The Awelymor Spins are stars in my eyes anyway and I am sure it will lead to a sort of Awelymor walk of fame where the stars get to have their paw prints cast in cement on the walkway to the house. I can see in the future stars like JJ Spinone surrounded by the press as he leaves his paw print in a cast for all other dogs to see and admire. On the other hand I am hoping that by introducing a gallery of short and sweet video clips (oh bless) of the Spins and their friends at the house and around and about, it will give you a few of those precious moments that we all have when we have one of those photo sensitive moments. You know the one’s? The cute little puppies, the lunatic dog on the beach, the imaginative walk in the woods and so enjoy the Spins in the “Awelymor motion picture show"


9th March 2014

23rd Jan 2011


2 weeks old - 26th May 2011

2 1/2 weeks old - 30th May 2011

4 weeks old - 8th June 2011

5 weeks old - 16th June 2011

6 weeks old - 26th June 2011

7 weeks old - 1st July 2011

August 2013









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