Bonjours peeps

Tiz me, Claude Barbet with another Adventure for you…….

Now as you know I’ve been put with a bunch of Italians who have done nothing for my standing in the house on the hills canine community. However, as many of you already know by now, there are now two of us!!! Better watch out my large Italian friends

Madame et Monsieur

It gives me great pleasure in introducing to you the young and lovely – Anouk Barbet

And yes it has an ego forming already. Typical female? Its only bothered about its looks, I suppose it went on to have a full frontal shot next, you know the type of thing peeps….oh no…not that type – oh you naughty peeps!!!!!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you peeps!!!

Sssshhhh? But don’t you think there’s a Star Wars ‘Ewok’ look about her??

And don’t you dare tell her that I said that OK…………it’s our secret!!

But in all seriousness I am really pleased that there are now two of us and moving in on Italian territory. Anouk is ideal for this and well up to the task. Mischievous little Madame!!

But of course she will go through the same training as I am going through but not sure as to how far yet………time will tell. Oui !!!!!

Of course not everybody is as excited as I am about the prospect of us two now terrorizing the Spins – In fact peeps when the sun comes out (Sun = big yellow blobby thing in the sky that is seen on rare occasions) there is always one!!

The Viz…….he’s a very old boy now, but he’s been there and done it. Respect to the Viz……..

Then there are others who just abuse the moment and take a medium sized bone and find a quiet spot to chew away without distraction……..but that bone represents a challenge!!

Now where’s Anouk??

I ‘ave a cunning plan!!

Spin with Bone = challenge………mmmmmm now what to do?

Oh well let’s see what we can do to annoy the Spin and get that Bone.

Meanwhile, where is the sorcerer’s apprentice?

Aha……..over there and didn’t I tell you she had an ego and was slightly eccentric and mischievous, well here’s the proof – This is Unica trying to make friends and isn’t it just so wonderful and warming to see Anouk take the French approach to the Italians advances!!!!!

Anyway, back to that bone…….

A Spin is easily distracted if it thinks it’s missing out on something and so Anouk and myself set about pretending to have something they don’t and hopefully it will do enough to create the distraction required to get that bone.

Here goes…….

They are so stupid at times!!!

Now they’re arguing amongst themselves and Anouk is doing a good job for me. Me thinks she is going to be great asset as she matures and grows up. With the relative skills I have naturally running through me I reckon it won’t take me long to get her to be as devious as I am…….

Those Spins won’t know what’s hit them – oh I can’t wait for her to grow up

And to the Victor – The spoils

Oh sacre bleu peeps – are we good or are we good?

Sometime later………(oh oh)

OMG peeps, I cannot for the life of me work out how this happened, and to me!! Claude Barbet the devious, the brown and white pimpernel of dogs.

I know I said earlier I was hoping she would cut her teeth on maximizing Spin annoyance but this really is too much. She was NOT supposed to annoy me!! I mean me…..If I knew what it meant, I would be exasperated!!

Such a cheek, but it does serve as warning to The Spins that this lady is not to be messed with and how old is she? Eeeeek…….frightening, and don’t they grow up so quick!!

She’s only been here a week or so!! Even I’m getting nervous now

Then The Dearest One let the equivalent of the canine idiot out to join us……

Oui peeps – the English Springer. Le Loony!!

And although a raving loony he does have his moments – and this is one of them? This is ES doing his mime piece of a lion on the prowl complete with head twisting and growl.

Yea great, we’re all just so impressed……………………………………..not

This idiot needs certifying. He really is that stupid……..and not part time either? This is how he spends his life unless someone is unfortunate enough to throw or drop something. He’s like a cartoon character then. Picks it up and gives it you back. At warp speed

He is a nightmare to walk round town with?
We could happily be walking down the street, me in super pose mode and strutting my stuff when suddenly a human drops a piece of litter, this idiot immediately leaps on it and gives it them back.

If they drop it in a rubbish bin, Oui…’ve guessed it. He’s up their trying to retrieve it.

We were in Aberaeron once with him, and sat on the harbour wall watching the world go by. Well, they were as I was being fussed and stroked by my adoring public, anyway, a humanoid dropped a French fry, a chip I think you Englais call it and that lunatic picked it up and gave it them back. Oh what is he on?

Sorry, I’ve digressed haven’t I?

Now speaking of strutting……

Anouk was out in the ménage strutting when that Italian Crufts Winner came up to have a look at the opposition – as you girls do!!

“Oh isn’t her bum big” “That dress just looks ridiculous on her” “Oh mutton dressed as lamb” “Far too much make up” and on and on and on, you know the thing!!

And every picture tells a story………

I think those looks say it all and so does the ‘friendly’ banter between the two of them. Watch this space peeps, this is going to get interesting. I think I now understanding where the word ‘Bitchy’ came from!!

If I could smile I would look like the proverbial Cheshire cat now……superb!!!!!

After a while or when the big yellow blobby thing disappeared we all had to go in for munchies which is of course the best way to get us in!! FOOD is a major attraction even to the Belle Barbet – The one we know as Anouk

I wanted to use these adventures to introduce her to you all and I hope that you will enjoy hearing more about her through my adventures.

Note: These are MY Adventures and Anouk will be my assistant throughout them, it would nice if you could embrace my little French Belle as much as you’ve embraced me………

Oh embrace me me me ……..oh sorry.

After dinner we all went back out again for our usual constitutionals and a last moment of mayhem and fun. Well, got to take advantage of the light nights haven’t we?

And then that night the “how the hell did she get that bone off me” moment came back round to haunt me, only this time with MY toy.

I got religious for a moment and thought ‘Oh God please don’t let me have to take on all the Spins and the ‘other’ Barbet all on my little lonesome’

Oh well……she’s just a girl I suppose. Mustn’t expect too much!!!!!

And on that rather controversial note peeps its goodbye from Claude Barbet and of course my leading little starlet - Anouk Barbet

And together peeps WE ARE – The Welsh French Barbets!!

Work that out….

Take care and Au revoir for now

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