Bonjours Peeps

Well well well……….who would have believed it??

The School cap tossed aside, a change in uniform and I have passed my grades to be moved up into the High School.

Now before I go any further peeps I would strongly suggest you have a quick peek on my Achievements Page?? And yes there it is – my diploma from my Primary School.

Oh come on – what did you expect?? Failure is not an option and there is no way I’m giving up on what is becoming more and more a thoroughly enjoyable and natural thing for me to do.

When I’ve finished school I of course want to go out to work and earn my keep and contribute to the household…….well peeps, does that ring a bell anywhere? Apart from the school playground!!!

It says on the tin that I am a gun dog – ergo, I will be a gun dog and I’m working hard to get there. My tutor, my owner and my co-writer!!! All agree that I am destined!!

And so, just to remind you all:

I am French, gorgeous and of course now a mature (ish) dog who quite naturally has succeeded in Primary School and has a top place in a top class High School. And what’s the school called??

Just for your reference its Eaten and Marrow!!!

There I’ve said it – bit snobbish but so what, being splendid and slightly arrogant it suits me!!

Obviously moving schools as we have done means learning new skills and I am being trained almost daily now. Weather permitting!!!

We have the same fine tutor but at a different location and this is far more fun?

- There is a dummy launcher, no no no you idiots…..oh sacre bleu peeps it doesn’t rocket The
Dearest One out into space, it’s for ‘throwing’ the dummy at a distance far away from us. Oh
good grief peeps what were you thinking? Dummy launcher indeed – shame on you!!!!!

This launcher makes a loud bang when it is fired…….me thinks we’re getting ready for gun shots going off?? As long as it’s not at me I couldn’t really careless and I’m not at all bothered by it

There is an extensive woodland area where there are many new smells and very distracting for
us dogs. But we must learn not to be distracted – to be distracted or not to be distracted – that is the question, is it not. And where’s the plot gone now??

But best of all is the small little shed where we get our treats after school, I love that shed!!!!!
Anyway, on top of all this I get to go out and train now on the beach. Apparently with all the ‘tourists’ gone I can now go and have fun……whilst learning.

Ideal compromise

I met some of those tourists you know……you may wish to read about that particular disaster in my adventures – or not. It s up to you – my excuse is that I was still a puppy

I’m sticking to that excuse

And so to the beach:

Today’s lesson was – Fetch the plastic duck (for now a plastic duck) from the sea. In the future of course this duck could be made of porcelain or a light alloy? Or even, it might actually have feathers on it!! Am I allowed to say that??

I loved this beach session………here’s a few of the highlights:

Sorry, wrong picture – this was me AFTER the session. I’m Zonked, plum tuckered out, tired and still a bit ‘damp’. Pooped and words to that effect. Or if you like I had a damned good run out………

Now where was I – oh yes and the day started like this:

Firstly test the water and have a really good blast around in it. Yea I know?? I look like a million dollar speed boat coming into St.Tropez Marina…..oh god I look good…even wet I’m gorgeous

Then there was this bit of confusion…..???

I didn’t start the session too well to be honest?? There was this White Fronted grey lesser spotted Woodpecker on a piece of driftwood and it looked in distress and I simply wanted to help. I naturally (as you do) picked it up and it went all stiff. I think The Dearest One said it was Rigor Mortis. I wanted to ask her how she knew its name but thought better of it…….leave her alone to mourn the loss of her friend.

Shortly afterwards we were out again on the retrieve……this time for a duck. OK the plastic duck….


Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha – oh how he laughed………jokes on you. I was joking about the tsunami, don’t worry I’m fine!!!! I saw weed and retrieved seaweed and don’t you dare suggest I weed in the sea……you lot might but I’m bourgeois you know and we don’t do that sort of thing – in the sea.

Although I did poo on the beach, but The Dearest One retrieved that. Hey and you know she keeps them in a plastic bag – very odd hobby that?? Curiouser and Curiouser……

Yes OK I’ve digressed……and now for some plastic duck retrieval (Oh at last)

Oh this is too easy, I’ll wait here and let it come to me on the tide, this is no challenge

I got bored so got it myself

I’m so natural looking aren’t I?? God I’m gorgeous…..

Arrrr me hearties… impression of a pirate, in a shaggy wet coat carrying a plastic duck…..forget it then. Thought you would have seen that, do I have to explain everything to you?? Pathetic……..

Yes I know?? Another Claude shot of him fetching the plastic fantastic thing again, by now peeps I was getting fed up with the two whistles for come back, one whistle for sit. It was my turn next?? I wanted to play motor boats again and launch with haste from St. Tropez Marina

And so I did!!!!!

That’s it peeps and hope you learned something, I did, I am and I’m having a terrific time with it as well.

BRING IT ON……….The Barbet wants more of this learning stuff

Au Revoir peeps, stay safe dry and warm


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