Bonjours peeps

I LOVE High School

No seriously, I really do. Over the past few weeks I have learned a rather amazing new lesson and now I can’t stop doing it??

The Barbet – Claude Barbet jumps!!

The French leaper of gates and whatever other obstacles are in front of him is now leaping all over the place. Oh yes I’m out-leaping Kangaroo’s and if I knew what a Kangaroo was I just know I would out jump one

This is so cool……..Claude is enthusiastic about his new trick!!!

Claude is so thrilled I have even developed a new style for my new trick. It is trend setting and ALL Barbets should look like this – BUT only if you can jump up, jump, get up and jump around….jump around

THE Barbet is the coolest……….

So how has this level of excitement been reached??

Well peeps lets go back a couple of weeks………..

We were in the woods at our house (our house)!!! When I lost The Dearest One – Aarrgghhhh

Where is she?

I sniffed around, sniffed around, jumped up, jumped up and sniffed around, then suddenly I spotted her on the other side of the gate. Oh oh – now what do I do?? Can’t get round it, can’t go through it and I certainly can’t jump it.

She tried hard to encourage me to leap the gate – NO CHANCE

Later during that weekends training with my tutor and with The Dearest One out on the training grounds I was asked to jump a gate, and a fence. I did neither and tried every which way but loose to find a way through the hedge, brush, brambles and all for nothing. I despaired at my plight!! Not

I knew she would open the gate and or lift me over. And she did…….my tutor smiled one of those smiles that actually said “we are not amused”!!

Apart from that everything else went quite well. But I couldn’t help but think it was not going to end there. It didn’t

It snowed.

A lot

School was cancelled that week and instead the ménage changed. It changed into a show jumping arena – for the Barbet!!

And so for days on end I jumped embarrassingly low high jumps – or so I thought?

The Devious one was making them higher and higher without me noticing. Where before I could crawl under the jumps and then walk under them I suddenly realised I was jumping them.

And for the weeks that followed I was in that ménage jumping fences, low ones, high ones and some that were impossible. Until I jumped them as well!!!

If I’d have had one more day in there I would have flown out across the valley because I had got to the stage of growing wings I spent so much time in the air.

A flying Barbet, now there’s a thought

I wonder how far it is to Paris as the crow flies?? OK then – as the Barbet flies

The amazing Claude Barbet set for take off

Cleared that with ease and a clear round with no penalties

Wait a minute – I hadn’t noticed that before?

Are those fledgling wings I see sprouting from my head?

At this rate I’ll be retrieving game at 300 feet – “Roger that Houston”

Or not!!

You know, when I’m jogging around the ménage to come back to jumping the fences and me flying over them, I sing a little tune to myself that always adds to my motivation. Perhaps you could think about teaching your Barbet the words to my flying song when you’re out and about exercising you Barbet.

And it goes something like this……………

“If I had the wings of a Sparrow”
“If I had the bum of a Crow”
“I’d fly over the fields tomorrow”
“And poo on the Spins below”

It has a little jen’ai C’est quoi to it don’t you agree…..

Of course you can change ‘fields’ to perhaps garden or park……..but if you’re out in the park make sure you hit the Spins? After all, you don’t want angry parents after you do you!!!!

If enough Barbets out there learn this I thought we could get together and form a band to perform it live at the next Barbet weekend

I already have a name for us (Oh no)

‘Claude Barbet and the Flying Howlers’

And safely down with a gentle landing………..”Gimme the treats woman”

After the snow disappeared or whatever snow does we headed back to the training ground where my lessons commenced??

And this was going to be some lesson!!

“Fascinating Claude” “No really, it is, so tell us what happened”

OK peeps I will

Here goes. Firstly, I now walk to heel nearly all the time, it is now becoming second nature which is the way it is supposed to be. But I can see the benefits as it’s much easier to get the treats!! “Am I allowed to say that”? “Ooops”

And so to School

I had to retrieve in the woodland area which is great fun because all sorts of wild boar and deer and brown bears are in these woods so a retrieve is pretty damned dangerous (He’s useless at exaggeration)!!! But the smells and scents are a distraction, so on the first attempt I missed the dummy altogether and wandered aimlessly about smelling where the bears were!!

And that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it

Once I had scented everywhere(ish) I was sent out again to retrieve and this time there was no messing about and it was easy. I had to find the damned thing, but got a little treat because it was a good call back – with the dummy

Then came the starting pistol retrieve which is where the pistol is fired and at the same time the dummy is launched into the abyss…….this was easy.

I just watched where it was going and when told, Zoooom…….I was off and running and got to the dummy, picked up, and a perfect retrieve.

I loved this one

Bang – zoom – pick up – take to The Dearest One and liver cake!!!

Piece of cake really!!

Then horror of horrors!!!!

THE Fence.

I remembered this last time and there was no way I was going to be embarrassed a second time.

It looked awesome compared to my jumps in the ménage but with some encouragement and gentle persuasion – I jumped it


And two pieces of liver cake for that one jump – so I went back. But then I didn’t, as I was called to heel. Damn

Lesson over and smug does not do this justice!!

On the way back home in the home car I said to The Dearest One

“My coat is carrying too much drag and I’m not smooth enough in the air”

“It’s holding me down and I need less weight”

“OK” she said “When we get back I’ll have a look and get you on the table tomorrow for a real cut back”

“When I’ve finished with you you’ll float with attitude”

And the following day true to her word I was given a serious clipping. But this was going to make me look like a real star…….a super star no less

Remember those Ninja Barbet?? All in black and menacing in look

They are nothing compared to me now…………

“Madame et Monsieur”

“Star of countless photo’s, he has his own website (sort of) is the Star of Claude’s Adventures”

“And here he is” (drum role)


No no no……..!!!! Don’t cheer and applaud too much, his ego is big enough and we have to live with him!!!!!


Shaun Claude will be back……………. ‘Barbet of Fury’

Au revoir peeps


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