Welcome to our new dedicated Spinone page, it’s about time this happened, after all those French things have had their own page for ages.

We like to keep things fresh and hopefully interesting and this page will be no exception to what you have been used to in the past, but will be more about us than those Barbets and humans, you will be able to keep up on our constant quest to keep those Barbets and the humans in their places. Unless we want feeding then the humans do come in handy at those times as all you Spinone out there know.

It still has all your old favourites, The Banker’s Notes, Duncan’s Story and Freya’s Diary to name a few.

After much discussion between us Spinone we decided to set a new link up called a ‘blog’, which will be a sort of running journal of all things we get up to on the house on the hill, when we are out and about meeting our adoring public, any puppies that may come along in the future and of course all our future plans for getting one up on those furry French things. Unfortunately we have been informed that we have to share it with those Barbets, which isn’t so good but I suppose we can’t have everything!!!

We will make sure you don't miss a thing about Freya my gentle brown girl, Unica the true Italian girl, Kallie the quiet and laid back one,Malika the mischevious but loving girl and of course the Queen Bee herself Mia.

We hope you enjoy our efforts in ensuring that we ‘The Spins of Awelymor’ stay as unbalanced and as mentally challenged as before after all we need all the help we can get especially as those Frenchies have increased in numbers. But they don’t have the flair we do, the style that laid back attitude and that certain something that keeps us unique and odd all at once. You don’t have to be mad to live here – but it sure does help if you are.




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