Bonjours peeps

Let’s get off to a good start?

I am getting the hang of this training thing now and spend a lot of my time with my owner, The Dearest One

Now this has come about because………….well to be honest with you peeps, I don’t know why this has come about, and it seems to be a natural instinct. Can’t help it

How odd is that?

Or is it?

Claude the Confused

I am still very young and have my moments of stubbornness, but generally these ‘moments’ are getting less and less (sort of) But I know that I should be with my owner and I take all my orders from her. Even when I’m chilled out and relaxing or out and about playing, I know exactly where she is and check to make sure. If we’re out together then I stay at her side, if she stands still I sit with her, if she sits I lay down and wait for the next move or the next command.

Now why this is I don’t know, but what I do know is that it feels right and instinctive.

She is my partner

Me thinks this is becoming so natural to me it’s getting to be second nature – or haven’t I woke up yet and this is all a dream

Baffled Barbet


Training is 10 to 15 minutes every day without fail now and once a week it’s out to High School to see how I’m getting on and to develop my skills. Then it’s back to the house to follow up on them.

Now, as noted earlier I am still a growing boy and I have my moments, however, some of the others at school? Oh Brother…….what a laugh!!!

There is a Springer that should have been born with waterproof feathers, I sit next to the boss, and I watch and smile.
Its owner lets it off the lead and then proceeds to attempt to train it to retrieve the dummy which has been thrown about 10 metres across the field and AWAY from the lake, the Springer then heads off straight into the river or the lake nearby and off it goes like a small underpowered radio controlled model, but it’s not a model and it’s certainly not controlled. But a laugh it is

The dummy?? Retrieved by its owner – of course

There then follows a series of “come” “come” “come here” “Oh please come back here this is embarrassing” then after a minute or two we then get “COME HERE YOU !@#$%^&*() DOG”

Eventually, old soggy brain emerges from the depths and comes back shaking the contents of its coat over the owner.

If it spots a duck or even hears one…….no forget it – you don’t want to know

Remember the old black and white comedy movies? Well I don’t!!

But, remember the old Benny Hill shows and that music? Well I don’t remember them either but if you do then you know what the Springer looks like with its owner.

Of course I’m not like that at all…..much, ish, well OK slightly like it but only at times. Honest

The training is about individual styles and what the owner wants i.e. Retrieve, flush and retrieve, track, hunt down and flush the prey out into the open. It’s all relative of course…..

My training at the moment and as noted in my previous journals is about sit, stay and heel.

That’s it for now

But this training is NOT just for the gun dog. These basics should be the foundation stone for me as a pet as well.

I’ve heard humans moaning about uncontrolled dogs – and I sure as heck am not going to give them the chance to moan about Claude – certainly not

And here’s the thing?

All those three elements must come as second nature to me and I reckon that is why I am now staying close all the time to the boss. You see I am learning that out in the field working for real if I run off or can’t sit still next to the gun I am useless to the shooter. On the other hand if I am good and sit there until I am told to go and work then I get rewarded, even at the time or later. And from my developing understanding at the moment it is damned good fun once I’m told to go



Just kidding

Although that is of course a part of it. In fact it’s a big part of it? If there’s nothing to do then I conserve energy for when the fun really begins, and when it’s over then rest again until the next round. And and and…….if I’ve been a really good boy – which is more often than not!! Then she sneaks a treat to me

Naughty boss, but I like her!!

And sleep………..Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Now this I can do with ease!!

So what’s new then you might ask?

You might not ask, but I don’t care because I’m going to tell you anyway!! Because I’m French and therefore I can………

Now I’ve literally just started this new element to my training so I’ll keep you up to date as things progress – backwards or forwards – but I’ll tell you because you’re nice people

I am sat next to the Boss and on command with me at heel we walk forwards about 10 meters or so and I then have to sit. The Boss then throws the dummy out in front of her and I must not move. So I don’t – or at least I’m not supposed too, yet.

We then do a 180 degree turn and with me at heel we walk back to where we started from.
We turn around and I sit – then after a couple of seconds I’m then sent out to get the dummy, with the command ‘Go Back’

Now this is actually really interesting because I have to work out where it is using the scent trail and of course I have to ‘quarter’ to pick up the scent…….I have to quarter to move both upwind and downwind to catch a trace of that elusive scent.

But I’m a Barbet and of course French and I really like this training bit because it’s interesting and a real challenge to me.

I have a natural instinct for this and it did not take me long to find the dummy and take it back to the boss for heap load of fuss, and a secret handing over of the treat.

Now I don’t always get a treat but half the fun is not knowing whether I will get one or not, but I like this new training element because it makes me think and use my natural talents.

I still have to sit, stay and heel of course as these are the basics and they are now making much more sense to me as to why these have to be right and become second nature to me.

The retrieve is far more interesting as well because I have to work at it and once that dummy has been thrown out and we go back to where we began then the perspective changes.

Oh gosh…..that is so cool for one still so young – mind you I am Claude Barbet

I’m beginning to think I’m the French Canine version of James Bond!!!!!

(Did JB drive a Subaru)?

Claude……..Claude Barbet……..oh oh seven!!! (It’ll never catch on)

OK peeps that’s it for this time round and don’t worry I will keep you updated……

Oh Oh seven will be back in……



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