Bonjour peeps

Well I hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to all my readers and fans?? (Fan)

I’ve been a busy boy you know??

And I’m sure you’ve seen around the social network sites that I am now a Daddy. Oh my God, I can remember when I was just a pup and now peeps I have some as well.

The responsibility wears heavy on my shoulders (well sort of heavy ish in a, I’m not looking after them kind of way)

But my mate Alba, well she is now!! Has done a fantastic job and I am so happy that both Alba and my children are doing well. We might be continents apart!! But that never stopped me from staying in touch with her………we were on Skype as often as giving birth allowed

Don’t you just love technology?? But I look so nervous and anxious don’t I? oh ok, so I don’t!!
But here I am on Skype giving out re-assuring noises and of course giving advice to Alba on breathing and pushing. I obviously have no idea what I’m talking about but I sounded like a real Doctor………..hmmmmm now there’s a thought?

Dr. Claude Barbet

Anyway, so how did all this happen I bet you’re asking……..non non non, not the mating, but the bit before with the introductions – gosh peeps, you are naughty

Well actually Alba and I met in France when I was winning everything and collecting nice shiny cups (That’s a snipe at the Spins for only collecting flowery rosettes)

And we got on really well and she is a lovely Barbet you know, nice looks, nice figure and a great personality. She is also a winner like me so our compatibility was never in question.

And so the humans agreed and arranged a suitable meeting place for the happy couple to join together!!

Sometime later we met in deepest, darkest, wettest, windiest UK and deep down South in the New Forest….we were there for a couple of days and it was great we stayed in a nice hotel that was dog friendly. Good grief peeps they even let me play with those nice New Forest Ponies!!!

Although it was a bit one sided and I hid from them most of the time. We have a horse at home and that is to be avoided at all costs. So I know my place with the larger Equines!!! Like, 100 meters’ from them……..

So here’s where I stayed

Nice isn’t it……..the weather looks nice as well!!! But that didn’t last long………

And here’s me making friends with a New Forest Pony!!

You can see me if you look very carefully………

What do you mean, you can’t see me?

Well if you can’t, that’s because I am over a 100 metres away back in the hotel garden!!!!

Claude is not stupid

And Claude needed all of him to be able to enjoy his honeymoon with Alba!!

And so after the honeymoon was over, Alba and I said our goodbyes and off she went back to Holland and I went back to the house on the hill to nervously wait to see if I was to be a Daddy – THE Daddy!!

Now, how the hell they knew about Alba and myself I just don’t know but isn’t it a marvel of 21st century technology today that someone knew and chose to tell Anne and Wouter what to do after our honeymoon – amazing, truly amazing.

Well, everyone else was nervous except me to be honest. For me it was just as I expected and I knew would happen, I am after all, Claude Barbet – was there ever going to be any other outcome? No of course not……..the signs were there!!!

But news came through that Alba was in pup and I was now going to be the Father of ‘some’ puppies. At that stage it’s not quite an exact science.

Then as we got towards the Xmas and New Year The Dearest One went slightly berserk in a sort of – you’d think she was the Father kind of way…….as Alba started to give birth to MY pups!! I like the sound of that you know….

Oh bless…………and here is comes? Son of Claude Barbet (or daughter)

But it’s like a movie scene isn’t it? No it isn’t, you’re right

But here is one of seven that Alba did a magnificent job with

But hang on a minute? Let’s not forget me in all of this?

I had to spend two minutes of my time on this as well you know, at the beginning!!

Fair exchange…….(oh no, that will be controversial)

Then one by one as the hours ticked by there were more and more, up to seven that is and I immediately thought about Claude Barbet and the 7 Barbet Dwarfs.

But then thought that the Magnificent Seven sounded better

Then came the colours…..Black and White, Brown and white, brown, black so many combinations and so much choice. Am I good or am I good…….

Oh yes and one more thing??

One of them is a Claude lookalike………oh yes – just what the Doctor ordered a Claude facsimile. Now the world will listen……(mad scientist laugh moment)

I think there are seven here……..just check for me will you…..

Feeding time and Alba is the perfect mum ,,,,,,, is that mini me in there?

And always after a hearty good meal comes the after affect……Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Me Me Me – look peeps a mini me……..Er……am I still feeding!! Typical…..!!!!

Now I had done my bit in all of this and what do you think I was doing whilst nervously awaiting news from Alba’s owners??

Nope, not chewing my nails, not chewing the furniture, not watching television, not annoying the Spins………

I was out and about on the beach and generally exploring and sniffing around to see what hidden treasures I might find………

Of course I was thinking about poor Alba, good grief peeps what do you think I am??

Who said that?? Come on, who said that?? What do you mean – typical man!!

And so after all of my two minutes of hard work, the worrying and the nerves, the constant checking on the internet as too how Alba was getting on, the excitement of all my pups being born, the thrill of knowing there’s a mini me and then the beach walk and exploration time, it was enough to eventually wear me out peeps – you have no idea what I went through!!

Dog day afternoon!!

And really peeps there’s not a lot more to add, I did what had to be done (it would have been rude not to) and now I can rest knowing my work is over and that I can relax and life will return to normal?

Well ok that’s an exaggeration? Life is never normal up here on the hill…………..

Anyway, I sincerely want to say BIG THANK YOU’S to some very nice humans?

Anne and Wouter for the puppy pictures, and of course the journey they made in le horrible weather just so Alba and I could be united……..

THANKS also to Wendy and Julian for the rather splendid meal at their equally splendid establishment that’s not on a hill……

And to Annette of course for providing the honeymoon suite at another not on the hill establishment…..

And last, but certainly not least, THANKS to Alba. Without whom none of this would have been possible!!

And as a sort of epilogue to these adventures I will leave all you peeps to ooohh and ahh and say things like ‘oh bless’ and ‘aren’t they lovely’ and and and….you know what I mean……..

Au revoir peeps

From a tired and worn out Claude Barbet

Parental guidance: The following contains pictures of cute puppy Barbets. Looking at them may cause life changing decisions. You have been warned!!!!!!!


Peep….mini me....gorgeous – I know I know don’t keep on…

Hope you enjoyed……………..

Au revoir peeps

“Oh bless, aren’t they so cute and cuddly” “Just like their Dad”!!!!!!!!!

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