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Like many of you out there you will have gone through all sorts of doggy books and searched the internet to review and to research the Italian Spinone.

Some would have researched for ‘pet’ ownership, others for a working dog, some because of its lovely temperament and others because no one near them has one!!

Now I too have been looking through some ‘Dog Books’ and Dog Encyclopedias and of course the good old internet and I have concluded that whilst useful in terms of information and what I would call general information, none of them ‘really’ tell you the truth!!!!

Yes OK, that might be harsh, they do tell the truth to a certain extent, of course they do. Height, weight and category and whether they need exercise or not…………the rest you learn the hard way…….Er, no sorry, I meant to say you learn through ownership and talking to anyone you can find who actually has one!!! Or even knows what one is “Isn’t it Fiats new car”?

All the books and most of the websites have pictures in them!!

These pictures then show the dog and hi-light the things you should be looking for. I’m sure you’ve seen them and know exactly what I mean.

So now it’s my turn to contribute!!!

For this particular set of Bankers Notes I have chosen to do my version of:

The Bankers Illustrated Guide to the Italian Spinone

Please feel free to take notes and recommend a friend should they be looking for an Italian Spinone. This guide I’m sure, will prove to be an invaluable asset to anyone potentially reviewing the option to take on the responsibility of owning a Spinone (and may your God be with you)

And if you don’t already own or choose a Spinone after reading this, then you don’t like dogs and were never suited to them in the first place.

Equally, I am confident that even current Spin owners will find this illustrated guide an essential piece of reading for furthering the education and knowledge pool that is out there.

In the BOLD text below is a genuine piece I have used from a well known dog book.
In RED is my Spin (no pun intended) on the meaning to help you understand it properly!!!!!!

I expect the original publishers didn’t have room on the page to complete it………

I think I can comment with some fair degree of authenticity. As for the original text I cannot say whether it was written by an owner, breeder or a clever Italiano Spinone Marketing Executive!!!


“The Spinone has great strength and stamina, suited for hunting in all climates and on all terrains (now that bit is quite true of course providing you read it, in that the hunting is optional if you choose the Spinone as your next dog)
Extremely intelligent (true – it’s too intelligent for some)!! happy, upbeat and enthusiastic (how the bloody hell do you know?? Were they serious when they wrote this)??
the Spinone Italiano is a pleasant, easy-going breed (Oh really!! Try getting one off the couch)
He is easily satisfied when treated as a lower ranking member of his human pack family (and no I did NOT write what is in the black bold print!!! This comment explains why they are like they are with us? If you called me a lower ranking member etc I would act like the Spin does)!!
Although serious when at work in the field, he definitely has a clownish side that is often quite entertaining (if we go to the pub or down town ours don’t clown around or entertain – and if they did we would go round the crowd afterwards with a our hats collecting the money)
Never bossy or whiny, unless he does not see humans as pack leader (oh my God, best I say nothing) this gentle soul loves children (lightly fried with onions and a little garlic and diced tomatoes) those he knows, and those he does not (actually he’s not fussy, just don’t forget the garlic)
Children must be taught how to display leadership skills (interesting thought teaching a 5 year old leadership skills and at the same time teaching the Spin to wait for its food)!!
His great patience should never be taken for granted, for abuse is abuse, whether intentional or not (Very true this, but they don’t mention that equally you must NOT shout at them, sensitive they are and you’re better off putting their intelligence to use by training them properly – oh ok then so I was serious for a moment)
This breed gets along well with other animals (this is also true, I’ve seen ours (and other Spins) carrying rabbits and birds whether they want to be carried back or not – but a nice gesture nevertheless)
particularly enjoying the company of another dog (yes true but it’s best if it’s your other dog as well)
He wants to be with his people, whether that means at home or traveling (oh brother, never a truer word spoken? The couch, the car, the kitchen tops, the bin – oh yea he loves his people alright)
He is a quiet breed in general, but may occasionally howl along with a siren (Now look I made it clear that I copied the black bold text from a dog book OK? But howling along with a siren?? They might just as well have written that they chase police cars, ambulances and fire engines just for a good old howl)
Spinone is not a protection breed. He is either unlikely to attack under any circumstance or would only do so if he or his family is directly threatened (this is rubbish if our experience is anything to go by – they hide behind me!! or if they get let out to see off an intruder they run in a circle to come back behind me – wimps)
He learns fast (food driven learning along with couch and generally how to annoy and frustrate you are their specialities)
If the dog does not see humans as ranking under him in the pack order, he can become stubborn (not noticed this?? Bloody stubborn anyway, I wrote with JJ Woofyleaks and have insider knowledge)
An intelligent hunter, they are aware of the difference between a real hunt and an exercise (try telling that to a rabbit – “oh I’m sorry Mr. Bunny he was confused and got exercise mixed up with hunting”)!!
For example, one breeder mentioned that his dog is perfectly willing to pick up downed birds, but he is reluctant to retrieve a training dummy (well this is obvious is it not? You can’t pluck and prepare a training dummy for the pot can you)
Nor does the breed perform in flashy style (again this is true – I don’t think this breed could be flashy if you put 8 million volts through it)
instead being a slow, steady worker on the hunt or in the ring. Sadly, many judges penalize this, expecting all dogs to work like a pointer (field) or a Border Collie (ring) (I think this was written by a person with a 1975 Ford Escort and a Labrador called Tess)
The Spinone can be timid if not properly socialized (and I think when socialized it makes humans timid)
They respond well to motivational training (an aerobics DVD will not have the same impact as a pocket full of treats)
The coat protects them from the water and freezing temperatures of the swamp (oh no…..the author we now know to be a Cajun hillbilly from Louisiana called Cleatus and playing dueling banjo’s solo)
casually going into cold, deep water. They are an excellent swimmer and a model retriever” (I haven’t tried model retrieving yet but it’s an idea – I thought of page 3 models, penthouse pet models or if that is too much for them, then around the lakes maybe a small model yacht)

Now the picture below is one I got from another source…….the Internet.

Have a look at it and see if it resembles anything like your Spinone or if you don’t yet have a Spinone then I would suggest you move on to the next picture to see my version of the ideal Spinone!!!!

For illustration purposes I have used one of our own dogs – Savanna……..


The ‘Other’ Picture!!!!!


The Bankers Picture – A Look Round The Spinone Italiano

This ultra sensitive device can detect the minutest of food smells at a 1000 metres. It can also double as a sensory tool when out hunting in the swamps!! This is the ultimate food radar and given the dogs height it is easy to see why they are air scenters…….they’re to bloody lazy to bend down to sniff the ground
It says in the ‘other’ picture that they are expressive. This is true – they say “feed me” all the time………like a dollar sign in cartoon characters eyes – this is the same. Just with a different message. It’s funny really, with all that hair around the eyes they don’t miss a thing
Mouth and Slobber collector
The other picture says “muzzle is square when viewed from the front”. Of course this is useless information!! How many people have come up to you when you’re out with the dog and said “oh lovely square muzzle, couldn’t help but notice as I was walking up to it from the front”!! The mouth of the Spinone is a giant excavator of food, it leads to a conveyor system that conveys huge mouthfuls of food directly into its stomach. But don’t be fooled? To the side of the mouth are the Spins ultimate stealth weapons. Slobber tanks. Devious but clever devices that are used in nearly all situations that require you to apologize to the victim and offer them your handkerchief or tissues once they have been discharged at close range (allow up to 2 metres) particularly embarrassing if pushchair and contents are involved
In the first picture they are described as “Triangular” – now how they got this God only knows, but I can’t remember at anytime anyone coming up to me and asking “how’s old Toblerone ears then” or even “they’re not quite isosceles triangles are they, but they’ll do” – actually the Spins hearing is astonishing. I experimented a while back and very, very carefully lifted a spin food bowl, all of them were out in the field at the time. 8 seconds later!! I was inundated with Spins!! I tried opening a packet of biscuits once!! With the dogs outside and me in the kitchen. They kicked the door in………stand next to a Spin and say “SIT”. Savanna “SIT”……….OK then……..”will any of you sit”? DEAF……..doggy treat in pocket? And they sit lined up like a military parade. Ears yes, hearing yes. Selective hearing - priceless
Now check this carefully. There has to be 4 of them, one in each corner. The front feet are massive and predominantly used for couch climbing. The feet on the Spinone are so big that I actually charge ground rent when they stand still.
I haven’t even tried to understand the ‘other’ pictures explanation because for me the body is the body, how difficult can it be? I know though, that the majority of it is mostly inbound food supply and outbound food waste. Being environmentally friendly and as of January 2011 all the Spins we have are now taxed on their food waste due to the fact they release twice as much out as goes in, the receipts go towards the labour cost of walking round after them picking it up. They get a tax rebate in freezing weather because it’s easier to pick up!!!
Now you don’t yourselves have to go this far and this is for illustration only. But the Spins have labeled their owner with a numbering system. Any Visitors we get have of course, have to wear a numbered visitor’s badge. I believe (to the best of my knowledge) that this is so they know where the food predominantly comes from, the playing, the walks and so on. “Hey Kallie, call 3383 for me please I fancy a day out showing” – “and tell her to put that nice fluffy towel in the back of the Landy for me” it’s an option for you and the family of course but it’s better volunteering to do it because the Spins will eventually take over anyway.
The Invaded
This picture clearly illustrates how the Spins have taken over altogether. In this case the owner who was invaded years ago, is kneeling down paying homage to (in this case) Savanna. You can see the owner reading from Woofyleaks (out of sight) and promising to feed, honour and obey at all the times she is not comatose or eating (Savanna that is, not the owner)
Rear legs
These form two of the four mentioned earlier with the feet. You remember the front two were for couch climbing, well these two are for thrusting up onto the couch and/or moving some poor human stupid enough to sit down in their couch
The ‘other’ picture says “Thick at base and carried horizontally” yea right. Just like a Prada handbag I suppose. This is nonsense? The tail of the Spinone as noted in my Bankers notes previously has two reasons for being there? 1. To knock a full cup of tea off the coffee table and when you go into the kitchen for a cloth they then eat all the biscuits you left behind on the coffee table and 2. For small children to hold to ensure they get the dogs attention and they invariably succeed. Only for the dog to then use the moment to lick the ice cream they are holding, take the biscuit or cake or if there is no food, then empty the complete contents of the Slobber tanks over everyone within a 2 metre radius. “Oh I’m sorry, it will wash off and I’m sure your child won’t suffer the long term effects of distemper”
What? No Poo
I cheated. Savanna got the owner to: a) clean up first before the picture was taken b) is holding it c) went earlier d) had no breakfast (nah, forget that, it’s a Spin) or e) Just being polite
(Delete which is appropriate)


Well that’s it for these notes and I’m sure you’ll agree a very valuable document indeed and one you may wish to make reference to from time to time. I hope you have found them informative and educational, as of course all my notes are!!!
Take care out there………and watch out for the slobber



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