Bonjours peeps

I know I know it’s been a really long time since I updated these School days notes but I can assure you I have been very very busy indeed?

There’s this thing I have to do that is called the TAN………now the TAN is a test for us Barbets that is a required assessment for us to become proper gun dogs and is fully recognised by the Le Club du Barbet, Lagotto Autres Chiens d’Eau, France and allows us to progress forward to a post graduate test later on after further training.

I have been undergoing some serious training now that I have graduated from school and have moved on up to the university of gun dogs, or rather advanced training. I am now working to the whistle and some basic hand movements to move me about.

But the TAN test requires me to retrieve a dummy from a lake and bring it back onto dry land. Or to be more specific retrieve it back to The Dearest One.

I had to practice for a while down on our local beach and Anouk came with me to see how these things go. Anouk does not need any encouragement to go in the water; her problem is getting her out again!!! The girls a real French water dog…………

And so down on the beach I set out to retrieve a tennis ball from out of the sea. And where I went, so did my trusty companion Anouk. Whilst I was there for the serious stuff she was there to see how it all went and for her it was real fun.

Then out of the sea and back up the beach to take the ball back to The Dearest One – with of course Anouk in close attendance.

It was great fun to be honest and although it was all about preparation for the real test to come these moments are also fun and I really have a good time. I know Anouk loves these times, out and about on the beach and of course always tries to beat me to the ball that’s thrown out into the sea. I reckon she’s going to be almost (but not quite) as good as me!!!

And so it came to pass that after the Game Fair (see my adventures) we went straight down South for me to take my TAN test with a well renowned and fully approved TAN test judge.

For this test we drove to a local lake that had one or two digressions!!!

The TAN test includes a socialability test with at least five other dogs, the gunshot test which you have not to be scared of and the water test. It is age restricted so you have to take it before you are three years of age.

There was a Spinone puppy with us and the TAN judge had one of his dogs with him as well and to be honest the Judges dog was really nice, I fancied her and tried to socialize with her!!!

No chance of that!!!

But I passed the socialization test!!!!

The Spin pup was just day to day stuff for me so that was easy.
There was also a dozen or so Canadian Geese on the lake but I couldn’t be bothered with them as I was busy concentrating on the job in hand.

The Dearest One had my favourite ‘duck’ dummy for me to retrieve and we were allowed to use that. Brilliant

I sat down next to her watching where the dummy would be thrown in the lake, on instruction she threw it into the middle of the lake and I was told to wait. After a few seconds I was told to fetch it.

And off I went to Fetch………….

And then of course I had to bring it back once I had retrieved it, and that was fairly simple as well. I make this sound all very easy but to be honest I had a couple of moments where I couldn’t help myself either with the judges dog or then jumping into the lake to cool off!!!

It was hot out there……or was it me that was just hot stuff…….but I passed the socialization test easily. And the Geese were never harassed…….honest!!!!!

So I retrieved said dummy duck and swam back to the lakeside to get back onto dry land and
hand it back over to The Dearest One.

Question, I retrieve, shake rattle & roll and what does she do? Lift her right leg, Why? How odd it must be a human thing.

I did this 3 times and to be honest I took it all in my stride and I had a treat as well because I am gorgeous and French………and can retrieve a dummy duck from a lake and can sit, stay, go out and sit and stay and generally be utterly fabulous. I am Claude Barbet, French Water Dog par excellence………..Bring on the hugs and kisses (but I can’t remember if she lifted her right leg 3 times)!!

OH yes I nearly forgot?

I had an eye test as well as part of my approval process. And yes peeps I passed with perfect eyes and vision. And have the certificate to prove it. This has nothing to do with the TAN test though.

So in summary then……..Mr Perfect just got a little closer to uber perfection.

Damn it……..that’s German isn’t it, Sacre Bleu!!!!!

I’ll keep you updated on progress as I’m off to France in October with Anouk – no doubt to be loved and adored over there as well.

Just a thought? Why are we going to France in October?? When I know peeps, so will you!!

Au revoir peeps

Note: No Geese were hurt during the making of this moment!!!!


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