Freya’s diary this week is given over to ‘Spinone Rehome’ and in particular the fantastic work that Humphrey Spinone and his owner Pip do in raising money for such a worthwhile cause.

On a recent walk in Pembrey Park the Dearest One took a photo of Freya that caught the imagination of quite a few people and one of those was Pip.

The photo the Dearest One took is this one.



Personally speaking this is my favourite Spin photo out of all of them that we have in our ‘library’. It captures the imagination perfectly………well it does mine anyway.

You will of course have your own favourites of your own dogs and all for the right reasons set amongst many memories and moments spent with them.

But this photo has now been adopted by Humphrey and Pip and it will appear in the 2012 Rehome Calendar, we are proud to say that Freya is ‘Miss November’.



Now there is a limited print run on this calendar of 500 and I expect everyone out there to buy at least 2 each or maybe 3……..one for each room.

It’s all for a wonderful cause and I personally feel it is in all our interests to ensure we support this and not just with the calendar either………….

• Notelets
• Postcards
• Car Stickers
• Mugs & Coasters

All these items can be bought at a very economical price, great value and surely would make ideal stocking fillers.

You can access Humphrey’s site by either:

• Clicking on the link for Italian Spinone Gifts on our links page

The work that the Rehome Team do and the consistency and reliability to support our breed should be held up in the highest esteem – not everyone can do it and not everyone wants to!!! Think about that.

Sometimes through no fault of their own or their owners, circumstances change for our Spinone. Their owners can go through a marriage break up, become ill or have to move away because of work commitments and they feel that they can’t give their Spinone the life it deserves. Spinone Rehome help with all this, they don't judge, they are only there to help and support owners who can't cope. If the worst comes to the worst, they can rehome, but this isn't always the first solution. Rehome will work with the owners to try and keep the dogs with them, sometimes Rehome can help sort the problem without having to rehome the Spinone.

It is times like this that I feel it most appropriate to remind everyone that Rehome are there, they have a very difficult job to do and I for one certainly couldn’t do it…….so the Dearest One and I have decided to give over this week’s Diary in support of the Rehome Team and all its team members and supporters out there……you are doing us and the breed a great service.






The known as Freya, the one featured in this events diary is maturing rapidly and learning equally as quickly. It never fails to amaze me just how quickly they grow up!!!
(Oh bless- they’re just like kids aren’t they) Aaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhh

Expensive, require our attention nearly all the time, need to be taught lessons, have play time and toys to play with, and of course she needs feeding.

However, Freya does NOT need an X-Box, Wi or a Nintendo Gameboy…………

But given her maturity, we have sensibly decided to make the diary a fortnightly feature. Personally, I did not want to duplicate and because in the early days there was always something going on, today of course she is much more aligned and intelligent and therefore a weekly write up would never do her justice as the key learning process is virtually over. The new learning’s of course are leveling to her life and maturity. So I now believe we can make her diary more interesting this way and I hope you agree.

Ever alert to new fashion trends Freya has been out recently sporting her new collar!!!

The 18ct Gold collar blends nicely with the hand crafted Italian leather neck piece, the tags are of course platinum and etched with her name, address and chip number along with her breeding lineage. On the reverse is her dietary requirements and feeding times. There is also a small summary piece on her thoughts for the future and where she sees herself (this will be removed later on of course and replaced with her CV)

You can see in the picture below just how well Freya models her new collar. As well she might at the price of the thing!!! Well, you have to ensure nowadays that you’re kids keep up with ‘them’ down the road.

“The cost, the cost – how much did it cost”? I hear you all asking

Bearing in mind it’s not off E-bay and is a bit of a one off, I will tell you that it cost the Dearest One, £12.90 (I wish)

No expense was spared and the Dearest One sacrificed her chippy for that……….

So now sporting the new collar it was off to the park, she was there with about 30 million other dogs at an event called “Dogs Day Out” walkies thing at a park – er………a very big park!!!!

In the picture below you see the Dogs World Record attempt at trying to get all the humans to stand up at the same time and hold that position for 5 seconds.
This below was I suspect the practice before the whistle went for the real record attempt………and did the dogs succeed in getting all the humans to stand up at the same time??

Well, have you ever succeeded in getting your dog to sit at the first attempt??

Well there you go then…….you have your answer!!!!!!

Oh yes and the collar?

No one took a blind bit of notice of it!!!!

OK – so the dogs failed to get the humans to stand up all at once and you can’t get your dog to sit at the first command.

Well have a look at the next picture??

It’s Viv Steere – yes you VS……….is she……..

a) Kidnapping Freya
b) Trying to steal the semi fabulous collar
c) In the Dogs Guinness book of records attempt or
d) Trying to get Freya into a show stand?

The answer is of course B…………

No, no, sorry D……..always get those 2 mixed up.

Viv was trying to get Freya into a show stand……..and 2 weeks later she still is!!!!!!
This is mainly because Viv can’t stand up now as her back has frozen in that position.

With the Dogs Day Out and the show standing and the pressure of having to wear that semi fabulous collar Freya went on the search…………..FOOD. She raided Viv’s van in the hunt for anything edible……….

As Viv could do nothing about it due to a back problem!! Freya was free to take what she wanted. Or not………

She got in the wrong side and the food is on the other side of those bars……DURRRRRRRR

Finally for this week, we would like to send huge congratulations to Anne and Cirra (Freya’s litter sister) for passing her Puppy Training Award

OK folks, that’s it for this week, take care out there.



Well over the past couple of weeks Freya has been a busy girl going from long walks in the park to hosting her litter sister at home and I suppose gossiping about the owners (as you do) then going to a show to have a look see and generally get the feel of what goes on at these events in preparation for her first actual event coming up in November.

In November Freya will be eligible to enter shows in the puppy class as she turns six months old. And yes – would you believe how time has flown fast from the early days of when she was a mere baby………..aaahhhhh………..(Oh god I’m going to be sick)

Anyway, Freya’s litter sister brought her owner up to the house as they live reasonably close to us. Well close ish…….the two sisters spent their time running around the place and having a real old chinwag about life so far and exchanging the usual moans and groans about life with their owners.

Of course the visit had a purpose?? Apparently Cirra’s owner wanted the Dearest One to show her how to hand strip her head!!!!!!!

Now if I heard someone say they wanted to know how to hand strip my head I would do one of two things:

1. Kill them before they even got close
2. Weigh up in a split second if they could catch me if I did a runner

And potentially there is a third option:

3. Poo myself!!!!!!!

However, being reasonably smart I enquired about the aforementioned head stripping and boringly it turned out to be no more than a haircut. BORRRING………

So if it’s just a hair cut, then why call it head stripping?? Sometimes Dear, just sometimes!!!

And so, after the head trimming and the running about like they were just released from the compound they did next what all Spins are famous for?


Now where’s that damned puppy??

Now the Dearest One does not do things in half measures – oh no………trust me, I know…….

The Almighty One decided to take Freya to a dog show (Savanna was to be shown) and this was where Freya would get an introduction into the show world.

The object of the exercise was to see how she reacted under the lights, so to speak. Well of course she could not be shown as noted earlier in this diary as she is too young. But the walkabout would do her good and of course meet some of the other show dogs. Oh yes and of course their owners………

I am delighted to report that Freya passed with flying colours and was completely un-phased by the whole affair and even took time out to pose for photographers outside with her half sister Asca.

Freya is seen here in her Brown figure hugging Gucci Frock specially designed for the show day…..

Now you should note if you would please that the pair you’re supposed to be looking at are in the foreground of the above photo. Do NOT get confused with Cinderella’s ugly sisters behind them. I know it’s a distraction, but pay attention to Freya and Asca……a much more pleasing site

The photo below is a typical scene that Freya will now get familiar with and don’t worry??
I will be reporting on her progress for you all!!!!! Banker style!!!!

Freya’s first show is in November….watch this space

Now I could have a field day with the below photo but English law restricts me somewhat!!!! So we’ll leave it at that……………but the two legged Dog at the rear of the queue waiting to be ‘handled’ by the judge?? I really think was in the wrong class??

Oh and that reminds me?? Is there a class for two legged dogs??

And how many Spins do you know play basketball and five-a-side??

Oh alright then……forget it and I’ll move on

Now I did say at the start of this that the Dearest One did not do things by halves and taking Freya to her first show was to be a special occasion, make her feel really special and make her feel she was a celebrity even before they arrived. Clearly a Land rover was not going to have the same effect as a…………STRETCHED LIMO!!!!

No, I couldn’t believe it either………

Delete which is not applicable:

a. Pathetic

b. Waste of money

c. Brilliant idea

d. You wouldn’t want to clean the inside after a long trip after she’d been fed and watered (Freya that is)

e. Binning Cinderella and taking the ugly sisters and a dog out for the day, is way OTT!!

f. If that thing was a no smoking environment then I wouldn’t want to have been the driver

g. Doesn’t look very environmentally friendly does it?? What do you reckon…….bottle of wine every 10 miles!!

h. I want to meet the Fairy God Mother that turned a Pumpkin into that thing!! She’s either a recovering alcoholic, on drugs or has delusions of grandeur for a fairy tale…..even a 21st century style fairy tale…………I bet Walt Disney would turn in his grave

And so to the park for a serious walkabout where there’s a nice big pond to frolic about in if you’re in the mood……….however there is of course the water lilies to check out and of course learn from the others already in there how to go about investigating them.

And what the hell would you investigate them for in the first place………..you can’t help but feel looking at the photo below that Freya’s nerve has deserted her as she ‘ponders’ her next move in following Savanna into the abyss.

But it made me think as to what it was Savanna had found so interesting? Unless it was just a ploy to get Freya in there as well.

I don’t think the naturalized pond life were too impressed with the invasion into their territory though.

The Dearest One has completely lost the plot on the retrieve training?

We have got training dummies for them to track and retrieve but this really has gone too far in my view. I only said to her that the training should be more realistic……the game should not be easy to find or retrieve.

But I never imagined that the day would come when Freya and Unica would have to fight with Kung Fu bear, and bring him back together to the Dearest One.

I mentioned it to her as well that a rabbit blends in with the background, a fox is cunning and very clever at evasion, pigeon and crows are difficult to retrieve through woodland. So against all instincts Kung Fu bear is neither leaving a scent nor a sound.

But a bright red tunic over yellow skin!!!!!

Hardly Ninja stuff is it? Black…………

Still, Mr. Fu was never really going to have much of a chance was he? I do wonder as to how a real retrieve will get on with those two Spins thinking they’re all like that.

Over the next couple of weeks Freya will be getting prepared for her first show. Probably be late for it as well if she follows the normal ladies preparation for going out on time!!!!!!

And on that rather controversial note………it’s goodbye from me and see you in a couple of weeks. Take care out there and watch out for the ugly sisters in that glorified pumpkin!!!



We are only a few weeks away from Freya’s first major show. The excitement mounts, the anticipation is growing and that show comes shortly after her becoming 6 months old!!!!
Good grief………6 months, where has the time gone? During that period let’s review what she has learned?


Well, I’m sure you’ll agree for a 6 month old that’s quite (un)impressive……!!

I thought it sensible!! to write this element of the diary in order that budding puppy owners can compare your puppy to how Freya is doing. A sort of Benchmarking exercise if you like, set a standard you can follow!!!!

Of course as with the Bankers Notes these invaluable guides are there for all to use to ensure the Spinone brings the best out in you as an owner……..or should that read the other way round? I’m never quite sure………

So let’s have a look shall we at the Freya today at 6 months old (nearly 6 months old)

Look at that face, look at that ‘thing’ in her mouth and what does it tell you??

1. My couch and my chew or
2. My chew and if you come near it I’ll chew your head off or
3. I’m going to get comfortable on here with this chew……OK – you get the message?

Then after an hour or two?? The couch becomes her toy storage unit as well………

You can clearly see in this photo the Spinone’s night vision eyes, which in Freya’s case is being used to locate her toys and bring them to the sanctuary of ‘her’ couch. Note in the background behind her head on the couch cover the subtle use of slobber to scent the couch so the others know that this one is hers. (Nowadays we try and get comfortable on the floor)

This next piccie shows the difference between a 6 month old and a fully grown Spin, in this case Savanna and nicely caught with them both watching, Emmerdale Dog, Spinenders or Spinone Street or whatever is on the TV at that time.

We let Freya stop up to watch TV for a while before her evening feed and bed……..

Like hell we do!!!!

Oh trust me good citizens we don’t have any say in the matter and if there’s a late night film like Wuthering Spins or Gone with the Spin or even more modern tales like Star Spin (to boldly go where no spin has gone before – it’s 5 hour mission to frustrate and test the most patient of humans) – “It’s life Jim, but not as we know it”…………

The boys, JJ and Duncan like the thrillers and more serious matters……..CSI Spinone, The Hound of the Baskerspins and of course who could forget the timeless Waking the Spin………?? Waking the Dead is just about right for them!!!

As usual with my rhetoric the plot and I have parted company……..

But after a while even for a fit and healthy 6 month old watching the TV all night begins to take its toll and for Freya the thought of staying up any longer is losing impetus and slowly she is drifting into a trance…………..and within a short space of time will have slumped lifeless to the floor in a deep sleep – oh please go into a deep sleep so we can all rest………!!!!

And when she does go outside we then have the task of getting her back in again. If I’m out there working or pottering around – “I potter, therefore I am” most of the dogs stay out with me and to be fair stay in or around me, they never wander off……….their favourite place with me is in our woods when I’m working in there collecting logs or replanting trees…..and yes we have replanted the trees. Removing the overgrown areas allowing more light in and sensibly replacing with genuine deciduous trees……oaks, beech, elm and silver birch.

“There is no way I’m coming in, this place is fantastic and wild dogs wouldn’t get me inside, not when there is so much to explore and investigate”

“If he’s out then I’m out with him”

“I’m his personal guard dog”!!!!!!

This is outside the house where Freya avoids the Dearest One’s calls for her to come in as is clearly demonstrated below

And finally if all else fails? Do a runner………if you can get up that bank

And in the end sense prevails and the Dearest One wins and Freya concedes defeat and comes in.

Note: At that point the Dearest One has rattled their biscuit tin (our biscuit tin is empty because of, ‘THEM’) and if there’s just ONE thing Freya has learned…………..

Well that’s it again for this update, so see you shortly for the next episode of “Freya and the Deathly Hallows” - a full length feature starring JJ Potter and Duncan Hagrid

Oh God I need a cup of tea and my pills………..





The excitement mounts

The expectation is?………er……….sort of……..expectant!!

THE BIG day is coming………..

The grooming is done

The waiting is almost over

Now that should wet your appetite? And if it didn’t then there is something wrong with you

And what am I babbling on about this time??

The Location: Edinburgh
The Place: Er…….somewhere in Edinburgh?
The Occasion: Freya’s FIRST show - and it’s one of them Championship show thingy’s

None of the local show stuff for our Freya’s first show…….oh no………just a small sponsoring of the Dearest One’s outing to Edinburgh!!!!

Why the hell she couldn’t have simply gone to a show more in line with near to where we live is beyond me……instead Freya’s first show requires continent crossing and over the border far far away.

Anyway, with a little help!!! From her friend in combing out that mop on top of her head Freya is ready. And here we see a top professional groomer at work somewhere deep in the woods…and just out of shot is little red riding hood…….

Oh my, what big eyes you have……..etc

And is that the big wolf in the background? (wearing this seasons white and orange)

Freya of course is now just over 6 months old and is therefore eligible to enter her first show in the minor puppy class

And of course we all hope she does well and by the time you’ve read this the results will have already been sent out to all…….isn’t technology so wonderful

But before all that – there’s this………..

Here we see Freya washing her private bits following a sensitive encounter with some pond life, I am always amazed at the use of those big feet and this is another example.

We seek her here, we seek her there………..but where is that old bag!!!!!

Ah…..there you are………


And now for a sincere moment of respect.

As many of you know our Dear Friend Viv Steere lost her beloved Kia just recently and I for one was very sorry indeed to hear the news.

I am a very strong believer in reducing the sadness by remembering the joy and the pleasure and of course the laughs………of course the sadness doesn’t go away, but it is greatly diluted.

Therefore we would like to pay our respects in remembering Kia. This final part of the Diary is dedicated to a friend who has moved on

Kia was the Mother of our very own Mia………..so for us it was especially sad to hear of Kia’s passing.

This then, is for Kia – and of course for you Viv…………

Here we see Freya and Viv working out who’s going to get the trowel that Viv took to the woods in order to plant some bulbs………a lovely gesture and very fitting.

Personally, I would have had the Spin Horticulturalist above to have prepared a good planting area but Viv being Viv insisted on getting help from Freya……….

It was dark by the time the trowel ended up with Viv!!!!!! So God only knows where the bulbs went………..

And finally – here we see Freya taking flowers out onto the pond as her own tribute to a great friend and water lover. Kia loved the water and spent many a happy hour in there……we reckon that’s part of the reason why today, Freya has followed Kia’s example.


Run Free You Beautiful Girl



Freya’s Diary Special

My First Show


Hi Everyone

My name’s Freya Spinone Italiano, I’m 6 months old and my owner – The Dearest One has given me the privilege to work with The Banker for this one off Special report on my first show.

I am following in the footsteps of Kallie and Savanna, who between them have done very well for themselves in the show ring and out – especially Kallie who’s my mum and I’ve something to look up to and make her proud of me.

The Dearest One had decided that my first showing should be up in the Arctic somewhere and I believe it’s a country called Scotland. The show was in Edinburger. Not that either of those details mean diddly squat to me……….I just overheard her talking about it one day!!!

Anyway, we travelled up to Scotland with my mum Kallie and another Spin called Daisy who’s the owner of The dearest One’s friend Viv………or Spiv or something.

The first night we spent in Gretna Green and I’m so glad we had our own bed to sleep on, after such a long trip we were absolutely knackered tired out. Home from home!!!!!!

I still don’t understand why the Dearest One slept on the floor – there was plenty of room and we would have moved………………a little

The next day we took the relatively short drive to Edinburger where I saw the show ring for the very first time.

I’ve seen pictures of my mum in the ring quite a few times and I was glad she was there to give me…..No advice whatsoever!!!!! Useless bloody dog……..all she did was take the p…..mickey

The first bit was easy. Find a nice comfortable position at the side of the ring to see how things go and then just watch – there was a lot to remember. Stand still, rear legs back a bit, front legs straight and to quote that great songster Madonna – Strike a pose…………

Then trot around the ring with the Dearest One looking like this is supposed to be taken seriously.

Then when all that was completed the judge then got to feel me all over, for God’s sake we hadn’t even been introduced. It was at that point that I thought “You have to joking, I don’t even know the woman for God sake”

Oh well, I certainly hadn’t come all this way to let the side down and with all the others back home probably watching me on the TV I couldn’t let them down. That is of course assuming that they weren’t watching Spinenders. I was hoping they would record it for me so I could catch up on it when I got back. But first I had to get this show out the way before thinking about getting back to the house on the hill.

I am delighted to report that at my first attempt I got a second.

Actually, I’m not delighted at all at getting second……….I looked good, felt good and was mentally prepared. Make up was perfect, coat good and tail wagging. I think I even smiled at one point, but not sure if that wasn’t wind now that I’m thinking about it.

Certainly first time out I have to admit that it was a bit nerve racking and I suffered a little from the odd botty burp or two. But that’s not very ladylike really is it. Shouldn’t admit to it should I?? Hey I’m learning……..be patient with me

As we came out of the ring the Dearest One was presented with an odd shaped thing that was a bit creased up all round, I thought how odd that was to be so happy to get a crinkly thing – and the colour? YUKKK……….I wouldn’t be seen dead in claret and blue’s. So last year……..

Actually, in the picture below I was just quietly saying to the Dearest One while waiting for the photographers to finish “Don’t put me out in the ring in those colours – or else”!!!
Brown Roan’s rule OK……….Brown is the new black this week!!!

After the press conference (The Dearest One babbling to friends) we got back to MY hotel where the real chill out period began and I was so pleased to get my own chew.

A really novel experience for me?? I usually have to give in to the others at home……….Spinone my aser – JJs a PIG…….in white and orange.
Sorry………..God he annoys me………..


And so the following morning we set off south to head back home. Well it wasn’t south exactly? More like south west……

We had been on the road for hours when we stopped……..no it wasn’t the botty burps that did it.
It was the best place to give us a break and take on food and water – don’t know what Starsky and Hutch at the front had.

Now when we go out to the forest we have a play in the pond………

But this pond?? Oh Wow…………now this was a pond

OK OK it’s a BIG pond……..Bala Lake to be exact.

Me ,mum and Daisy went on a walkabout to check the place out – when suddenly (Dramatic music moment)

Me – “well come on then Super Bitch what is it”?

Daisy – “I don’t know, but the feathery things usually buggar off when we’re about”
“This one’s either utterly stupid or utterly dead”

Me – “Well I’m not touching it”

Daisy – “Nor me and mainly because it smells very, very dead indeed – and anyway, I don’t have the time to pluck it and take it back to ‘She that must be obeyed’ to cook for my dinner tonight”

I felt a botty burp coming on from the thought of that thing moving suddenly and cleared off leaving Daisy in my wake!!! Get it?? In my wake………..running through the water……..
Oh forget it…………

And so it came to pass that the day was over and we had to get back to the Spinmobile and head off for the final leg of our journey.

We chatted idly away to each other whilst taking a gentle stroll on the shore line of Bala Lake and took time to reflect on a successful weekend………….the sun was setting, the air beginning to chill and I was getting VERY hungry!!!!!!!

But a second at my first attempt……..next time, a first at my second attempt

That’s it and hope you enjoyed my diary.

It will be back to The Banker next time……….so take care and maybe see you round a show ring sometime – come and say hello. I like humans – especially if you’ve got food (hint)


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