay flood free, lots of water but not flooded.

I nearly forgot to tell you?

I’m now using the bigger heavy dummy to retrieve which is much better now that I’ve grown up and I like this one, I can grab it more easily and it’s a challenge to get back to the boss especially if she’s thrown it in the undergrowth – which she tends to do as she has no sense of direction!!!
I’m glad she hasn’t got a gun!!!

Well this weather can’t last forever (can it)? Even if it is does I don’t care because come rain, hail or shine I will be out there developing my skills and continuing with the good work we’ve done together.

So to end this little school memoir – I leave you with one final lesson??

And this is for all my Barbet dog buddies out there. I never mentioned this above but when you do finally get the female on heat, check she likes you first?? Then check it’s not of Italian extraction?

Neither of these counted for Claude at the time? The Italian chewed my ear having spun round and nipped me first!! WOW – those Italian girls sure are sensitive.

I’ve told JJ they love him and that he should be the one to try his luck, or maybe he has tried his luck and that is why he fancies me!!??

More lessons learned for Claude – although thinking about it? I’m shocked that THE French gorgeousness has been rejected!!!

Que Cera

And that’s it for this time out. Stay dry, stay warm and stay safe

And stay away from females on heat that don’t like you trying it on!!!!!!

Où revoir peeps

PS: And what is snow?? I’m told it’s coming soon – can I eat it or do I mate with it??


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