Bonjours peeps

And welcome to another set of adventures with me – Claude Barbet

Through the French Barbet underground I got word that most Barbets in the UK were to take Southampton by storm. It would be a full blown attack from North, South, East and West. We would take no prisoners and if we did they would be seriously licked to death.

This was going to be loosely disguised as a Barbet Party….the humans wouldn’t know what hit them once we were altogether and we had contrived a cunning plan?

None of us Barbets knew what it was – but it was very cunning!!

With me in the middle of this Barmy army – sorry, Barbet army group photo you will see from left to right:

3 Combat Barbet’s, then some Ninja Barbet’s in black, me, and more Ninja Barbet’s

We pretended to smell the grass, and generally look disinterested in the humans around us and slowly but surely lead them into a false sense of security.

Our cunning plan was working and they suspected nothing……
When the time was right we would strike!!!

Minding our business, keeping our heads down not to attract too much attention……….

Then without warning – we struck, and WHAM

Actually – that’s my brother on the left, then my sister, me, and my mom on the right.

And by the way, we’re at the front!!! Forget the prisoners behind us……they’re just posers!!

We took our first prisoners. Disarmed and helpless we took this photo to record the first successful strike of the English French Barbet Underground…….Vive la France

Next it was the turn of the Spins to feel the wrath of EFBU…….

Jimmy prepared a ridiculous water bowl for us all (under duress I might add) and we made him our chief cook and bottle washer for the raid. His reward was…………er………urm……..well to be honest with you he should have been honored just to have been allowed to serve us…

We are Barbet’s after all!!

The Spins were soon spread far and wide and they knew there place and it wasn’t with us. Our plan was not to cause a diplomatic incident and upset the Italians – not yet anyway!!

That’s plan ‘B’ – but that is still under wraps – you know – top secret and all that kind of stuff

Normal humans just put out a normal water bowl, the Spin was soon dispatched away leaving me in the way of the hose pipe…….?

I ran for cover and jumped on top of it instead and the bloody thing bounced me straight off again. A cunning human weapon this, but given I was running for cover and jumped on it then I suppose I have to take some of the blame. But Jimmy was very accurate with that hose……..

Damn him…..we shall meet again mon amie

The Captain of the Ninja Barbet’s wanted a private word with me and although I was running into a defensive position back to where the humans were being kept he stealthily caught up with me…….I didn’t even hear or see him, even in broad daylight….wow, they’re good


“Sir, yes sir”

“Do you know how to Foxtrot”?


“Do you know how to Foxtrot”?

“Sir, I know how to chase one but not trot like one”? “No……..Sir”

“No you idiot” “it’s a dance”

“Sir, No sir, I do not know how to trot like fox”


“Claude, you’re an idiot”

“I said I would lead, now put your leg down and let me be the man”

“Oh Sacre bleu Captain…….make your mind up”

“I’m getting tired, and if this works I’m going to look so bloody stupid out in the field with the guns and stopping to ask the fox if it wants a last dance”

“And call yourself a Ninja”?

“I’ve seen more stealth in a fluorescent light”



“I’m trying to hide from that lunatic Dancing Ninja Barbet”

“If the Spins at home saw me, I would have to pack my bags and leave – so embarrassing”

“If you keep quiet there will be no more raids I promise” “But this mustn’t get out into the press”

“Dog World would have a field day with this”

And so peeps…..a real life adventure and despite months of planning, a real disaster.

But nevertheless a great day out, as I look back and smile I guess it turned out alright in the end.

Claude likes happy endings

Au revoir peeps until next time……

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