The week in which the snow came…………..and went!!!

That’s all folks – The Great British Winter has been and gone………

And so what do you think the Dearest One did because she hadn’t had any snow up on the hill??

She drove the Landy over 200 miles to get in amongst it. Now I know from years of experience that the Landy will go through almost anything and everything – and I should know!!
But ICE and snow………only for skaters and skiers………….definitely NOT Land Rovers
Although it helps to be in one!!

And so armed with Freya to go to a show that was a no show because of the snow……that’s pretty good isn’t it?

Yeah, anyway, the agenda was friend’s house, show and then on to Daughters house….
Two out of three ain’t bad…….remember the show that wasn’t a show because of the snow?

Academic really because allegedly everyone had a super time and it was lovely and wintry and wonderful.

I was?? At the time you were freezing, basking (sorry working) in 30 degrees of blue skies and lots of sunshine…….bliss. And did I think about The Dearest One freezing at home??

Of course……………………………..not!!

Anyway after much playing and frivolous activities in the garden at said friend’s house Freya and the boys (really - and at her age) finally collapsed onto someone else’s couch!! Now every picture tells a story and here we are again – our couch is not ours and obviously said friend doesn’t have one either.


And so the next day it was off to Daughters house, and a small biped?

Freya had NOT seen or been in the snow before so it was interesting to see how she would react. She didn’t react and loved it……….The Dearest One struggled to get her back indoors!! Just like the small biped.

I wrote a while back that Freya has this ‘thing’ that she has to have something in her mouth no matter where she goes or for that matter what it is – balls (Tennis) ‘just to avoid any confusion’ frisbees’, dead fish, sticks, driftwood, jellyfish, poo bag, and so on and so on……….

Being in the snow was no different and here’s the proof………


And Freya wasn’t the only one out and about in the snow either?

Way down south in Kajun country – smelling error sorry!! That should read Kent, there was Freya’s Brother Alfie…..and for Alfie the experience looked the same!! Ish……….

The expression says everything he was thinking at the time?

“Well……this sucks”



Oh and Alfie………..Oh deer oh deer………..nice one mate – proud of you, keep learning and enjoying. Make us proud!!

So back to Freya the St. Bernard??

Standing proudly deep in the Alps (Daughters back garden) Freya without the barrel of brandy (it must have fallen off from her neck) waits for the call to go to the rescue…………


In all that snow it’s obvious some lunatic will venture out and require assistance, suddenly off to her left she hears a scream and a cry for help……..

Oh my God – carbon life form in trouble…….(Cue the exciting music moment)

Freya looks and listens for the sound to come again, could she carry it safely back down the mountain side (garden) to safety?? Neither of these pictures have her with anything in her mouth!! Gasp shock horror………..



She charges off through the snow, a blizzard looms in the distance, the temperatures are dropping and nightfall beckons…….(great build isn’t it)?

Suddenly Freya comes across a small carbon life form – the small biped. She’s down and lay in the snow – Freya must act but what can she do??


Even for Freya she surely can’t carry the mini human back to the safety of the kitchen (er….ruined it now haven’t I) it’s not the kitchen, it’s the mountain lodge of course………silly me

Freya rushes up to the stricken mini one, quickly she assesses the situation “I’m gonna get you help kid, do ya think you can hold out till I get back with more help”??

The Mini One struggling to talk gasps out to Freya “Yeah just go…….I’ll hold on for as long as I can”

Freya dashes off to get help

Shortly afterwards rescue comes and they all live happily ever after.

The End

This week’s thrilling installment starred (in order of appearance)

- Freya
- Other Spins
- Friends house
- Alfie
- Daughters Garden (AKA The Alps)
- The Mini One (Biped)
- Snow
- A Barbell toy
- A couch
- A pink pillow

No St Bernard’s were hurt during the making of these notes……..they were too drunk after the brandy barrel broke open.

That’s it and see you soon for the next episode of – “What idiot drives over 200 miles just to be in the snow”



This week’s theme is about The Hunt, The Chase and the Retrieve??

“It’s a HPR Jim, but not as we know it”……..Bones to Captain Kirk….Star date 2012. 01.03.

This is the voyage of the Spinone Freya, its mission to go where no Spin has gone before!!!

The Hunt

Now hunting comes in many forms; fishing, shooting, trapping, stalking, snaring, crabbing, trawling, netting and so on.

Here we see two dedicated hunters proudly showing off the catch of the day – so far??

Clearly that little Alien had little chance against two marauding Spinone’s, it lays lifeless on the floor having given up the fight – setting the Phazer to stun had come to nothing as the dogs simply picked it up and ran off with it. Shock…nature’s way…….or the Milky Way!!!

Having had success along that fence line already, the dogs waited patiently for their next prey to arrive and as quickly as it arrived it was soon gone?

They didn’t have to wait long either??

However, not only did this prey arrive, and quickly, it also disappeared past them equally as quickly?? Clue: Look carefully to the right of Kallie’s nose and you will see the roof of a car.
Nothing put’s the dogs off a good old car chase. Don’t worry they are well fenced in and the owner (the farmer up the lane from us) is used to those idiots (sorry dogs) trying to outpace their car as it comes past……it’s a great picture because in reality that car is only doing about 15mph although it looks like all three of them are at warp speed…Warp factor 5 Mr Sulu……..

This particular hunt was unsuccessful

Then of course is the ordeal of the hunter being hunted!!

“There’s Klingon’s on the starboard bow sir”

Freya learned another lesson this week? Don’t mess with Big Bunny??

Imagine the field, the trees swaying gently in the breeze there is bird song in the air. The Red Kites are circling, seeing all unfold below them. They sense food is about to arrive, freshly served and ready for the table.

See the Wabbit (sorry – digressed away from Star trek for a moment) and now see the Spinone concentrating on its point, at the Wabbit.

The dog creeps gently closer, the Wabbit unaware of impending doom.

The Wabbit looks up its ears alert and suddenly – a flash of fur and the chase is on!!!

The Wabbit tears down at speed towards the dog with evil intent on its mind. The dog not believing what it’s seeing does an about face and tears off looking for an escape. There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. There is no burrow for this dog to dive into. The Wabbit is fast and is gaining ground on the now terrified dog.

Suddenly a shaft of light appears from a door in the house, the dog sensing safety turns sharply and makes a straight line for it. The Wabbit caught out for a second by the dogs fast turn is enough for it to lose ground slightly and in amazing moment of good fortune the dog looks to be safely home. But the Wabbit is quick and accelerates up to warp factor 7. The dog has little left to offer and dives into the front room and cowers down behind the couch.

But it’s all over the Wabbit is quickly on it as the dog tries to hide……the dog is surely doomed.

The Red kites have to move on and look elsewhere for their meal.

But the Wabbit is victorious as it peers down at the lifeless dog.

Freya survived to fight another day. But she now looks for mice………!!!

The Chase

Scene: The field behind the house occupied by a horse

Enter stage left – well, the field, via going under the gate - Freya

The horse happily munching away on the grass and free from all the day to day nuisances of life when suddenly out of the blue there came a nuisance – Freya.

Now the horse is well known in the Bankers Notes when JJ tried his luck…………..and lost!!

Anyway, Freya obviously thought it a good idea to make peace with the horse. However, the horse has its territory to defend and despite the nuisance on her turf being a small quadruped which you would have thought would have been fine – it wasn’t!!

A chase ensued and Freya going one way then the other followed by a considerable chunk of muscle which was of course gaining ground on her. The horse faster, but less maneuverable, we have let the dogs learn for themselves and Freya has to learn that the field with the horse in is no go territory and you can’t say “Oh don’t go in there, that’s the horse’s field” this is next to useless in doggie commands.

For 5 minutes or so, Freya thought it was a game, she stopped and the horse didn’t – and this is where bursts of speed and fast agility in turning come into their own. She escaped, the horse stopped and glared at her from above…………Freya stopped just the other side of the fence.

There was a moment of mutual respect.

The horse had claimed back its territory and Freya has learned yet another lesson.



The Retrieve

It’s not the nature of the beast; it’s the beast in nature that turns the meek into the brave.

“It’s the Dilithium Chrystal’s Captain, they can’t take anymore”

Teaching Freya to retrieve has been easy. She loves the day out and the training dummy thrown in – well anything really. Her instinct in this area knows no bounds and she’s happy doing it all day. And all night as well if you’re carrying a bagful of liver cake!!!!!

However, there is one minor setback to this??

She will retrieve anything from anywhere, fine we know that already. The however to this is that she now retrieves whether we’ve thrown it, shot it, rolled it or whether someone else has!!

Even more of a problem is that if anything runs away from her it’s to retrieve isn’t it?? Isn’t it??

The farm next door to us has chickens, and the cockerel is a joy to listen to at 5 am!!

“Set phazer’s to kill” “They know we’re here and have shown hostile intent”

Of course this is nature’s way isn’t it – it’s country life and all that Carp (anagram)

Can’t shoot the bloody thing can we? Er no……..”It’s not logical Captain”

But what if we accidentally let Freya off the lead going passed the farm?? “I don’t know if I can save him Jim”

And Oh dear me……(no not you again Alfie)!! Its Freya’s turn this week……….

The End


We now sleep through past dawn and wake to our own alarm……Thanks to Freya

And the Farmer? Shhhh……..knows nothing, it’s our little secret

And the Cockerel?

Well, this one had the stuffing knocked out of it…..

And that’s it for this week.

Live long and prosper!!!

“Beam me up Scotty; I’ve finished writing this one”



As this is Freya’s Diary, she can write the thing herself this week………….might dilute her ego!!

“Oh no no no”

“Another bloody bath and that means I’m in a show somewhere or other”

“And now the scissors……..”

“Toe nail clippers…….”

“Comb and brush” – all week “Oh a little bit off here, cut that short there and blah blah blah

BORING – “I should be out and about getting covered in mud and sand and wet through and being allowed to annoy the others”

“And it’s on a Friday, I don’t do Friday showing so what’s this all about”?

“I’m not bothered about going out in the Landy because that usually means a food pick up, a run somewhere or of course a show”

But it was during the week that I noticed things were different. Yeah, so OK I’m used to the grooming and blooming sessions but it was the exercise and the who with that made me think this was going to be something special. It was sort of careful in a restrictive kind of way. I don’t mean restricted so much as she was being careful that I did not get into trouble or hurt myself.
The food was the same, which was sad. I like my food and I’m usually very alert to it!!! So this was not food related nor was I being ‘trained’ for something different either. There were no food treats for me to be incentivized with. Damn.

And so it’s early Friday morning, VERY EARLY and here we are then leaving the house and leaving my mates behind, with one exception? Savanna – she was apparently coming with me.
I watched Savanna being prepared and it was obvious that this show was different. For one thing Savanna is normally a no nonsense buddy, but she just caved in to the onslaught of the brush, cut, groomy thing. Very unlike her………..

We arrived at this rather large shed – no idea where but there was a distinct lack of a beach. So I knew this was going to be boring. Given there were no trees and no pond and nothing at all to wreak havoc in then this was boring with a capital B.

And we’re both on leads. How stupid is that? Did she really think we would run off and create chaos everywhere (she was right – we would have done)!!!

After what seemed like a walk around another very big shed we actually went into one and I can confirm that it was a very big shed indeed.

Worryingly, there were millions of ‘other’ dogs (well you’re either a Spin or you can’t be considered canine) the ‘other’ dogs were dragging their prized pets around with them all over the place. Glad I’m not a biped they looked well off balance most of the time.

Then finally we found our resting place, a ridiculous hutch boxy thing about a foot off the ground with a number at the back. That’s odd I remember thinking to myself as this number matched the one she had.

I looked around and ‘oh my God’?? He’s here as well…………where the heck did he come from because he wasn’t in the Landy when we set out.

I wandered over and got all enthusiastic believing he had bought me some food. He hadn’t so I walked off.

I noted that when I was dragging her around with me I saw some Spins I recognised from the other shows I’ve been to. But why oh why does she have to stop and talk to everyone??

We don’t bark at each other do we?? So what’s all this babbling about – I just don’t understand.

During this walkabout with her I did get some munchies……..and lots of munchies as well.

There were loads of shops with dog stuff and especially free food. Well, it would be rude not to wouldn’t it. So I wasn’t rude and took every opportunity I could and there was a lot of opportunity!!

I suddenly loved this show…..bowls of food on the floor, on the counter food didn’t present a problem either – just jump up, front legs steady and munch away.

With her babbling away to the stand humans it was easy meat – metaphorically.

Then before I knew it I was in the show ring.

Wow, loads of humans and more Spins in the ring than I’ve ever seen before. I decided to behave and treat her to a decent show from me. After all, we had been on a food walkabout so I figured she deserved a treat herself.

I watched the others who looked great to be honest and I decided I would not expect anything from this because this was class competition.

The human they call a ‘Judge’ did the usual hands on things and then it was a gentle trot around the ring. I smelt food twice and saw a sandwich a human was eating and was not really concentrating on the ‘Strike a pose’ moments. That sandwich looked nice and smelled lovely.

Then we were all lined up again and moved about and the judge then pointed at me. My gut reaction was to plead innocent as I had not gone near the sandwich, at home I get told off for reviewing the food they are eating – admittedly I try to take some. But I always get caught and have to take up the whole of the couch in mourning.

I won.

Now get this?

I won………..and who got all the hugs and praise and shaking hands and I’ve no doubt she got food as well although I can’t confirm that as I couldn’t see properly with all those humans around her.

What is wrong with this picture? Well I’ll tell you……..

I had spent ALL week being made gorgeous. I had been cut, combed, brushed, bathed and groomed. I went to the show and won.

What did she do?? Yes your getting it now aren’t you? She did nothing, well she didn’t did she?
She did not comb, brush, cut, groom did she – oh no not her. Bath, maybe. But the rest….no.

And you would think she had won. I was disillusioned!!! But to her rescue and mine came my knight in shining armour? HIM………..and he had treats for me. He took my lead and left her behind to take the praise of her win!!!!

Me? I couldn’t have cared less….he had munchies and he gave them to me. Good man

Anyway, my mate Savanna won as well and guess what?? She got all the praise again!!

Savanna and I discussed this quietly on the way back home that night. We haven’t yet decided what we’ll do but we weren’t happy when we were the one’s all puffed up and she gets the win!!

We are seriously thinking next time out that we will puff her up for a week, put her in the Landy, drive to a show, put a lead on her and show her via a drag around the ring. We would have appointed a Spin to judge the humans. And have an audience of knowledgeable Spins around the ring as the viewing canine public…….

Now that would be a site – oh how we laughed!!!!

Apparently I won another prize as well but it all happened so quickly I missed it - and I won again!!

And yes you’re ahead of me now…..she got all the blah blah blah

I had my picture taken, I got some silky plastic flowery thing again – well two if I’m honest, a red one and a green one?? I know from experience that you can’t eat them. And and and they gave them both to her!!! How absurd is that??

And so back at home did anything change?? Yes………

The next day I got out and about with him. I got up to all my old tricks and got really muddy and tired myself out playing – sorry annoying the others. And what about Savanna?? You were asking, the same. We had a great day and enjoyed ourselves, we must have done something right because we got munchies and runnies (remember we don’t do walkies) We could of easily had their dinner as well that night but thought that would be pushing it a little bit. And we were right?? We got told off trying.

And that’s it really…….



Hello everyone, it’s Freya again this week writing my diary entry………

And why is that you might well ask?

Well, I will tell you……..are you sitting comfortably?

Then I shall begin

Since Crufts, a couple of things became clear

1. We might not be back next year to show
2. However, as noted in the Bankers Notes we might be back as a team to enter Flyball
3. The Banker wants to enter the Prancing Sheepdog thing with a Spinone – JJ

With this in mind The Banker decided to try out both for a team selection for Flyball and give JJ an opportunity to have a look see at the Prancing Dog thing.

And this is where I come in………because The Banker went out? Now he didn’t go out out – more of a medical leave thing really.

After a couple of basic goes with JJ and us looking on he decided that he would wear the Tutu and JJ would be in the Tuxedo.

No problem you would have thought except The Banker got ahead of himself and decided on a dress rehearsal. JJ was the reason because he needed to have fluid movement and the dress rehearsal was all about the Tuxedo fitting loose enough to give him free flowing movement whilst at the same time looking dapper and all gentleman like.

The problem was The Banker taking it too far??

The medical leave was caused when he came to shave his legs (he had to, he looked stupid in the Tutu with hairy legs) and the damage was done when (as I learned later) he went for the bikini line waxing.

Apparently he is now half the man he was before due to a misplacement of the wax strip.

Not sure what it all means but he’s lay out on the couch with an ice pack

And so for now it’s just us on team selection for the Flyball event.

This too has not gone quite according to plan and the local paparazzi headed by The Dearest One was there at one of the sessions where we were all trying to impress the Head Coach (Her again)
In the picture below we could not even agree between us who was going to go first…….so it turned into a bit of a punch up……..not good – The Head Coach was unimpressed.

When we did finally get some semblance of order we then could not agree on what a Flyball actually was? Our owners (The idiots) didn’t tell us or show us what one looked like.

Here you see us in these next two pictures trying our best and giving our worst…..not good – The Head Coach was unimpressed

Here you can clearly see what I mean…..

I was trying to get the toy off Unica in order to explain to her that this was in no way a ball of any kind

Neither was a destroyed Sandwich box or whatever it was, and if it was an ex sandwich box then where the hell did the contents go


Eventually though we got organised!!

Then it fell apart again very rapidly……..

JJ thought he saw the ball??? At the end of the runway and went to present himself ready for the retrieve……..the idiot, he was at the time practicing his prancing dog solo and just lost the plot. I went to intercept and it all got messy for the next bit?

I don’t know what happened next but it was a real shambles, to say the least.

No idea whose fault it was, but anyway we got to the start and The Head Coach held us back, we could all see the ball and the jumps in between. But one of us just went for it and then we all went. It was a nightmare. The ball wasn’t, we didn’t and confusion reigned………..we found out afterwards that we were in fact just chasing fresh air…….it was really embarrassing.

Not good – The Head Coach was unimpressed……and for the last time.

We were disqualified and sent in. And this was just our first attempt, really unfair you know and The Head Coach only gave us half rations of treats.

Not good – The Spins were very unimpressed

Well that’s it for this week

We’re all grounded, The Head Coach is attending to the ice pack, and The Banker??

She calls him numb nuts, but not sure whether that’s a food offer or what…..although she was laughing at the time she said it so not so sure now.

But he doesn’t look so good!!!!

Right, I’m off now to look all puppy faced and hopefully mixed with a little smoulder expression it should do the trick for a treat.

If he’s up and about next time he can write this………..

Take care out there

P.S. I can vouch for the fact that showing is a walk in the ring compared to Flyball



I quite like this diary thing actually, and so I suggested to The Dearest One that I be allowed to carry on with them until my first year is finished. And believe it or not the diaries time is almost over, can you imagine it’s been nearly a year since they’ve kept a diary on my growing up. I’m bordering on being mature!!!!!

If you haven’t already realised, its spring and the nights are lighter, the birds are singing, the grass and flowers are growing and I’m still looking for food………..no sorry, ignore that last bit. And the weather is milder. Lovely…………

I thought with it being spring and everything growing again, it would meean anything in that growing position was edible and so below you see me experimenting with a yellow thing on top of a green thing…..what you can’t HEAR is my buddy Mia saying “Do you know how stupid you look trying to eat a Daffodil? We’re carnivores you idiot”

It’s also that time of year for a bit of Spring Cleaning……and much to The Bankers disgust, this cleaning ceremony carried over to the Landy. My job was to keep an eye out for any loose bits of food and if Charles here didn’t get it then you could be assured I would vacuum it up – if you see what I mean!!

I thought staying close to Charles was a good idea as Duncan was inside doing the cleaning. Probably his mess anyway…..he’s great fun to go out with but messes up everything trying to get comfortable. Being a lady, I am of course neat and tidy!!!

I’m just checking Duncan’s work here………

We had ‘that’ child with us again recently and the damned thing kept eating and we didn’t and to make matters worse they would buy it treats and be nice to it. Well I’m nice and I live here for God’s sake and I don’t get treated like that.

It was time to take matters into our own hands……enter stage right Rico – the Viz. now he’s getting on a bit but the old boy is an absolute gem at bringing down game. And this child was fair game. The plan was simple!! Rico would keep jumping up and get the child off balance and I would cunningly dive in from the other side and knock it over.

Once on the ground the rest was easy……

If we couldn’t have any treats then we would treat ourselves to a child. Once we’d chewed through the outer layers and drank 34 litres of water because that stuff really dries your mouth up it was then down to the meat. But by the time we’d got the meat I’d gone off the idea altogether, We put some real effort into that as well but I was worn out and lost my appetite………..

Oh come on!!!! You don’t really think we would eat a mini human meat ball do you??? ?

And finally for this entry we have a happy ending?? After the incident with the mini human all was well for a while…..that is until I heard the Landy starting up and that got my attention.

The Dearest One was going out somewhere and had Savanna with her in the back, I ran up to the car as the driver had gone back in the house for something or other. Savanna opened the back window after I had got her attention….

“And a packet of cheese and onion crisps, one of those liquorice things, oh yes and a packet of those chicken tasty bite things and get some doggy treats for the others as well, see if they’ve got a cooked chicken going cheep……no just joking if it was cheeping it would not be cooked”!!
“If they’ve got one I want one of those fat balls they feed the birds with, I don’t like them but love annoying the birds every time they come near it to feed. Well what do they expect if they’re eating and I’m not”

“Oh yes and see if you get some bits for tomorrows runabout, she’s bound to take us out, all the signs are there”?? Clean Landy, fresh bedding….”

I finally stopped my list when I ran into the gate as the Landy was leaving. That’s the problem with a one track mind.

Well that’s it for this week, short and sweet. Just like the Dearest One!!!

And if that doesn’t get me a treat then I give in……..



Altogether now………….Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Freya, Happy Birthday to you

And an equally Happy Birthday to all of Freya’s Brothers and Sisters

From all the Spins & Co at Awelymor

Well here we are – 1 year, 12 months, 52 weeks of Freya’s Diary and this is the last entry as we close the diary to allow Freya to move onwards and upwards into adulthood and beyond.

And what a year it’s been for her as well, all that food and food and food and then she had some more food……

And in between bouts of eating food……..she had some fun. She was shown at the local shows, championship shows and of course Crufts 2012. She enjoys herself around the house and then takes up her position on the couch, bed, someone else’s bed and she has tried on many an occasion to take even more food from the others.

Freya has been great fun to have around and she has played her part as well by giving us many rewards…….some of which you have seen throughout the diary entries as you have watched her along with us growing up throughout her younger development.

She’s a lovely bundle of fun as much as she is a genuine hunt, point and retrieve dog. Her instincts are phenomenal and typify her breeding and that of her brothers and sisters.

What we wanted to do for this ‘Birthday’ entry was to finish it off with some flair becoming of the breed and of course the owners!! Oh the poor suffering owners…….

For the dogs of course it is fun, food, mischief, food, someone else’s food and then sleep……..
And then more sleep unless said dog recognises the signs of being out and about – and then chaos resumes.

So without further ado, we asked the owners of Freya’s Brothers and Sisters to allow us the great privilege of a short insight into their life with their very own Spin……..and below are their replies in their own words.

To all the owners we salute you……..and sympathise in equal measure!!!!

May all your journeys with your Spins continue to be trouble free…..I doubt it, but it is a nice thought!!!

And a BIG thank you to everyone for contributing – Thank you

Alfie – And the owners said………..
My favourite things in my first year of life are: deer stalking with my dad, food, winding up my Border Terrier sister, trying to catch the fish in the fish tank by wiping my mouth all over the glass, pinching mum & dad’s slippers and shoes, going to work with dad and greeting all my customers, digging holes, helping mum clean the plates in the dishwasher, barking, decorating the walls with Spinone Spit and generally being handsome. It’s such a hard life!!

And The Banker says: Well OK we forgot to tell you the down side and he was a scrumptious little thing when you picked him up!! The Deer Stalking worries me though?? How does he keep the hat in place if he’s running around the woods? Anyway, my suggestion for a quieter life with him is to demonstrate that if he goes in over the top of the fish tank he will have more success. Oh yes and one more thing – get some bigger fish.

Now the decorating is an interesting trait, I quite like that to be honest. Well think about it, you need never have to spend money on that silly wallpaper or that Magnolia Emulsion ever again. As a bonus you could stick pictures to the globules and impress friends and family with your murals!! Alfie the Artist – you can use that if you want……send us the piccies though!! Always looking for an original idea for the notes pages!!

But he does sound a bundle of fun………I think. I can’t promise happier days but who cares? He’s all yours…….Enjoy!!

Sorry? Forgot this bit, but – the Border Terrier sister thing?? Just you remember – you’re either a Spin or you’re just a dog. Like it or not, one day you’ll have to tell him that she’s not really his sister!!!


Charlie – And the owners said………….
Charlie is terrific - he's so lovely! He is funny and friendly and a real ham! He loves being outside, teasing and tugging with Duke, saying hello and giving kisses to the neighbourhood horses -and attempting to sit on our laps whenever possible - I think you warned us about that!! :)

Two hobbies that absolutely send us into fits of laughter - he has learned that his backside is a perfect block against Duke and even us. When we are playing with him, he will take a toy in his mouth and turn his butt into us so we can't get him. He looks back and the tail starts to wag - it truly is priceless! Then of course you have his habit of taking us by the hand, elbow, knee, bum...or any other protruding body part that allows him to get our attention - it is VERY funny to say the least!

At his vet appt just two weeks ago Charlie weighed in at 45kgs! He is a big lad, to say the least - still loves his food and, if he had his way, would try to convince anyone who might feed him, that he is a poor starved waif!!! - such a ham!

We love him dearly and are happy to have him in our family

And the Banker says: A real ham?? What the hell have you done to him?? Oh no sorry…..not that sort of ham. I get it.

JJ Tried to kiss our horse ONCE!! He was the first dog on the Space station. He doesn’t go in that field now funnily enough. I put it down to feeling sick being weightless or Gormless.

Yes – we did warn you about the lap dancing!!

I will of course come round and see for myself the reversing into anything and everything now that sounds a laugh. But I will of course be wearing a cricket box? Not so keen on the taking of the protruding body part thing. Bet he’s fun around town!!!

But we are truly delighted he’s loved and hugged and I’m sure in his own way he is reciprocating. The food thing – oh yes we got one like that. But she hasn’t got to 45kgs…..and neither have we either!!

By the way, friends and family you invite to the house – do they come back?? Ours don’t

Bertie – And the owners said………
Bertie was completely house trained at about 4 months. The only lapse since was when he peed on a visitor’s leg when they arrived. Must be a doggy greeting.

He has a very kind nature and is excellent with small children; he even watches them on the TV. He’s also very good with other dogs, but my friends’ female Spinone hides when he visits, as he wears her out, and she’s used to a quiet life. He’s used to the sheep we often have, without any problems, and spends a lot of time barking at the cobs next door, who seem to be amused at his antics. He spends most of the daylight hours in the garden, and although he hasn’t had much success digging out the rabbits and mice, he did manage to dig up the heating oil pipe in the middle of the lawn and some rocks. He also pulled down part of a stone wall. Ditches are his specialty.

Today I caught him eating one of our pond fish, but he didn’t catch it – we’d had a mink attack. He pinches any food that he can- when he was quite small Chris thought she’d left a box of profiteroles in the shop, we later found it hidden in his toy box. Later that day half a pound of cheese went the same way.

He’s the naughtiest dog we’ve had in 45 years, but he can be very obedient when he wants, and learns quickly .I think he is going to turn out really well, we wouldn’t be without him-and doesn’t he know it!

And The Banker says: Fantastic, marvelous and amazing. Call us we need meet?? We’ve had Spins for years and despite intensive training and food treats we cannot get any of them house trained. They won’t vacuum, dust, polish, put the cushions straight nor tidy up their toys after spreading the whole basketful all over the place. Don’t know how you did it, but we need to talk. Humbled we are…..

Don’t worry about Bertie peeing on a visitor’s leg, I do that if I don’t like them or they haven’t brought me a treat. I can understand that in him so don’t be alarmed.

I love the excellent with small children thing, we have some of those that visit us as well and I have to say they are good with them. They sit on them near to suffocation, knock them over in the garden and run off with various clothing parts. Other than that they’re great (No small children were peed on during those moments of joy)

What is it with Spins and Horses? Won’t they ever learn? I will get JJ to have a chat with Bertie – JJ doesn’t like horses too much after his journey into space!!

And the TV thing………ours do that as well, but have you tried getting the remote off them when Cesar Milan is on…..!!

The food thing!! Oh did we forget to tell you about that?? Whoops…………?

Have to say this – the mink attack. I’m shocked he has not caught or picked up the trail of them and tried to follow it?? The digging et al?? me thinks it ain’t Wabbits he’s after!! Food for thought – now where are those profiteroles?

Cirra – And the owners said………
Cirra has started to be a bit of an escape artist and has managed to scramble into next doors garden twice now. I thought I had lost her as she had gone missing for half an hour. I called and called but nothing. Eventually I saw her scrambling back with a dirty nose and paws and just thought OMG! So I went round to the neighbours and told them to be on Cirra alert! I was dreading what she had done in their garden but luckily it wasn’t that bad. They had planted some fresh grass seed and she had had a good old scratch at that. The neighbours were very good though and have now barricaded the fence up higher. However, a few weeks on there was a knock on my door and the neighbour was there with Cirra! Still haven’t worked out where she got in.

Cirra has chewed up 2 of her beds; she was just sat there surrounded by green balls....very funny!

Cirra is fascinated with swans and on a local walk where there are about 10 swans on a regular basis, she decided one day to chase them and seemed to vanish into the horizon, all I could see was a little fluffy dot! No amount of whistling was going to bring her back until she was ready. She came back eventually probably having realised that there was no chance of getting one. But I have never seen her run so far into the distance. She was on a real mission!

Other than all this she is a great little dog, lovely natured and very laid back, we can’t imagine life without her...nor hyper Brokk!!

And the Banker says: Now this is interesting behaviour?? Why is that you may well ask – well, I shall tell you. Because we have would be escape artists as well and it is down to their instinct to track and trace. The point and hunt bit of the HPR. This instinct is very strong and you should count yourselves lucky?? Because if that instinct was mixed with Charlie’s then when Cirra got out she might return with a neighbour or part of!!

As for the grass seed, me thinks this is because she thinks she is vegetarian – don’t worry it will pass, and Cirra will soon be eating your meals.

I would suggest for the fencing motion sensors, they won’t work but it will impress the neighbours believing you are at least trying.

Swan chasing is standard stuff as ours chase ducks, which are like swans only smaller. And not white.

Bed chewing…..not seen this before. Change the colour of them if they’re white. She could be dreaming they were swans.

And finally, you can’t imagine life without her………..now that made me laugh. We’ve got 7 of them and if it wasn’t for my therapist – you can guess the rest.

By the way? They calm down a bit after 5 years!!!!

I will pass on the details of the therapist for you – just in case!

Kizzy – And the owners said.....
It was very difficult to choose a single photo of Kizzy but I think that the attached one is a favourite - taken last October in the garden - she took advantage of the chair I had been sitting on to drink my cup of tea in the sunshine. It made a useful launch pad to get to the table top where she sat for quite some time!

She particularly enjoys, when indoors, coming up to us and leaning on us so that her body is across our legs - in a prime position for having her tummy rubbed!

She's also very adept at hooking her paw around our feet in a rugby tackle which means walking with a kind of soft-shoe shuffle so we don't fall over completely.

She particularly loves blackbirds!

And the Banker Says: I have no doubt that the photo shown above is after she has consumed the contents of the table top and now can’t move. I note your cup of tea is also missing!!

Now here is another amazing coincidence? Kizzy leans on you, puts her body across your legs and is in a prime position to have her tummy rubbed. I do that with the Dearest One so it’s probably my fault Kizzy does the same thing. Must have been watching!!

Rugby tackles is common, very common in fact? We have 7 of them all playing at scrum half and all very adept at the infamous rugby tackle. My advice is to move the treats either into a bag or an upper pocket. If you have them in a trouser pocket or around that area then indeed, you will surely be bought down to the ground. The soft shoe shuffle won’t fool them either!!

White swans and now Blackbirds……..I see a trend here. They’re both birds aren’t they? Yes – thought so. Although there have been black swans and white blackbirds and now I need my therapist again……

Enjoy – the best is yet to come!!

Florence – And the owners said.....
Hasn't the year flown by, it doesn't seem possible she is a year old already. In many ways it's sad to see the end of the puppy days. All the fun memories will be treasured and I'm doing my best to let the nightmares just fade away. Like the morning she went on a hunt for the neighbours free range chicken at 6.30am, in the pitch black. At the best of times Florence isn't known for a good recall but when on the scent of a chicken I stood no chance. Somehow I extricated her from the garden without waking the neighbours only to find when I got her in the house, she had a mouth full of feathers. That meant at the very least, an injured chicken somewhere in the garden. Not able to raise the neighbours by the time I left for work, I had to leave the confession to Tom! It seems we have very understanding neighbours, who promptly apologised for forgetting to shut their chickens in the previous night and continued to say what a lovely dog she was and not to worry about it! This wasn't Florence's only escapade with the chickens and I'm embarrassed to say there are now only 2 instead of 4 but apparently one made a nice supper!

Our garden now is like Fort Knox with a sturdy stock fence the whole way around thankfully the temporary electric fence has now been removed. To occupy herself, I thought Florence had turned into a keen gardener by digging holes anyway and everywhere. However I think that she may still have the chickens on her mind and is digging a series of underground escape tunnels into next door. Thankfully it's some distance so she hasn't achieved it yet but she is determined and our garden will never be the same.

To try and make up for her little misdemeanors, she has signed up for some charity work by doing a sponsored walk for the Guide Dogs in the autumn, hence her modelling a Guide Dogs bandeau in the picture attached. Doesn’t she look cute!

Despite her being very wilful and determined to do her own thing, she is also very affectionate and we love her dearly (especially when she's asleep). She can also be very gentle and share her sofa with the cat!

And The Banker says: Well, well, well, another chicken chaser, been there, done that and enjoyed the roast!! And I might add we also share good neighbours, and although our neighbours are farmers they have an understanding of our quaint little doggies and their habits. Its instinct you know!! Point, hunt and retrieve - so in the collection to swans and blackbirds we can add chickens. At least they're edible.

Now we do have one huge difference here and that's the cat. We have farm cats, and ALL the dogs avoid them, and I mean if the cats are about the dogs aren't. Come near me dog and the head comes off - get it!! And trust me.....they get it. So seeing Florence on the couch (no surprises there then) and with the cat is a massive surprise. You had better pray that the cat never goes cockle doodle doo!!!
I do empathise with the fencing, if you only knew what I've done around the place and then some. We've got towers every twenty metres, motion sensors, arc lights and alarm pads buried along the perimeter - it’s fantastic except when a fox gets IN!!! Within minutes it’s like a scene from a world war one movie.....

The charity work and especially that charity is terrific and we salute you. However, cute?? She digs for the Digging Olympic Team, you live in Fort Knox, have a regular supply of chicken and still think she's cute!!
My suggestion is that you read all the owners notes over a cup of tea and feel better for knowing you're not on your own.....oh and one more thing? Invest in a remote controlled chicken
We're delighted and so pleased that Florence has made your lives so.....er......well, you know, added to the joys of life!!!
Enjoy - go on, you know you do really

And that’s it really.

There is little else to add is there?? Of course Freya will be appearing in the Bankers Notes and beyond along with her show results………and I’ve no doubt food will be involved.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the past 12 months of watching Freya grow up and mature into a fine dog. Personally it’s been fun for me putting the entries together and giving you the opportunity to follow her progress.

Take care and carry on enjoying life with your Spin……..we are!! Honest


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