Bonjours peeps

Bonjours to one and all and what a hectic period it’s been, I’ve just been so busy with the kind of schedule that only stardom brings. You know what it’s like?? Press conferences, Radio interviews and TV appearances are all the things I’ve not done!!! But just for a second I bet you were thinking WOW…….what a star, what a hero……….what a guy!!

Or maybe you weren’t

So what have I been up to??

Well apart from the parties and the visits and the general having real summertime fun in the sun!! I dug a hole to show up Rico, I took a plastic milk container off Freya…..because I could, and I have found a way of avoiding the Dearest one?

But my pride and joy? Well peeps I will tell you. Remember the Basket I made last time out?

Well during some minor interruption when it rained a little!! I have made a new one. The however was that my over enthusiastic ego got in the way and I made it too big and now struggle to get my toys out of it………damn and blast.

Oh and by the way? Don’t think for a second that all this activity has in any way affected my gorgeous looks or the fact I’m French. I just felt you might have needed reminding

This is Duncan (He’s the Spin) Mini Max with the toy in his mouth (He’s a Springer) and in the background and not wanting to steal the limelight is yours truly – Me, Claude (I’m French, Gorgeous and a Barbet you know)

We WERE having fun until the Boss called us in………Sometimes, just sometimes

The good, the bad and the ugly……come on….you know the tune!!

Later on when we were all out I got the plastic milk container off Freya in a classic display of cunning and poise. I even surprised myself at just how brilliant I am and how easy it was to extract said article from the Italian…….she is such a pushover

And now for the truth!!!!!

Freya had the container originally and came out of the house with it, I, being me, wanted it. So I duly proceeded to simply take it from her. However, the Italian did not want to give it up and so I deployed devious method number 7?? Just go up and snatch it from her and run like hell…..

Most unusually for me I failed. Sacre bleu, did I just say that?

It was then the selfish “It’s mine Frenchy, get your own” came into her own and showed her true colours – and we’re not talking brown here either?

So peeps, we are now dealing with a female Mafioso of the canine variety. I don’t care what she’s won and how good she is being trained as a gun dog like me, this means now that we are at war. And this pup ain’t for losing……..time will tell and I must be patient. Now where’ve I heard that before??

And so with little option I had 5 minutes with the container and just when I was about to give it back to her…………..JJ came along and took it off me, because he’s a BIG dog and he could. Well that’s what I told the Italiano anyway……..

But for 5 minutes it was bliss!!

Rico was out with us – digging.

And anything he can do I can do better. Oh this is so embarrassing?

First there was that Italiano with the container blackmail moment and now that Viz and his digging……

I went to join him after JJ stole my container. The big Bully, and he’s also Italian and half the time reckons He’s The Don……..dumb more like (I hope he doesn’t read this or I’m going to have to run my legs off and I’ve only just got them)!!

The digging, yes I remember – don’t remind me – more embarrassment

Taking on Rico at Digging is like taking on JJ for the container, there was ever only going to be one winner and believe it or not peeps – it wasn’t going to be me. That weird dog could dig for the Hungarian Olympic digging team and take gold….see what I mean?

And the Gold medal for digging goes to………..Hungary

…..And the ‘didn’t quite qualify for the Olympic team’ was this pitiful effort by France!!

My digging days are over peeps, and this adventure is turning out to be a bit of a disaster and trust me, I don’t do disasters (that often)

And now for the good news!!

Remember that basket I made a few weeks ago? Well peeps I’ve made another one!!

The only problem was that I got carried away and it’s turned out to be a little too big and now I struggle to get my toys out of it. I fell into the damned thing last week looking for something or other and made a fool of myself in front of a couple of the Italians. Silly Claude………

And here’s one I made earlier…….no just joking – this is the basket as work in progress!!

This is the finished basket with Claude in progress, it was shortly after this I fell in!!!

And when you’ve finished laughing just remember those Italians were puppies once!!

Now you see me, now you don’t - I have new weapons against the Dearest One?

Through an astounding moment of sheer bravery I discovered that if I get into the really long grass around the woods and the edge of the field then ‘She’ can’t see me!!!

So we end up playing hide and seek. I hide ‘She’ seeks and I go on to cheat!!

Cheat, Claude – ‘never’, I hear you say?

Well ok it’s not so much cheating as it is just not being discovered because I can move about in the undergrowth without being seen, so where ‘She’ thinks I am – I’m not

How annoying is that?

It all started one day when a couple of the Italian mobsters were in the woods, up to no good no doubt. The Dearest One set out to find them and I went along for the laugh – or so I thought.

Whilst the biped with its legs a little longer than mine went through all this long grass I got left behind and not wanting to risk my damned good looks and ending up having a bad hair day I stayed back a little…..OK OK – a lot

She was leaving me behind…….sad moment……ish

It looked to me like a task too far, but not wanting to let the French side down I grabbed a bucketful of adrenalin, heaps of courage and went for it…

Piece of cake…..

Or I poo’d, not sure which now

But onwards and…….onwards I went and you know what?? It was then I discovered that ’She’ couldn’t see me after a while, so as my courage grew and I ventured into the unknown – I also discovered I was lost!! Music moment here I think……(or was that my bum again)

Eventually, having broken up the Italians nesting in the woods ‘She’ turned her attention to me!!
And couldn’t see me – hahahaha……..nur nur nee nur nur (I can be childish because I still am)

So there!!

Classic Claude in full camouflage gear!

Come on admit it?? You struggled for a moment to spot me didn’t you?

I was thinking of running a competition you know “Spot Claude” - and I was going to give away my basket as the prize.

BUT………my basket took me hours to make and as it’s mine why the hell would I want to give it away. And I also felt the competition was a little too difficult for you as I am very hard to see.

You would have been looking for hours………

It’s a French thing – and you still wouldn’t understand

Well peeps that’s it for these adventures, I’m resting and reducing the adrenalin rush and letting the courage dilute.

I’m putting right my bad hair day as long grass, deep undergrowth and getting lost did nothing for my looks.

Au revoir for now – and watch out?? I could creep up on you and you’d never see me – BOO!

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