Introduction from The Banker

The Dearest One told me one day that she had an idea

I went outside then with all the dogs to poo……..

When I got back inside and steadied myself for the ‘idea’ I told myself it wouldn’t be too bad or expensive. But my imagination had of course gone delusional and it was bad, and it was expensive.

The idea of course was to take on another breed of dog, and now as you all know we are the deliriously happy owners of a French Barbet – ‘Claude’……as if you need reminding who it is!!

But with Claude the intention is to train him fully to be a working gun dog. The shows are one thing, but a well trained and disciplined gun dog is an entirely different matter. The training has to be consistent and reliable, it has to be conducted slowly but surely, patience and perseverance are essential elements.

Claude has his own adventures, which are of course on our website, but this section is going to follow his gun dog training, both his good days and his not so good days. When qualified he will be used in the field or water for what he instinctively does best. And more importantly is that I will use him to work with when I’m out and about with a suitable firearm.

For the Dearest One, she too will also use him on invitational shoots and work him with the guns. Although The Dearest One can shoot and I have to say quite well (she’s had lessons) Eeek……(my nervous twitch is back) she would much prefer the pleasure of working with him and the two of them operating as a working team.

And so Claude’s School Days will hopefully be educational, provide knowledge and perhaps more than that, the experience and what they both go through to fully qualify him as a working gun dog.

It’s that experience and insight that we want to share and apart from that we want to allow you the choice to decide what you would want a French Barbet for, should you want a French Barbet of course!! We’ve made our choice and so hope you enjoy ‘Claude’s School days’.

Claude of course will carry over his ego and his notes for me to write up for you!!!!!! Enjoy


But first there’s this - It appears someone has upset him!!!

“Somebody has said I look like a Cockerpoo” !!!

Grrrrrrrrrr and double Grrrrrrrrrrr

Claude is not amused………off with their head

Sacre Bleu peeps, what a thing to hear for one still so young. You can’t imagine what this did to my ego?

I was so upset, I sulked for, ooh it must have lasted for all of ……………………….11 seconds




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